• alrightalrightalright
  • zezzoi

    “Nasir’s new record”


  • J-Rod

    This bitch just fucked up a classic, syllable by damn syllable..

  • Loaded

    I didn’t know Amaya was a lesbian

  • CDub

    Nasir new song? WTF This is Memphis Bleek song technically but Jay-z just verse was a song lol

  • Scrilla

    This shit is trash! I only liked Jeezy’s and Wayne’s Dear Summer

  • jfraz1992

    yall some dickheads! she went in and spoke some real shit

  • JBA$ED

    wasnt that bad….. and “hey atleast the pictures is nice” cone on keep comments to self!

  • alrightalrightalright

    shes garbage

  • Jaemillzmad

    Her voice is annoying

  • Ummah_es_Salaam

    babygirl, Amaya, step ya knowledge up, sweetie. as for ol’ girl spittin, she gotta keep at it for the ladies so we can get a few to come out with a Badu, Jill Scott, throwback L-boogie message to give to our so delusional sisters. not saying this brianna is the one but they need multiple inspirations. me personally I dont like seeing chicks vibing to songs about them being purchased, and one night stands, not remembering her name, etc. etc. not to say I dont like them hoes Im just saying 95% of what’s playing is superficial, superficial, material, material. where the ladies at not the biyches, hoes, and freaks but where the mothers, wives, and sisterts at..im just saying

  • buking

    nas new record?? this an old jay beat (maybe 04) feat end of on a bleek album

  • cinsere

    “…and takes on Nasir

  • Linda

    check RedMic out she’s dope and pretty but has actual rhymes not just words over a beat…hit google or Itunes

  • i’d fuck her :shrug:

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  • and again I laugh at yall niggas thinking Amaya is a chick SMH. Spitting game at a male, son…….

  • BN Vs YN

    Amaya is a guy dumbasses

  • BN Vs YN

    Amaya is his last name

    • Ummah_es_Salaam

      damn….I knew a spanish chick named amaya…my question is y would dude pick that as his pen name…last name or not..u wanna use govts use ya first name..misleading n shit…I feel disgusted



  • RB

    her voice is funny

  • Santa

    TECHNICALLY it was Memphis Bleek’s record.

  • hazz

    Not mad

  • igotsoul

    Wasnt so bad. I think checking out my girl Joy Deja King’s new single “I’m The Bomb” would be worth it. http://bit.ly/LM8dOO

  • i think she trying to hard but it’s so so

  • Showboat

    Not Bad! FREE REMY MA