Nas Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap Freestyle

With his Yankee fitted tilt, a calm Escobar lets a few rhymes go in this clip taken from the upcoming documentary hosted by Ice-T. Film hits selected theaters June 15. Teflon love back.

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  • mac DIESEL


  • forrealtho

    Hyped about this movie, gonna be dope

  • Donn

    The fck he lookin’ down? You reading like that fag Eminem? YMCMB forever, luv ya Wayney!

  • Mr Shady

    Nas is a G.O.A.T.
    Will I ever hear a Nas And Em collab?
    Hopefully in Em’s next album. If not, a Em and Black Thought collab, that’ll be dope

  • Luminous Story

    Donn is on that YMCMB dick after saying he wasn’t… Smh people these days. Nas >>>>>> YMCMB. Queens won. YMCMB stays losing.

  • M.T

    this wasnt a freestyle. He spit that verse on “Friends”. Dope regardless.

  • Black Shady

    Nas killin it with my nigga Em

    we need that collab asap!

  • Akuma

    bow down to Nas n Em or die biatch

  • hip hop is dead

    the G.O.A.T displaying the art like a true master

  • Sir__Felly

    Damn,,, Where’s ma man Jay-z.

  • vurbz

    ^^^^countin money

  • solo_bg

    need a collab em + nas + jay-z something like renegate

  • Evil

    EMs freestyle was 10 times better.EM has internal rhymes in his rhymes that goes throughout the freestyle.This freestyle didnt even rhyme exept for a few words.
    Still need and Nas/EM song though.

  • pienman

    always good to hear from the man NAS… indeed., the homie is still the MAN

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  • naseef

    Nas is the greatest ever

  • naseef

    To bad that Nas don’t have Eminem fanbase… People would go ham after hearing this freestyle, its so dope lyrics from DR

  • Kemosabi

    It’s been a minute since Nas has an album this anticipated. Can’t wait for life is good

  • DJ HzD Brazil

    I love Nas, but get the fuck out here with the hating on Em…
    Em’s Freestyle was 10 times better than Nas…
    Maybe he’s better than Nas on it, why yall just can accept that fact?
    Fuck that bullshit that everybody hate stans, cause that makes you a kind of stan to…

  • L

    Nobody realizes this is a verse he used on the Distant Relatives lp? Either way, GOAT

  • Ausar

    I don’t know why my previous comment on Nas isn’t posted yet and others are? I made one of the most relevant comments on this thread? Rapradar wassup?