Lil Wayne Calls DJ Drama

“What are you doing? ….Everybody”

Now that Tunechi and Drama are reuniting for Dedication 4, he called in Hot 107.9 and says he hopes to release it August 15. He’s already recorded over the “Cashin Out”, “I Don’t Like” and “Burn” beats.

Weezy also spoke on ATL’s Bday Bash, YMCMB’s VMA nods, 2 Chainz, and goes with the ’92 Dream Team over the current team cause they’re bigger. Yup, size does matter.

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  • Andrew

    he could do something totally CRAAAZY and make songs with substance outside of vagina..

  • Black Shady

    lmao lil wayne saying his mixtape is just a bunch of words…and albums…are more…message type of shit. but C4 was just a bunch of random lines put together……………………………………….this is why it was super weak

    Lets hope D4 gonna be more like D2 and not like his Sorry 4 the wait shit….

  • Rozayne


  • Sportz

    Rap has taken a backseat to skating. I’m done with this man. This is my favorite rapper man and he is talking nonsense.

  • Khalifa

    In my opinion he killed it on Tha Carter IV. I think it was well balanced and honestly some of his best recent work. I could never get into the old weezy but I vibe the new weezy (except “My Homies Still” wack<—-) lol

  • Scrilla

    I have a feeling this will be trash

  • BN Vs YN

    Jeezy always had the best gangsta grillz
    Wayne 2nd

  • Real Talk.

    I knew he’d rap over cash out and I don’t like! I suspect Future’s Same Damn Time and or Magic as well and maybe just maybe Mercy and Niggas In Paris but who knows.

  • youngtex

    Watch when the mixtape drop how niggaz switch they tone though….you dudes kill me man, if you spent as much energy into doing something productive as you do hating on a multimillionaire you’d pralley have then what you got now!!! YMCMB..MMG..GOOD, at the end of the day EVERYBODYs winning but YOU!

  • youngtex

    “you’d pralley have **MORE**”

  • M.T

    “Rap has taken a backseat to skating.”

  • youngtex


    Dope Interview. G’Nite!

  • z2fgdgv

    i will listen to it and too a hundred other rappers mixtapes on datpiff win win for me! no buying nothing from these “multimillionares” no more! im king now and these rich rappers are jesters in my court

  • Faded

    if Cruel Summer wasnt dropping this year.. the rap game would probably be over after this shit drops

  • mr X

    i will listen to it and too a hundred other rappers mixtapes on datpiff win win for me! no buying nothing from these “multimillionares” no more! im king now and these rich rappers are jesters in my court.

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Shit Wayne just gotta come through man i’m just tired of these fuck ass Southern Beats right now shit fo real

  • Truu

    Everybody posting hate comments is anticipating this shit.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Wack Weezy !

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    Not hating on Wayne lately is like being okay with the bull shit he been releasin, that shit been unconsistent, tell you the truth bunch of nigs just happy the Tape happenin fuck what it’ll be till the shit dropped then his next shit bout to come out

  • Andrew

    giving false hope

  • Truu

    I can feel Wayne on this though if you think about it since 2004 he been going non stop been like Mixtape-Album-Tour every year… We gotta let this nigga Live take a hiatus for a while

  • Tru Talk

    Great a new lil wayne mixtape talking about nothing but hoes, money, and getting high….. YAWN

  • Memory

    Damn forgot he was only 29 we still got 10 more years of wayne dude got a grammy at 26 what else is he gonna accomplish.

  • Cruel Thing

    Hmmm Anyone else smell a diss coming towards Pusha when Wayne does a remix to I Don’t Like?

  • Boywonda24

    At the end of the day all y’all gonna listen to it whether it’s wack or not. Why? cuz its Lil Wayne. D4 is gonna b okay.

  • thursday
  • he said he put rapping on the backburner and that he has skate ramps in his studio smh we lost him

  • Don Juan

    Lol weezy old news

  • caliking

    if you ask me i think skateboarding is destroying his image

  • he go hard on his tapes and mediocre on his albums but hey that’s should be another nice tape.

  • dee

    unconsistent is not a word idiot INCONSISTENT is what you attempted to say

  • Not a homo

    Wayne fucked all his label mates.

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    If I was rapping for 22 years, i’d be bored too

  • niggasiswack

    this nigga is rich.hes gonna do what he wants while everyone else does what they can. so if he wants to tony hawk it fuck it. life goes on.

  • ….

    you dont have