• yueknow

    *coping* with the disease.

  • kjsfd

    crazy! good for him… parents should be really proud.

  • Yeah

    dat beat hot doe

  • Donn

    Its #coping… But its amazing how dude is living with this and making bangas the way he is. Stand up dude

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    Wow. Had no idea he had MS. Peace to you brother. Makes you wonder like damn, he’s sick and still doing his thing, some people have great health and ain’t doing sh*t.

  • the void

    shebib is that same dude talking all that shit last year lol. kanye is still mad shebib and drake took his sound when they heard 808s and heartbreaks.

  • mac DIESEL



  • this guy is an example, and i love what his mother said “you can be a person with MS who fulfill his dreams.”, i got ms but i’m also blessed that yoga is helping me to keep myself in balance, i wish all people that struggle with this illness or any other type can find peace and rest with their body by practicing yoga, everyday practice until the end, no way there is no excuse to let this one slide… thank you for this inspiring video.

  • Collar Cali

    Love this guy!

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  • Jaymalls

    @the void

    Lol… Let him live though! We know that’s fact but let 40 live this time. My big Cuzz got MS and that shit ain’t no joke!

  • The Other P

    Even coping with MS, 40 is a top notch producer. One of the reasons Drake’s production is so tight is because 40 mixes most if not all it. Wishing him all the best.