• Commenting Carl

    Hope dude get his mind right while in jail…. he will be in his 40’s so he can maybe right a book and motivational speech route, them hard drugs got the best of him an early age…. it’s a shame we call artists fake when they don’t live the stuff they rap about but when they do they end up either dead or in jail…. that’s why I don’t knock Rick Ross and his hustle plus he makes good music.

  • 3rdRail

    Dope (Heroin) got me wanted for 3 armed robberies
    Fuck, I’m trapped
    I need a shoulder to lean
    15 (what you is? )
    A strung out dope fiend

    UNLV Feat B.G. – POCKET FULL OF FURL (Written at age 15)

    The things I go through, I think restin’ is best
    I’m chillin’ while I’m in flesh but I’ll be happy when I rest

    I got people to see, people to meet, people to greet
    Just peep what the other world got for me
    Is it joy like they see or nothing at all?

    B.G. Feat Keisha – SO MUCH DEATH (Written at age 16)

    Before anybody judges this man, look at the all too adult emotions he was going through as a child. As he said, he made his bed and he has to lay in it. However, he is a microcosm of all youth in the inner city. We need to provide them with opportunity and hope for the future.

    I also think Slim and Baby have to share some of the blame. How are you making money off two kids strung out on heroin (Turk and B.G.). They should have gotten those boys help.

  • PT
  • Marko-V

    B.G.s spirits seem high and hopefully he maintains that level of peace through his time. I wish the brotha well and a new update with an addy for those fans who wish to write would be a cool thing Rapradar. Letters help that time



  • Man that’s a shame. Hold your head B.G. Props to 3rdRail up top too, readings those rhymes from a 15 & 16 year old B.G was an eye opener, no choice but to grow up too fast obviously.

    Co-sign that Baby & Slim shoulda got those kids (Turk & B.G) serious help. I can’t help but think they used the addiction to their company’s advantage. Easy to get an addict to sign a messed up contract or do things they don’t really want to do. I really hope B.G get6s his head straight inside and provides a positive example to the young kids inside that are definitely going to be looking up to him for a way forward.

  • 3rdRail

    Appreciate the shout out DTownIsMyCity. These streets are real homie, people need to know.