New Music: Lloyd Banks “Wake Up”

It’s great to see Banks back, and earlier today he gave the drop to DJ Camilo to let loose a new record. This one is fire. Expect to see that V6 mixtape sometime soon.

heads up: tus

UPDATE: CDQ and explicit

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  • azam

    llooooooooooooooooooooyd banks

  • Carlos

    Banko BMW boy, They hate cause they in love with the toy…Im still listenin to Return of the PLK. Cassic mixtape. Underrated mixtape. Even the egotistical Kanye West called banke top 5 DOA

  • Donn

    I wish G-Unit could generate some hits to go with all their skill and internet presence. Get some Top 10’s, like Maybach Music, YMCMB murdering the internet and the charts. Lloyd Banks is dope and he had a couple bangers on his last album but if all these Hip Hop heads support the dude so much, why did he sell what he sell

    Its like the artists who get the most love on the blogs do the least commercially, and visversa for popular artists

  • es

    cant wait for the mixtape

  • fuk waka

    y isn’t banks putting any videos out??? really?? wats da point just putting out tapes! come on no1 out there who would pay for his videos?? shock the world needs a fukin video!!!!

  • I would love to hear the CDQ, this radio rip is kind of so-so

  • poetic assasin

    he just put a tape out… it’s he doin shows off these songs or something ? what’s the point of puttin music out if no one hears it.

  • Swagger

    Seriously banks its better than most these rappers out here, dude needs to blow up, remix this with 2chainz and FrenchY.

  • bylaw99

    Now if we can just get Banks and Precious Paris on a joint together and show em what the Unit gone be about 2012 its a wrap. Southside Jamaica Queens standup.

  • mack


  • Black Shady

    Banks my nigga!! Imma ride with this nigga till the end

    but god….why are you so lazy? you need to shoot videos for your shit. Just like Rick Ross been doing non stop in the last 3 years. Seriously………..

  • ADot

    Banks’ flaw is his viral game, that’s it!! He’d really be poppin down south if Shock The World had a vid, he has the NY market and honestly I think that’s all he cares about. The city knows he’s the best but pack it up & come to the south & midwest with it, dude has a big following and HFM2 just fell victim to being unershipped like a lot of other artists. It’s not even about sales right now YMCMB the only one REALLY sellin. Cole & Big Sean did well but Ross on top and he’s never been platinum. I think it’s about the clubs and virals right now. He’s a work horse and top 5, just gotta hit the road in the US b/c I’m tired of him not gettin his credit b/c niggas cant fuck w/ him 4real. You got al the bitches nigga, get the studio bus from 50 & a video guy and take this shit over. Full speed ahead….

  • He needs to sign with Shady… Real speech….

  • RC


    Thats some real shit. But we all know these internet niggas fuck with Banks and GUnit cause they make some great FREE music.

    They aint trying to pay for shit.

    These internet cats aint even buying the niggas shit they online stanning for.

  • need that CDQ like i need air!

  • w

    RC well said and that is why ross will nrver go plat cause this same internet niggas are supporting him ans they do not buy album all the do is download free and burn it to there CD

  • Dog

    Wutttt ???? Did they say v6 ?????????????? Its a rap, v5 wus da best mixtape ive ever heard in ny lifetime, i dnt think any1 can top that, now hes makin a v6, damnnnn alll rappers bak down, banks boutta take over, dis song is toooo serious

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