• real-talk

    YMCMB’S 3rd strongest artist went triple platinum in less then a year… *Insert hate below*

  • ben_dover

    And the fronting continues

  • edison

    she shipped, didnt sell 1,000,000 million thats just stupid

    so basically anybody can go platimun…….

    you just ship to a store and have them keep it in the back

    on iTunes that album is below WATCH THE THRONE WHICH was released over a year ago

    on reality sheS SOLD 585,000 NOT ONE MILLI,


  • urrrr

    who wants to buy this white girls album

  • Commenting Carl

    2 straight platinum plaques she will become the most successful female hip hop star in history… If this was the NFL should would be going to Canton soon.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis
  • Commenting Carl

    Dummy up top Edison she has sold over 900,000 world wide as of June 26 and has been certified platinum by the RIAA so hate all you want but it has been certified… the bitch is winning right now flat out and it burns you hater up step your game up and quit hating.


  • Commenting Carl

    That link is for your hating ass too ZoomZoomDad-Otis……Niggas always trying to find fault in shit

    just accept it nigga it will be alright, yall hatin ass niggas need to sit on a therapists couch to see why yall have so much low self esteem that you hate on people so much… it has to be shit you don’t like about yourself or something…that shit is not becoming real talk.

  • real-talk

    *Waits for the Birdman bought all those records comment*

  • LakeShore

    @ Commenting Carl

    The RIAA only certifies USA releases. #2 RIAA has certified her as gold if you go the their database. Sales have just about stopped on her album. No way she reaches platinum, let alone 650k. It’ still a successful release but let’s tell the truth.

  • HipHopOne

    I have soundscan at my desk that tells me she is not platinum. LakeShore is correct, RIAA only certifies US releases.

  • Commenting Carl

    @ LakeShore with sales over 900,000 worldwide as of June 23 and a platinum certification from the RIAA who cares if it’s not all sold in the US… a CD sold is a CD sold no matter where it was bought….the bottom line is that it has been certified as platinum no matter how you slice it it’s just funny how people are always trying to diminish someone else’s accomplishments by saying it’s shipped only… like I said it has sold 900,000 plus as of June 23, which is over a month ago….it’s not far fetched to say that she has sold another 100,000 since then world wide… and that link I posted was from the RIAA by the way…. it lists gold and platinum which is the way that they always post it when it’s platinum.

  • jl

    If any man actually bought this album you might be gay

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  • Commenting Carl

    If any man commenting on this album on this site when there are plenty of others then he might gay as well and by the way niggas

  • andthenidied

    miss minaj stop wt ur doin and suck bonteco’s lil dick. Maybe ull learn to rap again…

  • HipHopOne

    @ Commenting Carl

    Shipped has NEVER been the certification standard for the RIAA. Stop making things up. That placque birdman gave her is NOT from the RIAA. Please stop. “The Certification Process … An artist’s Gold

  • lmao, this girl must of been the worst idea in hip hop, she contributing to its death rite now, soon its going to electro/dubstep on hot 97, meanwhile its been happening on occasion, watch pretty soon youre gonna turn the radio on in your car all your gonna hear is afrojack and deadmau5 and whatnot..

  • Commenting Carl


    Club sales and club free goods may be included towards certification. Product shipped to retail, mail order, record clubs, TV marketing and other ancillary markets are combined toward certified sales. All shipments to these accounts must be verified by the label.
    please provide proof from their database

    I have two links where is your proof

  • King Chandler

    @CommentingCarl……take a deep breath and calm your groupie ass down, your typin like somebody insulted your mother. At least learn how to stick up for an artist you like without including all that extra emotion. Nobody is a hater because they don’t like an artist that you do, that’s like me calling you a hater of hip-hop in general for defending this pop tart. Not a good look.

  • Scrilla

    She’s everything bad with hip hop. Probably the worst rapper ever

  • BN Vs YN

    She not even selling anymore this shit flopped like a motherfucker there’s no defending her…. Starships was BULLSHIT

  • Commenting Carl

    @Sacremento Queen Chandler

    nigga you sound bout crazy… I’m mere stating facts I could give less than a damn who you like nigga….I’m talking about niggas who try to diminish someones accomplishments because they don’t like someone that goes for anybody not just Nikki fuck boi… niggas so busy trying to tear somebody down and shit. I get it if you don’t like somebody’s music that’s your opinion but don’t try deny what a nigga accomplishes because you don’t like them now sit your 5 dollar ass down before I make change!

  • Scrilla

    Lil Kim > Nicki Minaj
    Da Brat > Nicki Minaj
    Lauryn Hill > Nicki Minaj
    MC Lyte > Nicki Minaj
    Queen Latifa > Nicki Minaj
    Britany Spears > Nicki Minaj
    Madonna > Nicki Minaj
    Avril Lavigne > Nicki Minaj
    Rihanna > Nicki Minaj
    Katy Perry > Nicki Minaj

  • Collar Cali

    @edison I’m with you!
    LOL… they SHIPPED a million! She didn’t SELL a million & it’s been a sale for a minute. #StopIt5
    they shipped 1 million copies around the world & Drizzy already soid 3 million domestically. SMH… they are something else. Oh well… congrats lol

    Unfortunately this is a true statement—> @Commenting Carl …

  • your consciece

    Nicki Minaj > Scrilla

  • HipHopOne

    @Commenting Carl

    I’ve worked in this industry a long time. Shipped does not equal sales and shipped does not equal RIAA certification. That quote I gave you came directly from the RIAA. You are making stuff up. That placque is NOT from the RIAA. Birdman made that up himself. Drake has sold 1.8+. He will be paid for 1.8+. Nicki has sold 590k+ she will be paid for 590k plus, not 1 million. Nice try. It’s okay to be a fan but be honest.

  • Huil Lu Kim

    Well, that’s inconsistent of him.
    He should’ve gave her on the amount unit he really intended to inflate the sales by.

    I was more like expecting a plaque for 5 million SOLD.

  • Commenting Carl


    I provided two links where are yours so you’re saying she wont be paid for the albums she sold outside the US only 590k+ If you work in the industry I would like to know who hired you for real I hope it wasn’t the same person that signed Soulja Boy Kreayshawn and Chief Kief because I need to go put in an App ASAP!

  • HipHopOne

    @Commenting Carl

    I’m talking USA sales only as RIAA only certifies USA sales. UAS Sales are all that counts for RIAA certification. Why not just say everyone is gold right out the box because most major artists ship gold in the USA. Because the RIAA does not count shipped.

  • LakeShore

    RIAA is USA sales only. Not shipped. If so every major artist would be counted as gold as soon as the album goes in stores because they ship gold out the box. And we all know that’s not the case.

  • Commenting Carl


    how do can you work in the industry and be so oblivious?

    I’m gonna say this one final time and i’m done with you

    Club sales and club free goods may be included towards certification. PRODUCT SHIPPED TO RETAIL, mail order, record clubs, TV marketing and other ancillary markets are combined toward certified sales. All shipments to these accounts must be verified by the label.
    please provide proof from their database

    Oblivious Newton-John is your new name

  • AtlRyder

    @ LakeShore, Indeed every big artist would be gold upon first day release if shipped counted. Because they all ship gold.

    Yeah. RIAA certifies only sales, not shipped. There are different types of markets but they all come back to what soundscan says the sales are in the US from what was shipped. That’s why certification takes some time to give and cannot be done in advance no matter how many fake plaques they make up.

  • AtlRyder

    Here’s recent soundscan chart for usa. You will see Nicki Minaj is still under 600k in usa sales which is what the riaa certifies.


  • Commenting Carl

    ^^^ Nigga I clicked that link and had to reformat my computer aint nobody gonna download chart list

  • lord of the underground

    Sales dont mean shit. Congats anyway

  • Jaymalls


    RIAA only accounts for sales in the US, that’s why it’s an acronym for Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). She sold over a million copies worldwide, which has nothing to do with the RIAA nor does that mean she received platinum certification from them.

    Nicki’s album was a successful release for the average artist but not for someone who performed at the Allstar Game, Super Bowl, Grammys, American Music Awards, and more prior to releasing their album.

    Judging by her album credits, interviews, and the success of her last album… Her budget was big and im pretty sure PF:RR barely paid for itself!

  • Commenting Carl


    Club sales and club free goods may be included towards certification. PRODUCT SHIPPED TO RETAIL, mail order, record clubs, TV marketing and other ancillary markets are combined toward certified sales. All shipments to these accounts must be verified by the label.
    please provide proof from their database

    this is directly from their website (RIAA)

    all i am saying is that she has a platinum certification from RIAA shipped or not
    and with the million worldwide sales I’m saying that she’s platinum that way too…. so if she shipped a mil and sold a mill worldwide she still has a million in sales either way so the albums are already accounted for even if it’s shipped to retail by RIAA standards she is platinum hence the plaque

    On June 22, the album was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, for shipments of one million copies in the US.


  • Commenting Carl

    and adding to that everybody keeps quoting what they believe is the criteria the RIAA uses to determine platinum status if you actually look it up like I did you will see that i’m right


  • BN Vs YN

    Bruh… This guy commenting Carl will not give up

  • Commenting Carl

    ^^^ Nigga who asked you…. shut your Marv Albert sideline color commentary ass up!


    Hate her music (fact)…Hate her hustle? Numbers don’t lie…No matter how much you don’t like this broad personally. She will always be remembered as one of the “best female rapper” to ever do it, success wise.

  • Drede

    Hey guys go cop my new app:
    Thank you, I appreciate it! 🙂

  • Great day for Pop music

  • young

  • Hahahhaha

    @commenting Carl… Hahahaha i honestly feel bad for you dude. If your homosexual, I don’t feel as bad, but to be arguing for nicki this hard, you gotta be one queer ass loser. I could give a fuck if she got a “real plaque”. Most likely not, but bottom line is that her music is trash, edible trash that dumb teenage girls buy. Good day sir

  • fuck commenting car and anybody that love em

  • jay


    2 bad more fans have turned their back on her.

    only thing she does is shipping albums, not selling

  • King Chandler

    Bring back Commenting Carl, we need more passionate posts. You can tell he lives this blogging shit…lol. Fuck a job and shit when you can look up sales stats of a pop star. That dude got E-murked by like 20 people on here. Only reason I peep these wack ass Minaj posts is to see all the divas come out scratching and biting for their queen.

  • @Artise1

    She shipped 1,000,000 copies because of the hype surrounding Nicki, but n*gga didn’t buy it. So it will be in the $3.99 bin in a minute.

  • broski

    you people is maaaaaaaaaad stupid how can you say she FLOPPED JUST CUZ SHE SOLD 250K FIRST WEEK wow u dumb as hell…fuck you think she is and she went platnium anyway lmfaooooooooooooo I DONT FUCK WITH HER MUSIC, but i can respect her grind and sales and money she be gettin

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