New Video: Birdman & Mack Maine Ft. Kendrick Lamar x Ace Hood “B Boyz”

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From K.Dot walking the LA streets to Ace cruising the Miami strip, here’s Stunna and Mack’s new black and white directed by Derick G. Let the boyz b boyz. Off Birdman and Mack Maine’s Billionaire Minds.

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  • The East

    Non of these rappers are talented enough to follow kendrick lamar.

  • The East

    I don’t think em wants to battle this guy.

  • ^ Agreed

  • Grim DeLarge

    it was okay until bird shit started rapping but the song was tolerable again when mack came in, song is hot though minus birdman

  • ridalen

    mack maine murdered this shit lol

  • fuck kendrick

  • mackduez

    fuck you ^^^^

    after beginning of song, i stopped caring.. ace part is dope toooo

  • JustMyOpinion

    I think we’ve come at a point in Hip-Hop, where its all about bunching (yes, bunching) artist together and hopefully, we get a hit. I notice there is rarely any talk of RAP music. We call all of this HIP-HOP now. It has to stop, there was a time rappers had to prove themselves lyrically, but then a rapper came along and said “I ain’t no dictionary rapper.” Any slightly educated person should be offended by that statement alone. What that man clearly said was I am not putting any thoughts into my music. In other words, I am selling trash because that’s what will sell. And here we have singles that drop EVERY week, whereas rapper NEVER have to drop an album. Why you think Detox is able to be in limbo (although, no one is really checking for it anymore)? Why you take the L.O.X can take over a DECADE to provide an album? While having Jada supply a VERY subpar mixtape (I feel like I was listening to a demo mix).

    As fans of this rap ish, I think we should demand more-no more “oh you’re featured on every song” which give you an excuse to have a buzz, when in reality you’re (rapper) is saying NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY, NOTHING.

    We should demand more from website (specifically, rap websites). No one is saying you have to socrates (do your research for you slow folks) on the mic. But, make an effort at least. ODB wasn’t the greatest emcee but he tried. If he was on a song, he gave it his best.

    Notice, I didn’t name any of the corny “HIP-HOPPERS” because that’s what they are, you wanna dance? You wanna throw your hands in the air? You wanna jump up and down? Well, “HIP-HOPPERS” are here for you. There’s enough blame to go around to the producers. There was a time where you call the producers by name (Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Just Blaze, Super Engineer Duro, Battle Cat, Havoc….just to name a few). Now, ALL we know is DJ Khaled puts a bunch (there goes that word again) of “HIP-HOPPERS” together scream on a record and it runs for about 90 days until he feels like screaming again.
    I am serious about that 2 Chainz petition. Next single he release I am seriously contemplating that petition.

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ The “2 Chainz, please quit rapping” petition.

  • brollya

    ymcmb cant be stopped……

  • Grim DeLarge

    @JustMyOpinion why can’t just people listen to the type of hip hop they want to without being judged or without someones opinion being forced on & i didnt know learning who socrates is, was a necessity in life

  • crysis

    garbage nuff said beat is wack. ace hood an kendrick can do better. maine just horrible, birdman same lyrics recycled.

  • fukwitme

    @justmyopinion you do know 2 Chainz is delibirately being ignorant eventhough he’s a wellspoken guy because he’s not considered or trying to be a ‘dictionary rappeer’ nor say something with meaning. He does “trap Music” that’s ignornant music with prolly a lex luger or young Chop beat which shakes the clubs n shit. And in terms of what “all we now nowadays” your statement is not true. Its what you focus on is what you wwill get. I honestly pick my music wisely: j cole, kendrick lamar, kanye fuckin west, drake, rick ross, kid cudi, big sean…etc. So put your petition away. “Hip hop aint dead, artists are just fuckin scared to try somethin new, they scared to lose their money” KANYE WESt

  • Citylivin’

    the problem is there IS actually a lane for this “feature rap”…but it’s the ONLY thing getting respected…anytime a artists(Kendrick,Cole,ASAP,Wiz,Krit,Ab Soul, even Mac Miller etc.) does anything new it gets shitted on….so when all the other styles of hip-hop get shitted on the only thing your left with is “feature rap” “trap beats”… #NoDiversity

  • cumdump

    kendrick lamar ! fuck the rest


    on sum real shit where the fuck kendrick at…. the street sign say compton but dem houses big as fuck lookin like sum suburbs

  • Protest

    Word to that feature rap shit. It’s out of control. This song as average, ill never listen to it again

  • the One

    Wow can’t believe Kendrick even spit on the same track as bird crap!! He must have been looking for a deal at this time. lol!

  • Bryce

    I agree with just my opinion….if your great you dont need a lot of features
    (Nas, Pac, Biggie, Jay Z, LL Cool J, Eminem, DMX and so on) the held their own but when your mediocre it get you attention and if your wack as fuck it will let you keep a rap job. There are too many corny as rappers and the art is not even worth buying, Kendrick Lamar and RedMic are light yrs ahead of the sorry ass dudes like drake and ace hood (lil waynes wacker half) we devalued our own music, and the decline will get worse next yr 2 rappers will drop albums the rest will drop mixtapes

  • King

    let the kendrick dickriding begin

  • yacustommade

    if you didnt think k-dot busted on this track you absolutely know nothing about wordplay and being a true emcee!!!!central and rosecrans!!

  • damm

    k dot was ill the rest was so sorry baby you 50 ( i dont mind you rapping because you 50 but you been rich why you still brag about it … i cosign ustMyOpinion

  • JustMyOpinion has something to say and it should be read. I’ve been watching for the past year and while there is a lot of excitement and great energy in the music, there’s a lot of hype as well. plenty of hype and movement hype. Lots of ass kissing from older Hip hop Heads (Elliott Wilson, Funk Flex-You come off as Fake, You’re dick-riding is tied to your Mortgages and The reality that your influence and time is dying). The new Cats are soooooo focused on making a dollar. Competition is dead because nobody wants to take a loss, everything is accepted and nobody says shit anymore as long as somebody’s getting paid. More independent than ever it would seem but there’s a lot of bitches with names dragging the heart of it all down.

  • Justmyopinion’s right about rarely talks of rap music any more. I’m a fan of rap talent, not the hip-hop that every rapper can make. Takes significane to be a rapper and make rap music becuase you are actually talking about something. Hip-hop talks about a life style that many observe and desire to live. Anyway, really ridiculous that some skilled rappers are discouraged from making rap because hip-hop sales. Rapper’s have rapped with a purpose and hip-hoppers rap to get-rich quick.

  • WestCoast


  • Trillionaire

    Substance aint dead these niggas just scared. Hip-Hop is not about culture anymore is about the music and business. point blank period. People get mad because we knew that it meant much more before the big labels started choosing who would be the next big star rather than letting them rise. When you see the heavy promotion behind an artist that mean somebody doing their job not that the artist is the best.

  • Man with TDE & Slaughterhouse on the rise it’s looking pretty good i must say.

    Check out my new mixtape BTB2: The Beastmixes!! if a fan of lyricism it won’t disappoint.

  • cons

    a hit in the makein word a site to see

  • pulp fiction

    all you so called “real” hip hop heads need to just listen to the music that you like & let other niqqas live smh, nuff said, i can’t handle all the bitchin’

  • o_0

    I hate when a nigga come out wit the “you hating, you hating cuz they getting $$ while ya ass is broke” lame justification of corny ass music n ppl like birdman…..what does his bank account have to do with music and why should WE care??
    yall probably dont like Country Music right? But people like Toby Kieth be EATING!!
    now if you say his music is not for you and that you dont like him are you “hating cuz he getting $$”….??? NO OF COURSE NOT…sooooo stop with that lame bullshit excuse or justification of the music you support! jus say I like his lame nursery abc123 raps n I like that he’s basically spit the same verse for the last 10yrs…..
    you listen to rappers soley based on if they making $$$?
    1 question then….hows it feel to be a hoe?? cuz hoes be all in a niggas pockets!!
    STOP IT 5!

  • o_0

    Kendrick killed his verse and Ace supprised me…..good shit from them 2!
    now Ima make a version where its just them 2….the rest of the song is un-needed anyway…

  • o_0 Yup!!

  • Justmyopinion, that is the best post I have read all day. Today’s hiphop is totally out of control and wack. There is no one calling this stuff. Everyone is “going along with it.” I been listening to hiphop since 87 and it is sad to see how bad it is today. You have people who clearly cannot rap and are in it for the dollar. There is very little substance, too much copying, too many trappers, too many fake gangbangers, too many media figures DRing, and none of this is being checked. It is crazy how a rapper (no names needed) can say, “I’m not a lyricist,”and “Lyrical cats don’t get no shows or features,” and then when someone says something about it, he is branded a hater or “You just don’t understand his movement.” Total crap!

    To you young dudes who are coming into the game in this climate, listening to Cash Money, MMG, and all that fake shhh, I feel for y’all because y’all really missed the boat. Today’s hiphop is nowhere near what it used to be. I’m not shhhing on young cats because I am from the old school, I am just telling it like it is. When people jumped to defend Soulja Boy for putting out that wack shhh, they said, “Oh,he is only 18.” Well LL Cool J and Rakim were 18 when they started out, so that is no excuse. We as the listeners have to start demanding these cats do better. It is a shame that when you talk about a rapper, you say he is hot or what he is rolling in, or who he rolling with, and you say nothing about his skills.

  • Anon DCPL

    Damnnn a lot of good comments here everyone.

    The hip hop state we are in is disgusting. Everyone wants to be buddies and shit, without a care for their craft. I’m a big fan, even when he was in the background as a shorty in them Jay Rock videos from 07, and making “special feature” collab joints like this is idiotic for the brand and followers he is going after.

    Would Big Pun make a track w the 1996-98 cash money click? Nope

    Would Jordan go play a serious one on one gamr w Bill Simmons if given the chance? Nope.

    Where is the lyrical compitition in this? Stunter is fuckin wack, Maine Vermont is wack, Ace Hood is meh.

    The hip hop game is mad corny, and if Kendricks debut album has some of these wack ass niggas on his shit, I’ll be disappointed.

    Build your brand, keep your circle tight and fuck features. That’s what the game needs. Niggas who can stand on their own two business wise, and lyrically. But then again, hip hop has been engulfed by the corporatocracy so at the end, these are the main players calling shots. Niggas dont have control of their own shit. Oh well.

    Let me go back and listen to Capital Punishment.

  • VIP

    The comments that hate state of hip hop right now? <<<< u dnt like it dnt listen or buy!

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ ninjagaiden78 Thanks, yo. Its sad because I remember I used to be excited when a rapper would drop an album.

    Now, its like I know what I am getting: 2 radio hits, a track for the ladies, one (maybe) street record and an album full of fillers. I think what really cross the line was that Jadakiss mixtape. The entire time I listen to it, I was thinking is this a new artist, there was no growth, no substance. It should have been called “look at all the rappers i’m cool with.” Essentially, that’s what it was: a showcase.

    And that’s no diss to Jadakiss, because I tell the story all the time of hopping the subway and going to buy the L.O.X we are the streets album, downtown Brooklyn then walking back to Flatbush. So, I am a big fan but when the veterans start making weak stuff. I’m appalled. I know, I know its just a mixtape, but trust its pretty much what the album going to sound like (IF-a big IF we ever get an album. 3 weeks ago, we were told we would get a L.O.X label announcement). It’s messed up because they’re not going to sell then the naysayers gonna say “see no one want to hear these older cats.” Which is wrong, because they do. WHY does any rapper need a label (major) now? There’s the internet.

    It’s forcing rappers that were otherwise lyrical to go 100% commercial *cough* no names.

    @ VIP
    Another example of missing the point. There’s nothing wrong with constructive “conversation.”

  • JustMyOpinion

    This is the exact words from Erick Sermon: “We’re living in a digital world, where there’s no physical CDs. So, if it’s going to be that, why should you be on a label, when the label is going to distribute and whole nine…we don’t need that anymore.

  • T

    crap radar