Game Bringing Wedding To Reality TV ?

Is Game bringing his theatrics to TV? Well according to TMZ, Game and 51 Minds Ent. began production on his journey down the aisle and has pitched distribution deals with MTV and VH1.

Back in October, the rapper proposed to his long-time girlfriend, now fiancé, Tiffany Cambridge. No title yet, but uh, how ’bout “Married To The Game”?

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  • Santa

    Married to the Game is the only logical choice here

  • game is the best rapper alive besides the giraffes in the japanese ocean next to the asians fucking pigs eating hamburgers while slapping the woman’s cooch with an aids stick while slurping up the lettuce from his cock burger

  • LooksLikeWealth

    Reality ,ha!What are the chances of 40 and his boys turning up unannounced on set in a barrage of bullets?

    P.S To live ‘n die in LA baby!!!

  • The Chosen One_11

    Perfect way to fix his image

  • @Artise1

    40 Glocc said. “Hey woman, Why woman.. I know you wish you had a real man. I bet you stay up all night wishing you had a real mama. I tell you what, bring your pretty self over to my apartment. And ill show you a real man.

  • Dont do it game wrong move

  • Musikal

    Damn everybody trying to get a reality tv show.

  • z7ra_Vv

    Hey was already talking about this on twitter a while back. and kept putting Married II The Game too.

  • z7ra_Vv


  • Black Shady

    Maybe he’ll get a lil buzz from that

  • cmatic

    if it be on vh1 its gon have love in it so how bout “Love Is Not A Game” :

  • Good for him
    I grew up listening to game and wish him the best
    King of the west atleast for my generation

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    ^^^ I beg to differ, if king of the west coast is a twitter beefing, video vixen disser, bipolar HOV dickrider and big time bullshitter. Then is time we find a replacement!

  • King

    As a Game fan this is some bitch-shit

  • Lil Weezy Fuckin’ Baby In The Bootyhole..

    its gon show me and n stunna having game as a stripper at his own bachelor’s party, he was making racks on top on racks, and he gon have the best jay z diss ever on his next album ft me, me , its all bout me!!

  • Ivy blue Hov

    @Sarcastic A$$hole Word homie, Fuck this nigga!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “Maybe he’ll get a lil buzz from that”…If he needs BUZZ from a wedding reality show that dude is Desperate !

  • Game this kid needs to be producing for you!! SMH, damn shame why he doesnt have placements yet


    Game needs this to fix his image after beating on 40 Glocc.

  • Peekay

    You’d have to be crazy to marry him

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