• Drizzy

    Shits fire I’m first comment YOUNG MONEY AND MMG ALLDAY FUCK BOIIIIIS

  • Joe

    weezy actually came with a bearable verse. barely but he did it

  • Sportz

    Wayne killed it.

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  • ZEL


  • Y U MAD

    Ohhhhh mu nigga Weezy!!!!! My tongue is stuck on her pussy like I’m licking ice huh

  • MMG

    Wayne killed it!

  • AishThaks


  • Tubeyou.

    Come on Drake i mean wayne

  • very nice wayne verse, fuck anyone that says different

  • he got a hit with this one…just click my name

  • real-talk

    Wow this is without a doubt a hit…. Lol @ Wayne when he said Truuu i aint never told no lie.. haha

  • JHP

    Man this is a hit, and got damn it Lil Wayne actually killed it this time !

  • Scrilla

    Fuck Wayne. Jeezy snapped yeeeeeaaaaah

  • BN Vs YN

    Jeezy on them features boy and kill them all!

  • Bawse

    This not just Wayne and Jeezy! Forgot Trey killed it nigggga

  • Scrilla

    Lil Wayne said pussy 8 times

  • Real Talk.

    Wayne still got numerous flows for days.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    ItThaWorld ! Sound more like it Jeezy’s song more then Trey’s.

  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    Wow Weezy actually had a good verse, I’m amazed! In all seriousness a good song

  • PeePee Long Stalking

    Hail Mary-Tupac >> This

  • Commenting Carl

    Wayne didn’t kill shit he didn’t say anything…. They should have called an audible and punted.

  • Micah

    they got a hit, this big for trey album

  • Your Public Enemy

    Thank fuck no talent Wayne has giving up rap for skateboarding

  • King Chandler

    @Commenting Carl, what do you know, your blog stalking ass is still talkin’ shit for some attention, please go swallow some razor blades or some shit, lol. O ya I got back to your reply in the slaughter house post, my bad it took so long, you should check it out, not like your bitch ass has anything else to do besides post on every fuckin’ post posted ever.

  • Why So Serious

    Smfh at niggas comparing a Tupac song to a Trey songz song.

  • jeezy

    This shit go hard1

  • Why So Serious

    SMH at myself. My stupid ass forgot that tre took da same title from tupac. I still love you tre

  • Collar Cali

    I actually dig…

  • Commenting Carl

    @ Sacramento Queen Chandler

    Tell em why you mad son…….. you’re about to bust a blood vessel aren’t you, fall back lil nigga you a dweeb.

  • DoinTooMuch

    Jeezy + Weezy = FLAMES!

  • King Chandler

    @Commenting Carl…. your my biggest fan bruh, I appreciate the support too, without birds like you, the internet wouldn’t be as interesting as it is cupcake. By the way, you don’t need to put Sacremento you cornball, we get your point with changing king to queen, your mad clever………..fail, try to hold back on the emotion and have some fun with this shit, nobody stressin you babygirl. LOL.

  • Commenting Carl

    @King Chandler….. nigga quit catching feelings and oh yeah

    yo momma so fat she use bacon for band-aids nigga.

  • same song n dance ova n ova n ova n ova n ova

    I aint listen to the track but I can put money on it that weezy something bout eating pussy…..like every single other song he’s made in the last couple yrs……”how original” smh….
    aiight let me check it out n see how it is….
    aiight im done…did I call it or did I call it????? Trey can sing but I dont really like the vibe of the song or the beat….I give to 2 Trey Song’s “yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh’s” outta 5

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    It’s the world… I wanna c Ross remix this track I know he mad!!!

  • That Guy

    the video is primitively creative. That’s not a good thing.

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