• Jess

    I bet most of the people that listen to him now wasn’t back then and the ones that were aren’t listening to him now

  • strike

  • Leman

    people not feeling wiz khalifa.. like they used to.

    Fan Pissed That Upon Meeting Rapper 2 Chainz; He Was in Fact Only Wearing 1 Chain http://goo.gl/wlYoq …funniest thing i read all day

  • wiz was never good in the first place, only reason he’s popular is because he makes retarded songs about weed and mostly every kid and young adult smokes weed because their idiots so thats why they support and like him. i bought his olds songs btw

  • Real Talk.

    I expected him to say that, it’s one of his few standout verses in which he didn’t talk about the same thing. Star Power still my favorite pre-blow up Wiz mixtape though.

  • Brahsef

    @Real Talk I still got Star Power on Itunes. Listenin to WBEZ. This is a pretty sad critique but when he ditched blunts for joints he got dramatically worse.

  • Sushi Baby


  • YunG based god

    fuck is wbez

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