Ryan Leslie & Jay Electronica In The Lab

Apparently, Jay Electronica is still making music. And recently took a picture in the studio with Ryan Leslie. Only time will tell if this is more than just another random photo-op.

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  • I want an album. Ryan Leslie?? Who gives a shit.

  • LoverofHipHop

    Bet he’s trying to come up with that “single” that Jay says is missing from the album and then it’ll be done and ready to come out finally.

  • RYAN IS incredibly talented

  • Jinx

    yo Jay will this LP see the light of Day!

  • Yawn

    Jay Elec can be in the studio with Dre, Pharell, Quincy Jones and Prince and nothing will come of that. He has the worst work ethic and productivity of any rapper (dead or alive)

  • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

    Waht a bcunh of diemums! Dnot you all konw taht Jay Z deos tihs siht on psrupsoe, so as to eimlatine the cpomtieon?

  • yesssir

    @LoveofHipHop hit it right on the head.

  • Devante

    Most likely the single

  • H2FD

    Jay Electronica need to deliver a mixtape or a single, he bout to lose all his fan base…. He too old to start from ground zero.

  • Damn nigga doesn’t know how to type^^

  • ^ remix

    heard that for years…we’re still here.

  • who cares

    Camelface is his boss and the album will NEVER COME OUT!!!!

  • dsunn

    ryan leslie is a beast with it musically. he makes it all up from scratch. if he can’t help jay elect get that first single…who can? maybe cello green. bottom-line he shoulda been came out years ago. whats he waiting for….as if the joints gonna be played more than a month or two anyway

  • waiting on the album… patiently

  • Kunta Kente

    Jay Elect is officially down with The Illuminatti. He about to have his first sell out song which the first sign and Hov will finally release the album for sure now thay he is down them. Jay Elect is fucking with that rich married white bitch from London. And look at him diamond supply and stunta shades damn Jay Electonica was last nigga I thought would join them. Hov your an asshole for that.

  • I agree with everyone who says this probably relates to making the single that Jay-Z says Jay Elec’s album is missing. Ryan Leslie is a talented dude. At least if you’re going the R&B route, go with someone who has serious musical ability like Ryan Leslie.



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