New Music: Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

Kendrick gets inebriated with the latest leak off his debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city. T-Minus’ production here is intoxicating. Album arrives October 22nd.

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  • not bad

  • bitch.bad.woman.good

    this nigga can’t disappoint

  • Caesar


  • M.T

    T-Minus on the beat! I wasnt expecting Kendrick to be on a T-Minus production but this shit is FIRE. One of the best rappers out… fuck all these other wack niggas.

  • finally he got a good producer

  • Word

    DRANK! This shit is smooth. Great track from Kendrick as usual.


  • Mag

    Wow. Kendrick Lamar x T-Minus. This is superb.

  • yo


  • @tshiamofs

    Killing every thing comes standard to this dude

  • Kendrick Lamar and Freddie Gibbs need to make a collabrative album or something

  • The thing that sucks is that this is really really catchy plus has meaningful lyrics. This can get play on the radio, but its July. I hope he has another amazing single to that can keep the momentum going in the Fall in time for October.

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    zone out shit….k dot fans all thinking ‘oct, 22nd’s too far from right now’ …hoping on a classic & that interscope dont drop the ball

  • Aggie Pride

    ^^^ What are you talking about all of his music was produce by good producers they’re just not well known. @Good Motherfuckin Music

    The song is dope. Kendrick is definitely winning.

  • Brahsef

    Minus the synthy chorus its straight. That shit will get it radio play though.

  • donald

    Dr.Dre told him that the 50 Cent was the last rapper he worked with who had the same feel in the studio. All Kendrick Lamar songs are good BUT honestly I dont think he will ever blow up as big as Snoop, Em & 50. DETOX IS COMING..

  • z2

    sorry guys this has no emotion next! kendric is dope too

  • chuck taylor

    This is ok, I heard better from kendrick lamar, I’m sorry I’m not a kdot dickrider

    • B.Dot

      @chuck taylor: This is ok, I heard better from kendrick lamar, I’m sorry I’m not a kdot dickrider

      i agree

  • Dashing

    This is cool….

    But maybe my Kendrick standards are too high now. Expected a little more. T-Minus has done better. And Kendrick has done better.

    Here’s hoping that the rest of the album sounds a little more like Section 80. (i.e. more straight hip hop mixed with musicality, less synth heavy and typical)

  • PPrrootteesstt

    If this is the direction of the album, it could be really promising. I wish he would’ve dug a little deeper into the topic, but I like how he played with the subject. The verses speak negatively of drinking, but the hook praises it. Everyone wins.

  • D!A!E!

    Guess who’s getting throwed to this tonight?…..THIS GUY!

  • kriz

    Dope. people support his album when it drops this is quality shit.

  • Drake’s Eyebrows

    not for me

  • Truu

    22nd?? I thought it was coming out on the 2nd, my birthday now it’s coming out on the 22nd. My ex’s birthday. I’m salty.

  • Black Shady

    This is smoothhhhhh as hell!!!!!

  • Kali

    pretty gud

  • Victor Von DOOM

    Dope,surprised YOU KNOW WHO didn’t hate on this song lol

  • CaliSteppin

    Give Kendrick credit hes made 2 singles (recipe and this joint) that are radio friendly but he sticked to his craft. Both of those songs don’t sound out of place for Kendrick

  • Frank ocean

    Ill suck his dick clean.

  • ayyeee

    gotta wait till im done with my drug test….so i can jam to this!


    he’s better than andre 3000

  • D


    this kendrick guy is really the next one

  • kayandgee


  • Dabest

    fuego!!! this and tha nas album will be the best

  • Larry

    heard better from kendrick. not sure if interscope was the right move.

  • SjjR

    With how hip-hop is at this minute at time, this dude has gotta be in the top 3 rappers living. Just cus he absolutely kills EVERYTHING he’s on, most consistent rapper out there!

  • Kemosabi

    This is what I mean with hiphop! It doesn’t always have to be the greatest song of all time, this is fire. Dude set the bar so high he’s really only competing with past efforts now. That’s incredible when you really think about. Sometimes I think some people just want to complain about hiphop instead of just appreciating niggas giving it there all.

  • Anon DCPL

    Not bad.. I can bump this.

  • Anon DCPL

    Kemosabi, I agree.

  • hazz

    saying you’ve heard better from Kendrick means you have him in a box when hes not even the artist you think he is… this will do what he feels and hopefully his fans will ride with him.

    half the songs he has made so far are on another planet compared to what is hot these days.

  • hxxvaz

    Fuck this song. T-Minus beats ain’t made for west coast niggas. I just wanna hear the album

  • deez

    lol kendrick do really kill everything he gets on, some songs are great some are good some are decent, but there aren’t many “bad” songs…lmao @ trying to go against the grain..and yeah dont’t hit me with that “i was the first to hear of talents” bullshit becuz 2dopeboyz was the first to post his shit..

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  • Word

    @B.Dot Wtf is wrong with you? First you brag at every chance you get that you’re the one that “Broke Kendrick to the rest of the world” which I laugh at every time cuz you want ppl to think your responsible for Kendricks popularity when you’re really not, but now dues are listening to him and what? You mad? Your tweets and comments sound salty.

  • Word

    @deez EXACTLY! So im not the only one who noticed. This dudes feelins must be hurt or something. K.Dot forget to autograph something for you? Maybe he not giving you credit for being the “First to hear of K.Dots talents”? Hm?

  • zee

    album is still set for the 2nd not 22nd….dope song too

  • Cruel Thing

    God damn, this is fire! It’s a great mix of radio-friendliness and raw rapping. I can’t think of how this could have been executed better.

  • C.O.O.K.

    Just incredible. Perfect combination of lyrics and production. Beat bangs and message in the verse.

  • cruz00005

    lol yall gettin on B.Dot. but yea this shit goes

  • mitch

    LOL @ everybody clowning on B.Dot’s failed attempt to “be different”. i dont like the weird ass voice change in the second verse, but other than that, song is Dope

  • dee

    not bad……… stop sucking his dick @cruel thing you sound like a hoe

  • Pimp Squad Raw

    i dont like how he changed his voice that shit dont work. Its a cool joint tho. Expect better from him and more Westcoastish

  • King

    It’s good n I’m not a kendrick rider…..he’s trying to appeal to mainstream I fucks with that!!

  • S.S. Blacc

    why do people make it seem like kendrick lamar is some kind of god

    every single kendrick lamar song is NOT good

    every rapper has their highs & lows #finito

  • Dashing

    ^ Something tells me that’s not the real B.Dot…

  • g$tedmano

    this a decent track, nice chill music it kinda sounds like sum radio shyt tho.

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  • M.T

    I’m not mad or salty about anything. Most of you would not know who K. Dot was if it wasn’t for me. I’m just not bias.
    lol fuck outta here.

  • the void

    haha is a joke and he isnt afraid to show it.

  • Anon DCPL

    got damn, I had to listen to this shit again.

    This single will crack a million digital sales.

  • Loaded

    if this was by drake niggas would hate it

  • Young lucci fan base

    KeeP pushing the envelope my brother, the west coast needs ya bad bruh!! Top dog keep pushing, don’t let these niggas hold u back!! Do what game and snoop couldn’t do, start a movement, I c it devolping

  • Homie def pumped some new life into A slow dying hiphop..

  • Jay Jones

    Good song! heavy Bone Thugs & Harmony influence though… is a killer


  • chilleymost

    sounds ok ,,,,,,,dosent stand out,,,,,,,them hi hats trips,,,,,,,,,,, is starting to get n my nerves,,sound like eeerr thing else

  • King

    @Young lucci fan base nigga please don’t compare K.Dot to Game….Doctor’s Advocate is the best WestCoast album after Chronic 2001 n Doggystyle… matter what kendrick does he can’t touch DA or The Documentary

  • B-LO

    I think this album is gonna appeal to everyone and not just you west coast niggas. He doesn’t wanna be like a bunch of niggas on the west coast and NEVER blow up. He’s expanding his sound. Hell I hear he even got jeezy on this album. As someone from the south, I’m really just now listenin to this dude, and I gotta say I like what I hear. Might cop the album.

    And to the nigga that said he already better than Andre 3000, “BOI STOPPP!”

  • sue

    You fan and this is hot… your back 100%

  • mike

    classic track which is also mixed by ali and dre

  • Aftermath

    This song is fucking amazing good production from T-Minus and MixedByAli and Dr. Dre finished it to something extraordinary this is the next level

  • Santa

    The song’s about peoples irresponsible consumption of alcohol YET he made it sound like a radio song despite being the opposite. This guy is the where its at.

  • @MrRight516
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  • koO

    who produced this track? fking best track ive heard in a good while along with curren$y+harry fraud project. This is just out this world good

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