Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Announce Tour & LP

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are globetrotting this fall with The Heist World Tour. Tickets go on sale Friday, July 20th. on But wait there’s more. The duo plan to also release their independent debut, The Heist on October 9th. Stick up kids are out to tax.

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  • this aint hip hop

  • i can’t think of anything i care about less

  • Poshnis

    lol WTF are yall doing posting this BS…
    Kool-Aid Changed Flavor Names to Colors; Cherry Now Officially Known as Red, Grape–Purple …this sh*t got me rolling lol

  • Young King

    Stop hatin. Macklemore is dope. SEATTLE STAND UP!

  • BKnitts

    1) This ain’t hip hop? You deaf? Plus, we’re on

    2) Call it BS but you don’t give it the time of day before you put em in a box.

  • Shiva

    If you don’t think this is hip hop then you are fucking ignorant. How about research their music first and see that Macklemore is a talented artist not rapping about your average mainstream rapper is now with bitches, cars & a hell of a lot of money and drugs.

    With Ryan Lewis backing him up sampling dope soul and alternate songs, these 2 are unstoppable.

    Get your head out of your asses. Nice post RR.

  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the fucking bomb! Let the haters hate! Fuck’em!

  • christian A

    There is no rapper, duo, or band right now that puts more passion into their music. You don’t have to like them, but you sure as hell better respect them.

  • christian A

    There is no rapper, duo, or band out there right now that puts more passion into their music. You don’t have to like them, but you sure as hell better respect them.

  • S.S. Blacc


    so people who rap about cars, bitches & drugs aren’t talented, lol shit even pac rapped about flossing

  • Chazer

    Macklemore is the closest to the roots hip hop out right now. The fuck are y’all saying? Listen to anything off The Language Of My World and tell me that’s not hip hop. Naw… Listen to anything they released and tell me it’s not hip hop. Macklemore is versatile in his sound and touches every aspect of hip hop… He has meaningful lyrics, he has ignorant lyrics, he has lyrics he vents through his struggles. There is no one more hip hop than Macklemore. Get that shit right.

  • HAQ


  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    For anyone doubting, do ya ears and soul a favor and listen to his “Language of my World” album sooo dope, or just YouTube “B Boy.” See ya on 9/15 boys.

  • aint that cute

    there is no one more hip hop than mackelmore?

    get off his dick FIRST and pay respect just like im sure mac would about the hip hop aspect.

    everyone has a chance to contribute to the CULTURE but to say there is no one more is just ignorant and i hope someone in your click plays the new em/nas/jigga/ye/hopsin records when they drop

    get a lil chedder 20 gees a set and have kids going crazy around the world. big ups to seattle (mackelmore isnt the only talented one) and im sure his album is gonna be crazy BUT NO ONE MORE HIP HOP ??????


  • Evan

    Macklemore is the biggest hip hop act in Seattle right now, and his live shows are phenomenal. Dude’s got mad skills, show respect. See you at WAMU in October, haters.

  • onanigga

    Dudes look like an acoustic folkband., next post.

  • Scrooge McMill

    this dude is ok nothing special

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    Check that 11/15, and the new Nas and Mary J joint is straight from a 1995 time capsule. #lifeisgood

  • ireland

    im there

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