• lyricallyinclined88


  • They all killed it !

  • Ashamed black man

    would have been better without big sean in my opinion.

  • Kemosabi


  • JD

    ^^ stfu nd stop hatin. big sean went it

  • fuk waka

    dope as fuk! but still listening to Theraflu on repeat!!!!!!

  • @tshiamofs

    Pretty late aint it? Songs dropped hours ago

  • NoSoup4Yu

    Roof gone… George Jefferson. HAHAHA – pushaT

  • fucku

    only faggots say swerve

  • nas


  • Carolli….

    LMFAOOO shits waaack no replay value!!!!!!!

  • LuxuryRap


  • matrix

    haters is up early sheeesh… joint is tough…

  • Mike Boogie

    I like how everyone except Kanye bit 2 Chainz style…. And Kanye’s verse just HAD to be different, not in a good way but just different!!!

    Ebay review:
    C- music, Would not buy again. Seller is not even trying!

    P.S. RapRadar, thank you for getting the stick outta your ass about comments. That’s what makes the site fun and worth giving you those label advertising dollars!!!!

  • Explain to me how its wack??

  • darkcaesar

    superb instrumental. sub par emcees.

  • boum boum


  • kresh

    Drop it to the floor, make that ass shake
    Whoa, make the ground move, that’s an ass quake
    Built a house up on that ass, that’s an ass state
    Roll my weed on it, that’s an ass tray
    Say Ye, say Ye, don’t we do this every day-day?
    I work them long nights, long nights to get a pay day
    Finally got paid, now I need shade and a vacay
    And niggas still hating, so much hate I need an AK
    Now we out in Paris, yeah I’m Perriering
    White girls politicing that’s that Sarah Palin
    Gettin’ high, Californicating
    I give her that D, cause that’s where I was born and raised in

    God damn, Big Sean is so wack.

  • I don’t know about this one, I was waiting for this to drop. But I for sure was expecting something harder than this.


    Kanye west part straight up sucked, no need for the beat to have changed up

  • The song was weak because nobody except 2 Chains really rapped, and 2 Chains isnt a dope lyricist. Big Sean has been garabage, Kanye sounds like he takes weeks to write his raps, and Pusha T still rapping that tired drug dealer flow. I like rap music, not the hiphop stuff, there is a huge difference. People who arent great lyrics say theyre hiphop because they dont have great rap skills. I’ve yet to see a rapper awe me with lyricism.

  • CaliSteppin

    Fuck y’all this joint is tough!


    Def Jam makin sure 2 chainz stays hot! He ain’t a lyricist but he did have the hottest verse, to me it’s Meek Mills that brought back that flow and Pusha sounds more like Meek wich is disappointing, Big Sean is annoying and Kanye verse hurts my ears but people will eat this up, rest of they album better be better than this and not just trying to ride that Niggas in Paris wave!

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Yup Big sean ruined it, but i guess Kanye thinks he owes him since he wrote graduation for him


    U niggas saying 2 chainz did the best should kill yourself.. This man said my money tall, Michael Jordan.. Gotta be one of the weakest punchlines I’ve ever heard. Honestly YE and Sean didn’t try which is kind of disappointing

  • Jimmy

    Hater Are Going To Hate. Real Niggas Can Only Relate. DOPE TRACK. Retreat Haters.

  • DMVinyourchick

    This shit bangs although I will agree this isn’t one of Sean’s best verses or Ye,s for that matter but you lying if u sayin this joint ain’t catchy “swerve my nigga swerve”. And above all Sean is definantly a talented artist get that hatin mess outta here

  • respect

    big sean is terrible, kanye sucks now

  • For those that are breaking down lyrics, complaining that its wack, crying and moaning so early in the morning…where’s your song, where’s your verse, where’s your label clearance to even put out a track? Barring lyrics, because I wont critique anything created in another individuals mind unless it makes no sense at all, everything from the beat, to the samples, to the break, to the sequence of verses/delivery was pretty stellar and very well done in my opinion. Looking forward to this album from the rap industry tangent known as G.O.O.D. Music. Good job.

  • M.T

    big sean was wack, 2chainz was below average. kanye west and pusha t did ok. beat is banging tho. Overall this song was a disappointment. next!

  • D!A!E!

    Two Ye Songs in one WEEK!?….G.O.O.D. Friday

  • It’s really interesting that when Kanye and the like drop a track it has to be the end all be all of rap/hip-hop. Like people want it to be the Apex, gilded, emblazoned in diamonds and carried to their ears by cherubs…and then they go listen to Trap shit and Dj Khaled singles

  • psshhh

    that scarface sample is tough

  • eyyyouknow

    this song triples in quality without big sean

  • Get Real

    OMG w/ the HATE. This song has something for every kind of hip-hop fan. 2 Chainz did own this shit tho. Like he heard the beat and knew who was gonna be on the record w/ him and just said, “Fuck errrrybody, this is my song!!!” So catch up to 2 Chainz’s campaign. #HA

  • Grim Genius

    there’s a lot of bitching going on, on this site smh, it’s either you like the song or you don’t

  • the song is ok to me but damn! we can’t expect lyrics of a certain standard anymore?? that’s some elitist/farenheit 451 shit str8 up. i’m not a fan of the superhaters either but a nigga should be able to give abbreviated constructive criticism without being chastised cuz he dont like EVERYTHING. i used to enjoy the comments. now it’s like high school in this mothafucka. the average college student got dumber as schools made more money; the average rap fan gets dumber as rap makes more money. i bet somebody’s gonna brag about how they’re a ‘cool’ rap fan cuz they don’t listen to lyrics or read long paragraphs like these smh. FTR i liked the energy on theraflu better. it’s been a good music week. something for us all

  • M.T

    anytime niggas aint feeling what other people’s feeling and give criticism, they’re branded as a hater. smh

  • @Greg, i co-sign that comment my dude, i see what you saying, just because its Kanye people EXPECT it to be the super epic Jesus walk / POWER type of record. its like damn kanye likes to have to fun too, any REAL kanye fan knows he is very versatile he dont just make one type of music , he experiments with different sounds, and styles, thats what makes him KANYE. I swear these backpacking hip hop fans…..annoying

  • Black Shady

    I’ll stick to Theraflu.
    this shit here sounds meh…

  • P Bateman

    the Scarface sample is killin shit!!!

  • Everyone is a critic and not a fan anymore… Shits sad… Listen to the music and stfu

  • TheCool

    The beat switch up under Kanyes verse>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anything else.

    And I’m surprised with 2 Chainz. He held his own.

    I just hope the whole album is all cars/money shit. But with Big Sean on it, chances are, it will be smh.

  • Not really feeling it to be honest, 2Chainz was pretty good here though.

  • Salvador Dali

    That Scarface part of the beat was ill. Thats the hottest part of the song to me.

  • queensgetthemoney

    you guys are to picky i think this is a hot song

  • Protest

    i wont be listening again. no hate, just real shit.

  • Steve daddy

    kanyes verse saved the song

  • Word

    Cosign @MT

    Big Sean isnt really WACK but damn! His features have been garbage. That Slight Work verse was wack to. I dunno why he talks and raps like that sometimes. So corny. And the thing is, he has GREAT songs on his album and great lyrics that would make you like, is this even the same nigga? Hmmm. All of that aside, the song is cool.

  • the brain trust

    Everyone is a critic and not a fan anymore… Shits sad… Listen to the music and stfu

    This might be the dumbest shit i’ve ever heard. Why can’t we be both?

    In reality, YOU want everyone to be brain dead dick riders, applauding every sub par song that gets released.

    We are the consumers. We are the target audience. So naturally, we have a right to inspect and critique what is offered to us.

    As for the song, I think the beat is crazy (apart from the unnecessary switch up during Ye’s verse).

    Every verse was a bit of a let down though. How many times will Pusha use that ‘Head turns. Exorcist’ line? SMH

  • BiggaBooBoogieChild

    Big Sean is the wackest rapper in the game right now.

  • Is that an excerpt soundtrack from Scarface when Ye rappin?!

  • Grim Genius

    finally listened to this song & i give it a 3/5, the beat is ok, sample is perfect, hook is catchy cant stop saying it, kanye west & 2 chainz really stood out on this shit, you will deadass forget that big sean & pusha was on this shit lol, hopefully something better comes along NEXT FRIDAY

  • mac DIESEL



  • the void

    banger. niggas mad cause they want a pop song. fags

  • the void

    word @ youngyela. its sounds like the intro to scarface.

  • oddfuturesucks

    2 chains was wack as fuck.. my chain the color of akon.. my money tall.. michael jordan.. u niggas are impressed by that? smfh.. not the greatest track but its not as bad as some of u are making it out to be..

  • oakland73rd

    this shit slap in the whip ahaha

  • Shooga

    Damn where’s Cyhi? Is he still G.O.O.D. ?

  • BxWavy

    two chainz workin hard!!!!

  • Fuck Swag

    2 Chainz verse was weak with his elementary lyrics. Don’t give that nigga props for what he don’t deserve.

    • I know what you’re saying. I wasnt really giving him props, just my assessment was that none of the verses were of any decency, and 2 Chains held the favor of the poor rapping display. I’m huge on not giving undue credit, so I know what you mean.

  • Scrilla

    Trash. Oh look another song with 2 chainz what do people see in him?

  • Chi Town

    all the hater gon hate cuz GOOD Music is one of the best labels. They are WAY BETTER THAN YMCMB.
    the only group that might be better is Shady or MMG. Getting Out Our Dreams.
    Pusha T Had the best verse but they all went in.

  • Paul Anaconda

    2 Chainz Should’ve Been Replaced By A$AP Rocky, Lyrically He’s No Different But His Delivery IMO Is A Lot Better Than 2 Chainz.


  • Freddy Long

    Honestly, it was straight and nice. Nothing monumental and it served it purpose as a song.

  • swag

    why nigggas hatin on dis song ? dis shit goes harder den my dick in da morninggggggggg

  • its was aight…. i wish they all would have came harder, but maybe the song jus has to grow on me

  • Style-LIN on you

    Pusha T’s verse>>>>>>

  • smilez

    Kanye My favorite rapper again

  • @donricoesq

    BigSean sounds proper on his own tracks yet when he is with anyone else it shows how average he is….he got Titty2Chainz murdering him on this

    As for Theraflu…tell Peta line is a straight skank in to a club like a dont give a fuck

  • nice

  • mr.zee

    i bet none of you buy music..

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  • Santa

    This song goes STUPID hard

  • omag5

    “your mothers friend” kanye wrote and produced every track on that album…learn something about music before hate, unlike 2chains he’s famous and been famous for a reason

  • huh

    pusha plateau’d a looooong time ago, i was rooting for son for years thinking he would become one of the next greats, but now all his verses and flows be sounding Exactly the same. GOOD music was not a good look for him, he a cold lyricist but kanye’s sound is a warm sound, the neptunes knew how to serve pusha them cold beats. Plus, what he doing signing under another artist?????? fuckin industry failure 101 he didnt learn nothing after all these years in the game. You cheapen your image you already established by being someone elses lil bitch

  • ACE

    @huh same can be said for mr flipmode squad Busta rhymes, this fool is a vet in the game who for years and years could’nt get back no recognition until he got a CHRIS BROWN feature?? the song was hot, but failure for busta,. OH! and then the 42 year old dude signs to YM

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