Frank Ocean Channel Orange Cover & Tracklist

It’s less than a month until Frank Ocean’s debut hits shelves, and today he releases the official cover and tracklist. Pretty bland artwork. Hopefully, the music isn’t. Channel Orange arrives July 17th.

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  • Genesis

    First off…. B. Dot is a bitch…. But more importantly, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!! That nigga got 3 stacks on this bitch too…. Icing on the motherfucking cake….. May not do numbers, but it will be CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED…. Believed that….. I have spoken….. IT’S GENESIS HO, WITHOUT ME, THERE WILL BE NO SHOW….. FUCK B.DOT!!!!!!!!!

  • SaintTremaine

    Its time for channel orange to drop.I plan to support real artist like Ocean who is brave enough to manifest the dream

  • Maccu


  • Midsize Jerm

    He got Earl on a feature but not Tyler? Seems like Tyler’s 15 minutes have completely dried up, but that’s good, it bodes well for better music….also got the Andre 3000 feature which is interesting. No Odd Future reference anywhere on the artwork though, he tryin’ to pave his own damn lane and good for him. Will this album be good though? Maybe. Hopefully…

  • Capeman

    Something tells me this won’t be released this year, just a month away & no promo?

  • the brain trust

    Really looking forward to this.


  • M.T

    imma be checking out for this shit.

  • Cromer Beats

    Epic this will be 😛

    ***New Cromer Beat*** “Miami Heat”***New Beat every Sunday***

  • K


    4 weeks before release and he just released these two pics himself, i doubt they’d push it. CD’s are gonna start getting manufactured any day now and they ship them a week or two prior to release. too close to push back without looking terrible.

    then again, it’s been done before. excited to see what he’s got in store. i’m happy he doesn’t give a shit about numbers clearly- releasing a 10 minute single.

  • Carl Winslow

    John Mayer? Hopefully more than some guitar.

  • Steve

    Even if Def Jam tries to shelf it, Frank will just release it independently or drop on his tumblr or somethin. Def Jam better not fuck this up tho.

  • Goldenboy

    For some odd reason Def Jam dislikes Frank Ocean

  • ayeeee

    HE GOT A FEATURE WITH ANDRE 3K!!!!!!!! Mah dog Frank Ocean going to be big with this cant wait!

  • MJ

    Has anyone else gotten bored with Andr

  • Only kanye west fans care about ALBUM COVERS!!!

    Now this is GOOD MUSIC!

  • Jaymalls

    @Steve DefJam doesn’t give 2 fuqs if Frank Ocean releases this shit on his tumblr. He will still have to pay that advance, still owe that album, and most likely pay because it will be a breach of contract!

    @MJ I agree a 100% 3 stacks album or forget about it! All of his last guest features were/are forgettable!!!

  • In Your Fucking Face Shut The Fuck Up Son. You The Type Of Nigga To Call The Beatles White Album Cover Wack Too.

    Im Copping This Day 1

  • superemp

    can’t wait for this! i like the artwork a lot actually. gonna be a great album.

  • mario-at-last

    everybody go out and support this album!!!

  • imTravi

    I came just to see if there was an Andre feature and POW, there it is…not too big on Frank Ocean but I will be checking this out bcuz he was able to get Andre to collaborate.

  • cool k

    Frankie O is smooth and like the fact that he doesn’t have a lotta features on it. Can’t wait for this.

  • Joe Nasty

    keeping it simple with the features.

    thats why i fuck with frank, he could have easily gotten ANYONE he wanted on this shit.
    also, he could put out a radio single.

    instead he releases a 10 minute track and only has 3 features.

    he is going to do it his way and its going to be amazing.

  • @Artise1

    I know its going to be a good album. And thank God for true artist that don’t need a gang of mutuaf*ckas on their album to get through it. Not even his own crew.

  • vigoronline

    @ B. Dot., I like the artwork. I don’t think it’s bland. Frank’s a minimalist. @ MJ, I agree. One of Andre 3000’s most recent work (his verse on Take Care) is boring. But w/ his poetic and unorthodox flow, he’s still one of the best in the game.

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  • Barry White

    Frank fuck for ocean! i hope enough people recognise real talent coming from a real dude, go out and actually BUY this shit and support him.

  • lame ass cover tho

  • @Midsized Jerm Peep the font of the word “channel.” Same as OFWGKTA. Frank’s subtle shoutout to them.

  • subzero

    Midsize Jerm: ”No Odd Future reference anywhere on the artwork though, he tryin

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  • BS

    I’m so sick of John Mayer. He came out with his new fake album and his new fake image to distance himself from black artistry. As a result, his new album sucks. And now he wants to use collaborations with black artists to fool the regular negroes into thinking he’s changed. I love Frank Ocean’s record, but he should cut his ties with John Mayer.