New Video: Shawty Lo “Million Dollar Man”

In his latest video, Shawty Lo puts on his finer threads and brags about the cash he got for his mixtape’s title track. Get acquainted with the

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  • Shawty Lo = Top 5 Struggle rapper Dead or Alive
    Interview of Young Jeezy in Paris :

  • mac DIESEL
  • Ted Dibiase

    I am not affiliated with this wack ass rapper… what is this shit, this has to go down as one of the worse songs in history..50 cent didn’t give this dude 10 million dollars… just investors for distribution for artists… he’s gonna end up owing 50 just like Buck… I’d rather listen to Hopsin….. My IQ dropped 50 points after listening to this garbage.

  • **MyNaMek’Ree**

    i Like the entiRe mixtape Lo Has neva put out nethiNg wack tHis is a diffeReNt SounD maybe if he sounD Like 2chainz big sean then yaLL wooD Like it he Got his own styLe swag & voice i fux wit it

  • ^^^aye mek’ree….your deaf

    this dude has 1 sound, 1 flow….every single song is the same exact flow just different beats…that “yelling secrets”, “whisper screaming” style is lame, I can’t get into his music for those 2 reasons…..just repetitive shit, his content even stays the same after years….thats just lazy!
    you can support this dude that shows no growth…..I’ll wait till he shows me he can come with something different other than what he’s been doing over and over for the last 7-8 yrs(or however long he’s been out)

  • changeclothz

    lol Shawty Lo is a joker

  • dat dude

    man shawty lo keeps sinking and sinking and sinking. cmon ill toss you a line lo. get out of the garbage….. you really need to change your style up…… and you copied off of the million dollar man form the wwf.