Tyga Well Done 3 Cover

Tyga’s third installment of his Well Done series is on the way and he has just unveiled the cover art. Looks like he’s taking a crap. Ain’t that some shit.

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  • wait

    there was a Well Done 1 & 2????

  • lmaooo @Big Homie

  • Cromer Beats

    Ay B.Dot (Or anyone else on the RR contact list)….Ya’ll some crafty dudes. Gotta give that to you all… I build these sites all day bro…theres always a way around. Tried to be civil and respectful about it. You know what I’m talking about 🙂 Please reply to my email…and let’s talk like men. Bless up none the less.

  • Santa

    No one wants your fucking beats all over the comments cut that shit out

  • Black Shady

    Damn Birdman got him back to doing mixtapes after that album flopped….

  • Cromer Beats

    Ok santa…Cool. You’re annoyed. Let’s make a deal. What ever you are doing to get where you want to be. Don’t do it that way. Because it annoys me. Deal?

  • Cromer Beats
  • Faded

    This Shit Leaked And Its Fuggggin HOT

  • Musikal

    I’m going to be honest with y’all not a big fan of Tyga.

  • Well done simp knicking up the cum bucket

  • Real Talk.

    The only reason this nigga’s album didn’t do as expected was due to the clearance sample and whatnot, however his digital first week sales alone was 88k+. some of yall’s rappers collective sales (physical + digital copies) don’t even amount to that much. Shoot Self Made was heavily promoted and it didn’t hit the 100K mark and that was combination of both store and itunes sales.

    Not a big fan of tyga though but his Well Done series haven’t been bad.

  • Santa

    @Cromer Beats

    naw because there’s a time and a place for shit. And this aint it. It’s like if you were at a basketball game and some fan jumped on the court, stole the ball and started to show off his handles.

    I respect your hustle but you have to respect others in the process.

  • this cover was made by SBM designs and they cropped his tag out of the bottom smh

  • he’s on lil wayne hq forums, so tyga is stealing covers now? lol

  • 2Real4UrKind

    @Good Motherfuckin Music

    S Dot B took the Photo & SBM designs cropped his tag out…so whats the difference?

  • Cruel Thing

    That “shit” he’s taking is his album… straight outta the muthafuckin toilet.

  • Bangers N Mash

    Might as well be taking a shit right on the mixtape.

  • SBM Designs

    @2Real4UrKind for the record, I’m not complaining about the tag, just glad he used it, made this out of boredom a few weeks back

  • 2Real4UrKind

    @SBM Designs

    dope cover & congrats homie

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Let’s Hope He Has Juicy J On It

  • Russelllll

    WHEN IS HE REALSING FAN OF A FAN 3 with chris brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Birdham

    Tyga is a mixtape’s man!

  • Russelllll

    ^^ ? ummm what…his latest ALBUM ONE OFF THE BEST OFF 2012 AS FAR


    ^ go back to tumblr

  • Cromer Beats

    @ Santa…I get that. But this is a music site? You have to acknowledge the very real fact that without producers like me doing what I am doing “hustling”…There would be no rap, or rap radar…Just the Radar. I respect your opinion but I can’t stop bruh. No choice.

    I don’t get what I’m doing wrong…I do actually post based on the topic like everyone else. I just leave a signature…the big question is, as a business man…why not take the opportunity? It is the exact same thing as an artist handing out cds at a basketball game, concert, or at memorial weekend. If i was ” On the court” My post would be over Tygas picture right now…but its not. It’s a comment with a link. It’s like an owl waiting till daytime to hunt…when he”s less effective.

    In any event I will keep grinding and you do to brother…and hopefully I get one more dude to listen…especially you. And make you a believer in my vision. I will be a post one day. Bless up.

    PS. I post a new beat ever sunday.