Slaughterhouse welcome to: OUR HOUSE Tracklist

In stores 8.28.12. Next single “Throw It Away” featuring Swizz Beatz.

UPDATE: Tracklist via HHNM confirmed by ICE

1. The Slaughter (Intro)
2. Our House Ft. Eminem x Skylar Grey
3. Coffin Ft. Busta Rhymes
4. Throw That Ft. Eminem
5. Hammer Dance
6. Get Up
7. My Life Ft. Cee-Lo
8. We Did It (Skit)
9. Flip A Bird
10. Throw It Away Ft. Swizz Beatz
11. Rescue Me Ft. Skylar Grey
12. Frat House
13. Goodbye
14. Park It Sideways
15. Die
16. Our Way (Outro)

Deluxe version:

17. Asylum Ft. Eminem
18. Walk Of Shame
19. The Other Side
20. Place To Be Ft. B.o.B

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  • Shady 2.0

    It’s coming soon, it’s dropping, it’s dropping, it’s dropping!

  • kpamma

    this shoebox

  • owww


  • Jacob

    What do you mean release date coming soon, I’m pretty sure they said it was coming in July.

  • Too Too busy this cover … cud have done without whateva is on fire, without the pig n without the baby pool.

    Less is more.
    1thing im sure of is that the music will be gud

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  • figgside


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  • res1

    fuuuuccccckkkkkkk yeaaaaaahhhhh! can’t wait!!!!!

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  • ItsTheTruth

    Kinda sad cuz I was hoping this woulda been a summer album, woulda been bumping it all summer but now its dropping at the very end of august. And that’s if it doesnt get pushed back again.

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  • TeeCartt

    Wow, same date as Meek Mills debut album

  • Evil

    Dope cover! Slaughterhouse are gonna kill the softies out there

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  • Hip and Hop

    Damn, Can’t believe its been pushed back from the beginning of June to end of August… #SLAUGUST

  • Black Shady

    2.0 Boys!!!!!!

  • fuk waka

    cant wait for that swizzy track!

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    Shady at last. YMCMB and MMG, they’re leaders of this game. GO HOME SHADY !

  • MHarstad

    Cool cover but I’m def upset I gotta wait so damn long to hear it

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  • deez

    meh, disappointing album cover, disappointing singles, disappointing videos to go along, disappointing next single, just because of the fact that swizz beats produced it got me thinking its going to be just as disappointing..

  • dmc

    dam, that’s to long dammit

  • UnknownUniverse

    Kind of disappointing that the album is coming out at the end of august, but it’s coming out so that’s all that matters. Looking forward to this a lot.

  • deez

    lol this shit looks like a mixtape cover, theres no way this is selling unless jimmy buys 500,000 copies

  • swag

    LOL this cover the shit !!!!!!!!!! i hope the next single can keep us waiting till the album, but damn they said may then june then july, now its the end of august ???? niggas cant make up there mind, but there probably at the point of just perfecting the album and u kno its offical when the album cover drops, plus u dnt want a legendary hip hop album dropping in between the 50 cent album, nas album, and good music album, this cover jus screams out real hip hop, im hoping for at least 19 tracks, Shady taking over hip hop all over again, that new em album gunna seal the deal

  • JustMyOpinion

    Chill ya’ll stay tune for the explanation behind the cover. This is not a group that do things, just to do it.

    Great cover.

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  • daman

    These niggs been tourin since march, two flopped singles, freestyle written rhymes on radio but gone drop album same day as meek w ti trouble man the next week after. WHO THE MARKETING GENIUS AT SHADY SHOULD B FIRE W THE DUDE PICKIN THE SINGLES

  • Jinx

    cant wait , there getting the there buzz up so haters shut up

  • daman


    they need to drop mixtape for buzz asap

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  • This album has flop written all over it. No radio play,no singles out n rotation,nuthin but backpack bloggers hypin up this joint. Just like someone said up top they are not true artists. If they all were great song writers and hook men they would have already had individual success. They STILL searching for that light. They are some of the best freestylers tho..

  • Kemosabi

    Everybody love them so much but these dudes album is gonna be real dusty at Best buy lol. I hope not though cause the game needs that real rap. Bunch of flopping singles but I could see why you’d wanna drop w meek and T.I atleast that day you know ppl are gonna be copping CDs it’s a good time to see where your fan base is at.

  • daman

    Anybody peek how MMG promoting they album this week and gave it to ppl for free 4days early. take notes shady!


    @daman Shady records albums are usually also available for streaming 2 or 3 days early…just sayin, they could learn from mmg tho, but only marketingwise..

  • Daniel

    Nobody in their right mind can say Joe Budden as a solo artist has no subject matter and is not a great song writer (which you just did)….so that voids everything else you said, SMH….
    People need to wake the fuck up

  • swag

    cant believe niggas saying its gunna flop smh, this shit doing like 500k easy

  • swag

    HAMMERDANCE is the toughest single out right now, whats better then that ??????? black magic psssssssh lmaooo and MY LIFE is the realest single out right now, is it deaf niggas that r commenting or what ?

  • bcro28

    if learning from mmg is doing 80-90k first week with all that buzz they had is not working. Slaughterhouse might do between 60-70k first week. MMG having their album streamed 4 days early might have hurt them, more than helped.

  • daman


    its about business my dude.

    hiipower- they need new mixtape of all unrelease stuff that wont make album if fans gotta wait two month or a buddens new mood muzik!

  • daman

    bcro this is just a set up for ross and meek solos. when slaughterhousr sales 50k-60k first week what they gone do re-tour for album bcuz they didnt give us new material first rd. Will shady give em 5 singles they at 3?

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  • Mike Strong

    I wish them the best but let’s keep it trill. Aint nobody copping three albums the same day. (Meek, Wiz and this.) They better hope Wiz and or Meek pushes there ish back a week.

  • SLAUGUST!!!!

  • daman

    Mike Strong, finally someone w some sense! I can’t buy three albums at 9.99 w kids, them high school days are over lol!

  • mac DIESEL

    DOPE COVER!!!!


  • Bangers N Mash

    Should of dropped early August. Still can’t wait, and looking forward to the next single.

    Could give two shits about the cover… not like it changes the actual music.

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  • s

    “figgside” obv you dont listen to slaughterhouse, THERE LAST SINGLE WAS MY LIFE YOU RETARD



  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice cover Shady Records !!!

  • Devante

    Its been proven over and over again you don’t need a single in rotation to sell. Feed the internet with a loyal fan base is enough now a days Ex. Jadakiss, Curren$y,Young Jeezy ect all debuted at the top of he charts without a single.

  • damn, thats like 2 months away. they say good thing comes to those who wait though.

  • see the speakers burning! can’t wait for the album



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  • Black thought

    Album cover doesnt have shit to do with fucking sells.

  • swag

    why isnt this number 1 post on rapradar ?

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  • Young King

    “Throw It Away” is a Club Banger and is produced by Mr. Porter, for anybody wondering.

  • Young King

    “Throw It Away” is a club banger and is produced by Mr. Porter in case anybody was wondering.

  • Young King

    “Throw It Away” is produced by Mr. Porter and is a Club Banger for anybody who was wondering.

  • I’m very eager to hear this album. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!

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  • casper21

    I like the cover, but i have no faith in that release date, why late august? Something fishy going on here

  • HipHopCritic

    Now let’s get something straight, each member in SH hasn’t gotten as much individual success as they should because the industry is all about bullshit music these days. SH consists of the 4 who grinded it out through their passion and finally made it to this scale. And the album flopping? Fuck no. Period.

    As for the album cover, some of you are saying there’s too much. Crooked explains that all that junk on the lot and what not is hiphop because hiphop is currently a mess. And since hiphop is now SH’s house they’re gonna clean it up. Who wants a dirty house right?

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    wow this could really use a better album cover

  • agrippagodson

    New TRACK, thanks for the listen hip hop fans. Just having fun with it

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  • ae

    – Know the tune dudes or find it, quickly now.. Otherwise the cover definitely has similarities to the MMLP, and whowuddathough it’s their second CD.

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  • JMillionaire


  • “throw it away” was a let down…

  • jams

    Fuck mmg. SHADY motherfuckers.

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  • going to be a “throwaway”…unfortunately..

  • yeh and they must be plain retarted to release their shit on the same day meek mill, do yall not want anyone to know about this album, im pretty sure only joeys loyal fans, will run out to best buy and actually buy the album, lmao this whole campaign went completely wrong for them…

  • zezzoi

    Sorry but that Throw it away joint really just should be thrown away. Sounds like SH was forced to go over that swizz beat.

  • Black Shady

    3 new Em/SH tracks??? oh yessssss

    oh …and they should just scrap that “throw it away” bullshit

  • Keith

    Looks like Skylar Grey is an unofficial Slaughterhouse member.

    I’m pumped for some good multi-syllabic rhyming.

  • omg these skylar grey songs tho, LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is going to sound like recovery with slaughterhouse on it..this shit im probably not even going to bother to dl or listen to anymore, like wow, maybe you shoulda tried those corny skylar grey songs as singles instead of the 3 singles that caused a strikeout..

  • so, uh , marshall, how many songs did you make sound like ” i need a doctor” on this slaughterhouse album, maybe you should have a lil LESS input, you’re losing it my ol’ bean..

  • JP

    Y’all need to chill… u want a mediocre, rushed album? Or that polished Shady perfection? Greatness takes time, good things come to those who wait. It will definitely be dropping August 28th now that the track list is official. Slaughterhouse!

  • The Guy

    lmfao whatcha niggas hatin on skylar shes a decent singer
    and SH had a females on their hooks even on their first album

    shady 2.0 >>>>>>>>>>

  • Rozay

    @ Deez Meek shit got pushed back so did Wiz

    I can’t wait for this shit gonna be dope.

  • @devante its called labels buying the albums…..and then once those albums “appear to sell” well then others will say “oh i gotta run and go cop that it must be dope” because no one thinks for themselves anymore, the money they make is from touring and shows, which they get a percentage of…lmao young jeezy didn’t sell gold at all without the help of def jam..after all they was in the hole for 80 mill if yall didn’t forget..

  • Capo

    just of the singles this album is already a classic, damn this shit looking so tough, top hip hop albums of all time, cant wait, 24 more days, THE WAIT IS OVER

  • Kb

    I wanted some Yela on here and I was prayin for a tech 9 feature still should be so dope I can’t wait!!

  • SpaceGhostBlacc

    shady should do a compilation album

  • buyalbumsorSTFU

    all you slaughterhouse fans had BETTER go and buy that cd when it drops, especially after all this shit u be talkin on message boards…..

    And for those speculating on the Swizz song, its already been posted! they even linked the song in the post, dummies. (it sucks btw)

  • Faded

    3 Eminem features.. lol getting desperate haahah

    this is gonna get over shadowed by Cruel Summer anyways

  • Ran

    Well we heard 3 songs & 2 of them are garbage, let’s hope the other 17 are solid. I know they won’t sell but fuck it, better luck next time around.

  • Ran

    & let’s hope busts & b.o.b. They on the hook only busta super weak

  • EM on 3 songs? And Busta and BoB? DOPE!

  • Unknown

    This shit is gonna be a classic. Best Album of the Year. Most Anticipated Album of the Year. Fuck Officer Ross.

  • Nahlilnigga

    Tracklist looks corny

  • Evil

    Oh yes,this is what im talking about.I see a classic coming! Definitely buying this.
    Slaughterhouse shits on your favorite rapper,thats why people hate.
    EM on 3 songs YES! Asylum sounds like a killer.
    Real rap music right here,ready to kill off the softies out there.

  • tohottie26

    Hellllllll yeahhhhhhhh, Eminem on 3 tracks!!!!!!

  • ZEL


  • weedhead

    this shit is gonna be amazing. that swizz song sucked though (bars were nice but but was 2much).. bussa buss damn

  • alal

    this gonna be the best album of the year
    3 song with eminem, 2 songs with skylar grey, busta & b.o.b in this album
    slaughterhouse all day
    eminem all day
    shady 2.0 all day
    fuck officer ricky & MMG
    and fuck lil gayne & YMCMB (and i know busta is on ymcmb but for me is always conglomerate/flipmode assholes)

  • alal

    @Mike Strong ,wiz “O.N.I.F.C.” is out on september

  • Slaughter bitchezzzz!!!

    Fuck yeah n a mixtape!!

  • The Guy

    lmfao @ ZEL

  • DJ Khaled

    forget this tracklist peep mine

    1. Shout Out To the Real
    2. Bitches & Bottles (Let’s Get It Started)
    3. I Wish You Would (Feat. Kanye West & Rick Ross)
    4. Take It To the Head (Feat. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj)
    5. They Ready
    6. I’m So Blessed
    7. Hip Hop
    8. I Did It For My Dawgz
    9. I Don’t See ‘Em
    10. Don’t Pay 4 It
    11. Suicidal Thoughts
    12. Outro (They Don’t Want War)

    Deluxe Edition:

    13. Don’t Get Me Started
    14. Aktion Pak
    15. B-Boyz

  • WestCoast

    Dope as Fuck
    fuck YMCM FUCK MMG

  • DJ Khaled

    Kiss the ring August 21

  • dizzle


  • fuegohouse


  • Ca$his new album “The Art Of Dying” coming soon…

    Expect The Unexpected

  • Real talk

    Imma cop this for the same reason I copped cole world, ambition, and section 80. The quality free music that they have given me over the years, and it will prolly be pretty good too

  • Sam

    YES YES YES!!!!

  • OOPH



  • Trolling ass DJ Khaled! No one gives a fuck about your shit unless it has respected Hip Hop artists! I dont respect Officer Rick for one!

  • King Chandler

    All I know is that XXL gave Rozay an XL rating (which we all knew would happen, since XXL and RapRadar are Rozay jock hoppers) with XL lyrics so if these dudes don’t get an XXL in the lyrics category I’m gonna start coppin’ The Source again. Bottom Line.

  • Commenting Carl

    Article is about slaughterhouse but Rozay stay on your mind he got an XL and good reviews by other publications like Rolling Stone and All hip hop website too quit hating nigga.


    @Swag. You said it best.

  • Bangers N Mash

    This is gonna be real nice.

  • Real Talk is Mac Diesel and Tommy Gun Jones FYI


  • Young King

    SMH.. and here comes the haters and the simplistic back packer hip hop purist faggots. If you’re not a Slaughterhouse fan then get the entire fuck outta here yo. For all you dudes sayin it’s gonna be pop, weak or corny cause Skylar Grey is on it, y’all are trippin If you’re a Lupe fan none of you niggas said shit when they collaborated. This album will be dope Skylar is dope lol and those saying it could possibly sound like recovery lmao you act like that’s a bad thing. I’m sure the whole album won’t carry that sound. Shit is about to get real when this album drops, let’s go.

  • Scrilla

    No 2 Chainnnnnzzzz? Booooo!! And I bet Eminem won’t have a verse just a hook or a skit

  • Brown Shady

    Haha @Gizzabe “SLAUGUST” genius

  • serious joeseph

    Woah holy S***!! With the help of skyler grey, swizz turnips and ceelogreen, slaughterhouse have singlehandidly saved hiphop from the claws of the horrible underground!!!! i mean did u guys hear THROW IT AWAY??? I mean the way they talked about throwing money and THAT BEAT?!! gOd damn was that Dj premier on the boards holy shieeet so claaasic. and the way they talked about their “my life”‘s’s wow man they dont care about opinions and stuff man!!!!!!! cant wait to hear dese skyler grey songz she bout to put waka flocka out the game with that turnt up singing anyways we gotta support this album guys!!! unless you want some genuine songs and that would be outrageous

  • Meh. Need to see the credit list + the song with Cee-Lo was HORRIBLE !

    Mac Miller interview : “My mom and Wiz’ mom are like best friends, it’s funny. They hang out like all the time and get high together.”

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  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Three Eminem features = this shit better sell

  • jl


  • yeah,….yeah: S L A U G H T E R H O U S E

    let’s go & get it

  • TDE

    wiz’s is already pushed back

  • RealHipHopBack

    not a yela feature to be found lmao smh

  • M.T

    Judging from the tracklist, i can tell this album is gunna be so commercial. Only upside is the em features. Hopefully he delivers a good verse and not some bullshit.

  • 2.0 boys

    Shady 2. 1/2??? Where’s yelawolf. If they all homeboys?
    Damn Marshall. Maybe he’s on the mixtape…
    BOB before they own crew is crazy.
    50 coulda jumped on this shite too?

    Still hyped none the less

  • jt3000

    I am not a mmg fan but at least they seem real crew. Shady records dont even jump on each others records, why not even have 50 or yela even do a hook at least since they both kill hooks. Dam cant even have a bonus track with a posse cut with slaughterhouse, 50, eminem, yelawolf all on the same record, no point in talking all this shady 2.0 stuff if you dont even work together on music.

  • Anthony

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we find more meaning to this cover later on. It seems like a game of I Spy .

  • Connie

    This coming from a former slaughterhouse fan, but dem featurings weak, skylar grey on 2 tracks, really?? And where is that promised black hippy collab? My life and throw it away where both not matching my expectations. Hammerdance was fire tho

  • crysis

    awesome cant wait till it drops. oh yea again over 140 comments and not in the top 5 posts really RR. you guys frickin kill me.

  • Nesio

    who gives a shit about cover art, album sales, or features!?
    the point is…Slaughterhouse’ Shady debut album is gonna be HOTTTTT!

  • thursday

    go listen to mars



  • King Chandler

    @Commenting Carl…your such a groupie it’s not funny, you got roasted by like 100 people the last time you got some internet muscles defending Nicki Minaj’s wack ass, just sit down, if your uneducated ass could comprehend a post properly you would have seen the only reason I brought up Rozay was to compare the rating he got in the lyrics category, saying that if Slughter doesn’t get a better rating shit was fixed. My bad it took so long to get back to your irrelevant ass but I have a job and shit, unlike your bitch ass that stalks peoples posts in hopes for some attention. You should smack your mother for not getting the abortion.

  • Doseofdopeness

    Eminem on three tracks !!!! This is a classic waiting to happen !!! Does anyone have the production credits

  • JWhistles

    Em on 3 tracks so the album sells haha D12 version 2

  • Unknown

    I can’t see this doing that great in sales unless eminems fanbase cops the album just because they are on his record label.

  • Commenting Carl

    @ King Chandler

    Damn nigga you still at it……. today is a different day…… did I hurt your feelings shit stain? and for the record aint nobody roast shit you delusional anal leakage…..I had to come back and check what you said because obviously you wanted me to because i’m on your retarded asses mind…..I bet you think you just got at me too don’t you meat beater? fall back and get off my dick nigga.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    I can’t stand MMG’s corny music, but Shady should have followed the blueprint by making a Shady album with all the artists that way Em’s name would have been on the tracks with Slaughterhouse and got some airplay. Sure Em will promote it , but it’s still not an EM album. I admire Slaughterhouse and what they are “trying” to bring to Hip Hop but they can’t write songs that connect to people for nothing. No , I don’t mean rapping about “ass, ass, ass, ass, ass”, but songs that the audience connects to. At the end of the day, I don’t see this album doing well especially against MMG’s Meek Mills! The young crowd love Meek Mills , that’s just the facts. people.

  • Rozay

    Meek Mills huh
    who is that ! the young crowd loves Meek Mills and Meek Mill

  • I wanna see the production credits….

  • CJF

    i love SH but maaan throw it away i sooooooo wack!! still massively looking forward to this droppin!!!

  • MK

    the rap game is going to change after this one….going to be epic

  • Kalluminati

    Bout fuckin time!!!!

  • fuck u

    Lol at kids posting comments acting like they know real hip hop. Smh. Young niggas need to strangle yourselves.

  • Nickey Negrito

    Until SH can make a song that doesn’t sound like a continuous freestyle since they first linked up some years back, i’m only purchasing Meek Millz.

  • Shady!

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  • @Doc_Shady

    Which are the nice tracks amongst these??