Judge Warns Meek Mill About Lyrics

Two days ago, Meek Mill appeared in a Philadelphia court for a status hearing. Outside of the courthouse, he speaks on the judge’s caveat about the lyrics in music. On his song “The Ride“, he mentioned the District Attorney. Don’t you hate that?

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  • Nathaniel

    they tryna put fear in a nigga with a warning that isn’t warranted because no laws were broken. period. the judge may not like it, but he can’t legally do shit about it.

    as far as actual law goes, though. meek better keep his nose clean. they waiting on niggas to slip up.

  • County Of Kings

    he can afford lawyers to back him up and make sure he doesnt go to jail for speaking his mind. this is that bullshit meek. u acting like a slave. u not in our situation anymore so u can stand up for youself and fight back. most of us dont fight back cuz we cant afford to, and we cant afford to miss a day of work.
    its like mentally he still thinks he’s poor and helpless like he was before. u in a different tax bracket now so speak up, she cant make u lose your house, your car, the food off your table. u gotta protect that. i hope his fans dont follow his lead on this one.

  • Nickey Negrito

    OMG….. all because he said “the bitch is racist” or “she probably need a man.” Wow, they censoring a brother before he has a dramatic impact on the youth. This will only build more hype up for my boy Meek. But imagine if that was Tupac being interviewed with the reporter or even in court for the censoring of his words, i swear it would been a more articulate response.

    Its crazy cuz Meek is the same age Pac was in this interview, and if ppl viewed Pac old interviews and study and researched how he handled the media, then Meeks answers would have been different. Here is an example. Hopefully the links work but ppl should peep it.

    Thats crazy that Meek is being watched so closely and i also thought we had the “freedom of speech?” I guess Meek really got to her hard. She might as well attack the bloggers on this site and every other site, because some folks are really gonna scream “fuck the d.a.” to.

  • loll this the most discombobulated i ever seen meek, it must be cuz he right outside the front of the courthouse in his hood, probably got a million things running through his mind during the interview..

  • Black

    This nigga said my security is officers !!! MMG at its finest

  • Rome

    US Injustice System at its finest. According to the Judge, Meek does not have a right to Free Speech. And if he continues to speak negatively about the DA…….what exactly?

    Will he make sure Meek faces tougher consequences? This is absolutely ridiculous. How is this legal?

    This Judge should be thrown off his case. And SMH @ Meek’s “Yess Massa, No Massa” response.

  • Nickey Negrito

    The DA may be feeling a certain way because Meek his gaining thousands of dollars daily.

    Also Meek did say his security is officers, but i see no big deal. It also was a politically correct answer. I remember Pac had officers on the set of Poetic justice, and it was the Oakland police who had to do security for Pac after they beat him down 2 years before. Pac said he told them to remove the police or HE’S not doing the next scene. He tormented they ass after they tormented his. So them security folks are there to do a service, and thats protect this well known artist who is making more bread than THEM whether they like it or not. They not going to quit their job. Not in this recession….lol

    Again…BIG DEAL!

  • Nickey Negrito

    @Rome, Meek needs more experience in dealing with media that’s all. Dudes have to be more articulate when handling these situations. But it’s obvious Meeks demeanor shows a sense of IDGAF. I dont think it’s “yes massa..no massa” at all. This is all new to an upcoming artist like Meek, and i dont think he has really been fair warned about the coming days of scrutiny. Every thing can’t be handle with a street mentally or attitude.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Nickey Negrito. Your right about that. “Every thing can’t be handle with a street mentally or attitude.” Look at Beanie Sigel at 1 point he was the FACE of PHILLY now look at him.

  • Donn

    Smh, he shouldn’t have done an interview AT ALL!!!!


  • onenutned

    the media making meek the new pac..problems with the churches, problems with the law, problems involving other artist…”all eye’s on (me)ek”…nigga told y’all tupac back. and Meek on them percocets during this interview.

  • Tramble

    damn they hard on this dude…

    LEBRON new movement N.A.H.A. (Negros Against Hairline Abuse) https://www.facebook.com/NAHA2012 ..funniest thing I saw all day.

  • Nickey Negrito

    @onenutned, i would say they are definitely on that ass, a little similar to Pac. I think this may show that Meek is really the next artist to connect with the street since 50cent, and maybe they dont want too many artist from the street making an impression or money like 50 and also Pac did. I think the industry was safe with artist like Drake, Big Sean, Wacka and others, not really no threats. But if one listens to songs like THE RIDE, USED TO BE, DREAMCHASING and other street reflective songs, you will notice not many other artist these days are making those type of songs or if they are, they are not receiving attention from their work like Meek is. These little small incidents will point people to the direction of Meek and wanting to know more about this young man.

    Lets not forget he is young, and Godwilling has an ample amount of time to really become something in the future. Kind of like the man Jay is now. As long as his life isn’t cut short like Pac & Big, and so many other young Black men and women.

  • Musikal

    They hate to see a nigga shine.

  • nick2bbury

    Damn my boy meek milly look all perc’d up.

    Can’t let the judge hold u down tho Fuck that

  • illmatic since 1982

    He shoulda told the judge WHERE WAZ U AT?Nah just kidding stop mentioning the DA, beat the case and then yell fuck the DA.

  • PPrrootteesstt

    His team aint right for lettin him do this interview. Fucked his whole image up

  • onenutned

    co-sign @ Nickey Negrito

  • EternallySleepy

    “This nigga scared”! Meek feeling small as hell right now. He has never been on my radar. And after watching this…. He never will. Put a complete thought and sentence together. Stand up for yourself grown ass man.

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  • Word

    …Y’all really comparing Meek Mill to Pac now? I know he had that Tupac Back song and that was cute and all but..y’all really fell for that? In terms of trying to censor his music I guess its similar to Pac but its similar to almost any rapper from that time. I don’t get these Pac and Meek comparisons. I know its only image wise cuz lyrically its no contest.

  • meek handles himself with great restraint… i would of said fk the judge fk you and fuk ur camera man.. you cant tell me what to rap about… freedom of speech ya dum fkzzzz

  • Sensed a lot of paternalism from the questions

  • who the fuck cares about lyrics

  • @KingofTeez (twitter)

    Meek Mills handled that interview like a man.. good to see us black boys growing into strong powerful men.

  • RoxanneSupreme

    Tell that white motherfucker to move…shit, son is all in his personal space

  • JWhistles

    Meek Garbage.

    J Whis approved

  • Itz Yourz

    Think he said he will tone it down talking about the DA. But if it’s true in what he saying when he said the DA said she hate me” and he felt some way about that. He doesn’t have to keep his mouth shut about it. We not in court, we don’t have to refrain from talking , turning off our cellphones, remove our hats, etc. We in the world , the streets. He can say whatever’s the fuck he like about the lady obvious he can’t say it in court. Only RNS do that in a court set ( PAC made the judge and DA fill like shit in there court room). She got personal so, he got personal. So be it. She don’t know him or his situation to hate him. She needs to keep her personal feelings and thoughts about a defendant to herself and go off evidence and the rules of law for her conviction to be granted.

    The real inquring question is who is the sambo nigga that brought it to her attention? She hate him right? So she not listening to his music. This here is a mixtape, ah street tape so a fake ass street nigga brought it to her.

  • Nothing gon stop my man 2M…!
    Meek Mill is tha BEST.