• baous

    Knew all that was just bs.

  • JDot

    Hav looks like he needs a drink…

  • tc

    Na, they just didn’t wanna miss out on the tickets especially with Knicks ticket prices lol

  • Master P’s Theatre

    I guess Hav said sorry after he sobered up. Henny keeps dudes wildin’ out.

  • Dell

    worst..publicity stunt…ever…..

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  • Loaded

    ^??? lol

  • Bhe

    Photo op they probably still beefing

  • fastflipper

    hav look like ving rhames

  • JustMyOpinion

    Drop a gem on ’em:

  • Ben Dover

    Kiss and make up?

  • mobb escape

    MOBB Deep is an act everything they say is not really real Most Hip hop is like this..

    SO escape the Mobb don’t join it…

  • fall back

    damn stand up when you a take a picture. oh they are bahahaha.

  • KJ

    hell ya thats how homies should do it. fuck haters

  • Marv

    Sober Havoc n Prodigy , after Havoc’s drunk rant online they kissed n made up #SMH follow me on twitter @DooDoo_Brown1

  • C.C.!!!!!

  • the void

    drop a gem on em. nice! fag or not, prodigy is one of the illest.

  • Jason

    We dont believe you. You need more people

  • JDot

    Hav looks like he just woke up from a bender thinking, “I hope I did not say anything crazy on twitter”..

  • BiggMar

    haha Hav lookin’ shooker than mofucka! give that man a drink, no henny please!

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  • Black Shady

    worst pub stunt EVER for real!!! so corny and THIRSTY for publicity

  • quese

    this says publicity stunt all over it

  • Anon DCPL

    Havoc looks old as fuck kinda like YN lol

  • lilrizq

    I hope these dudes stay together. we need vets to mentor and collab with the young artist. now look at this music video i edited for my friend.

  • Birdham

    And Rozay &Heat game last night huh?!

    Is this really Ross Radar here?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yes ! Knicks won and the Sixers lost lastnight. I want to see Knicks vs Heat in the first round. Mobb Deep is a talented group. That messed up that this situation is happening.

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    All I see is an alcoholic standing next to the first homosexual in hip-hop. Havoc’s next beats suck, he can’t produce for shit. H.N.I.C makes Weezy look like an rapper. MOBB SLEEP retire!

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    and I ain’t “sleeping” on em. I actually checked for Black Cocaine. Even with the God MC Nas they couldn’t make me dig a joint. It’s still Infamous all day tho QB!

  • madeugag

    their best dayz are behind them because they made good music these days u don’t have to make good music just have the right promotion team behind u..thats why nicki is so popural..

  • WTF?
    Loch “Afro American Psycho” http://ahh.fm/?p=113985

  • idk i just cant take prodigy seriously with those faces he’s making

  • All right fellas.. Yall have our attention.. Where is the music?..

  • HAQ

    LOL WTF is goin’ on yo?




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