• wickwickwack

    dope …i would go to his concert if he would play these instead of his songs

  • J.Spfld

    This has me rocking @ work… Might make me want to see him live in concert…

  • A-Lex

    lmfao doin a dirty diana cover just cos The Weeknd did it

  • TheChosenOne

    A-Lex you sir are a Dick riding faggot. Bruno covered like 20 songs and you think he covered Dirty Diana because of the Weeknd? Did he release it as a record? So according to you he must be biting Katy Perry as well. Get a napkin and wipe the jizz off your chin.

  • Collar Cali

    @A-Lex The Weeknd isn’t a threat to anyone…
    Especially Bruno Mars (who sh*ts on him by the way). Bruno was #1 in like 30 countries & the highest selling guy last year. Plus he’s dope. WTF is The Weeknd to follow. Like I said B-4 on this site… Dude can’t even beat Frank Ocean… &
    They suppose to be on the same level. He can keep making free albums that sound alike & continue being Drakes nut warmer (Lawd knows he rides them enough).

  • Greggsybabe

    Bruno been dropping covers of DD at his shows for like the last 2 years, infact hes pretty well known for his MJ covers because of how easily he can hit the highs when singing live.

  • R.D.

    @A-Lex Bruno’s been doing the Dirty Diana cover FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS!!! That is his & his band’s favourite song to cover by Michael Jackson. I remember when I first heard Bruno on ‘Nothin on you’, I checked him out on YouTube and noticed that he did a lot of MJ covers as Michael’s his biggest inspiration (actually, there’s a video on YouTube of him doing MJ’s dance moves when he was 15). Plus, it does help that Bruno’s a tenor like Michael so he can hit the high notes easily. You should all check out his Reggae version of ‘Beat it’, and there’s also a video of him singing ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’. But yeh, he sounds great live & his band is incredible (there’s only 9 of them including Bruno but they’re all like family)…many people often say that he sounds better than his studio recordings!

  • saggin

    haha you guys sound like you got Bruno’s dick in your mout, that faggot is corny as fuck

  • Bruno Mars is amazing. Like I haven’t heard raw talent like this in FOREVER. Most artists now-a-days are either completely “nekked” using sex-appeal or auto-tuning like its never been done before. I’m sick of it & I hope Bruno can be the revival of “good-music”. Me personally, I’m a fan of happy rap, reggae & that earthy shit, and bruno is like the perfect blend of them all! Its amazing. MOST of his tracks have that “happy-go-lucky” vibe and that’s what I need in my life to keep my spirits lifted in this depressing world we live in 😉