• kpamma

    this shoebox right here. this right here feel like opening up a brand new pair of shoes. smell like it too!

  • HipHop

    check out this new cat


    the True School is Alive and Well

  • poetic assasin

    Roth is a beast. I thought this was the new and improved Def Jam, what are they doing over there?

  • i luv this beat… definitely on some ride shit! i luv the concept… keep it goin asher

  • urrrr

    good shit asher

  • Midsize Jerm

    Ash definitely a better rapper than clothing model…seriously thought, what’s the deal with that link nigga?

  • Stupid Negroes

    Asher > 90% of cats out right now.
    Need that collab with Lupe Fiasco and/or Mickey Factz immediately.

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  • not bad asher cool vibe.

  • SteamRoller Charlie

    some crazy a$$ HOES on stage

  • JigSaw3

    Asher Roth has been dope since the greenhouse effect. The only thing that’s changed is now he’s got a major label committed to do on his record whatever he wants to do.

  • p

    asher “nappy headed hoe’s” ROTH your still a racist all day every day,

  • wayy

    asher roth is truly better than 90% vats out there. underrated as fuck.

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