• New

    Debatable….Actually joe kills this…..wow

  • Firepower

    The shady machine is gonna make Them sell

  • lol…somebody HAS to start picking out these dudes beats, they might have theeeeeee WORST beat selection in hip hop, lemme get this straight u get swizz on a track just to have mr. porter “produce it”, you have a bunch of alex da kid and boi 1nda bullshit pop sounding beats, and now you get araabmuzik whose popularity is beginning to die down (because most of this dudes beats sound similar and jumbled) and not even this beat is good, this was really hard to listen to for me at least, beat is annoying as fuck..

  • CarreraLu

    Same beat as the first song off of Lloyd Banks’s Cold Corner2. 1, 2, 3 Grind.


  • ^ oh witout a doubt, or if they dont sell at all that will keep their underground image , get it……LOL

  • if it is the same beat, lets not get the two confused at all..

  • JohnDoe

    Really disappointed

    Great MC’s but they just can’t seem to make great songs and ye their beat selection is terrible

  • wow it really is the same beat, sadness that banks goes with the beat a lot more..and he actually had a decent hook too..

  • joeys part was the only part worth anything on this song..

  • Evil

    Love this track.Keep em coming

  • Why So Serious

    WTF was Royce doing on this track?!?

  • Oz

    these guys have nothing to say always so much rapping about nothing random punch lines music about nothing other than making words rhyme

  • Swag

    This is a side project, just like joe budden said lightweight bars, nun serious, obv not gunna be there best songs, but they deff already rap legends in my eyes, downloading da mixtape and buying the album #SLAUGUST

  • s

    budden throws a shot at lil wayne

  • STFU.

    Are y’all stupid? These dudes would CHEW your favorite rappers. This s h i t goes hard.

  • Dope

    Ya’ll do realize it’s a mix tape song.. They just gave bars to their hardcore SH fans.. listen to goodbye if you want their good music

  • zeeCommentsZee

    when they make a song like this people complain they don’t have content, then when they make a song with content like goodbye people complain they are going mainstream…make up your minds


    ^what this dude said.
    Some of yall are really doubting slaughterhouse fanbase… You do realize its 4 dudes right.. Each with their our fans before the 4 combined into this monster super group that is the house of SLAUGHTERRRR! Thus, gaining massive fans, especially under shady records, and EM is doing hard producing on this project and promoting the fuck outta it. Let the #s speak for themselvs when the album drops if yous a static mofuckk. Otherwise enjoy this good music.. oh and also, this is going to be off their MIXTAPE, not ALBUM, which is dropping here soon. Some yall are dumb.

  • Black Shady

    lmao!!! i love hip hop fans i swear

    drop “goodbye” – omg wtf this is so mainstream. fuck slaughterhouse we want bars mufuckaz
    drop “see dead people” – wtf…they can spit all their lives but its a bunch of nothing. wheres the substance?

    LOL there’s no pleasing u! and I’ll stick to banks’ 1,2,3 Grind.

  • G.O.O.D.BoySwag

    I love that shit. They are just half assing on this song and it’s so much better than anything I’ve seen on here in awhile. LLOOOUUUDDD NNNOOIISSSEEESSSS SSSSLLLLAAAUUUUGGGGHHHTTTTEEEERRRRHHHHOOOOUUUUSSSSEEE. Belligerent on Ritalin and roids- Joey B killed this

  • Jacs’son Daniels

  • Nickey Negrito

    Joe B always comes on last it seems. Is he the “star” of the group?
    Anyways they did they numbers,,,the beat is crazy.

    They basically all on the same level, so i’m not gonna say who 1st or last, even tho Joe always comes in at the end or sometimes he sets it off. IS HE THE “STAR” OF THE GROUP?!

  • Nickey Negrito

    Will Eminem fans support SH like they support Em? Basically, will SH sell millions, and how well did BME sell?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Slaughterhouse mixtape should be dope. All theses dudes are nice. Give me TALENT over gimmicks.

  • sunn

    royce bars impeccable

  • sunn

    same niggas that hate on this think rick ross got verses

  • niccuh

    dope track but i think Joell tried way too hard

  • Khalifa

    Uldnt agree more their beat selection is awful. Arab music iz trash

  • SM

    the syllables the punchlines everyone goes hard royce and joe beast thats why royce starts this shit off and gets people into it and joey finishes and lays it to rest, hoping for a slaughter ymcmb beef so those dudes get exposed for the wack rappers they are

  • Kid

    Yup they need better beats, and they’ll be ill, Hopsin has the same problem. Just get some beats from Bangladesh or Dre and you’ll be good

  • Marrrty

    They def ned better beats or least more of a variety. T-Minus, Boi1da, Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, Etc.

  • Swag

    I feel like all the dudes hating on rapradar r secretly mmg and young money, slaughterhouse has took nurmerous subliminal shots at them, skinny jeans dnt mean ya ass shoot, its mean booty clap etc etc, obv nobody in this game is seeing them, its here, its slaugust, its there time, first comes the mixtapes, then the album, then they taking the throne, nothing can stop these monsters, shady 2.0 >>>>>

  • Steve daddy


  • damn, this is the shit! i luv it when they get on there underground shit… keep it gutter S L A U T G H E R

  • This shit tough.IDK what yall hearing.This is what got them where they are.This is the sound ppl complain they aren’t making.

    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show

  • buking

    “I hate to add to the hate” but this beat is an instant head ache. the beats on the first sh album were good. not sure why their beat selection has gotten so bad as of late. i really wanna support them, but they are making it difficult.

  • Slaughter

    Lmaoo @ the people who say they’re trash or they’re selling out…… Where’d they sell out? Cuz they had Cee-Lo on a hook on a song that was still more lyrical than anything anyone from YMCMB or MMG has ever spit? Some of you people are so ridiculously two faced its not even funny saying this doesn’t have content….. It’s just bars on a mixtape are you not familiar with that concept?! Lol stick with Rozay’s fat fake ass if this isn’t up to your “standards” SHOUT OUT TO THE REAL SLAUGHTERHOUSE FANS 8-28-12 Welcome To: OUR HOUSE. Game Over!

  • Doseofdopeness

    Ill lyrics slaughterhouse n black hippy all day

  • im ignoring everyone who is defending this bullshit of a campaign, it angers me that this shit is going to fail so hard, if goodbye was a preview of shit to come, then i have an idea of what this fucking album is going to sound like, and yeh @sm the only thing that might have been able to save them was some kind of beef..

  • or diss track, because if eminem wasn’t backing this project not a single person would know about except for joeys “internet soldiers”

  • everyone is so quick to assume, that the people aint feeling the bullshit, are automatically william roberts’ fans, lmao i was so hype for this album a few months ago, now i probably won’t even download it…maybe the mixtape honestly, how the fuck is the mixtape name better than the album name…lmao

  • @buking yup, very frustrating when u noe these dudes are capable of putting out hits..

  • Res1

    How retardet are all you guys???? When goodbye dropped you complained about the missibg punchlines because it’s such a meaningful song….now you have over 7 minutes punchlines and you complain about them being meaningless? Wtf? Stop hating…and MOVE ON

  • Rozay

    Why can’t people be fans of Ross and Slaughterhouse? people kill me taking shots at Rozay while talking about slaughterhouse. Hopefully em shows these guys how to put a song together and not just words because we all know that they are dope. I do wonder why they used this beat that’s already been used for this mixtape, it’s not like the original song was in that much demand where that had to use it again. If they really want to sell they should have had the first single featuring Em or Drake produced by Dre, as great as they are lyrically they still need that extra push because at the end of the day they want to make money too. Hits will get them more fans and that equals more $$$

  • PistolPistol

    Slaughterhouse is dope.. Period!

  • Unknown


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  • it’s straight. Lloyd Banks’ version was better tho

  • This shit is fire!

    if you don’t like it express it in a good way critique it right. and @deez, suck deez nuts. cause your obviously don’t got a life if you gotta comment on something you don’t like like 5 times. get the FUCK outta here! SLAUGUST 28!

  • lollllll^^^ just facts man, another fact: if u say slaugust 28!!!, you are most likely a dick rider, or on the shady team, cuz from what ive heard, aint nothing to be excited bout no more..

  • plus i get notifications on my fone from this shit..so all of yall stfu already just let them put out their failed projects, so i dont have to hear anymore txt sounds on my fone from email notifications..

  • Brown Shady

    @deez get a fucking job or something, instead of commenting bullshit all day, nobody wanna read your punkass opinion
    anyway good track
    SLAUGUST 8/28

  • herby brown that most likely is the one without the job LOL ^^


  • PPrrootteesstt

    i only like Royce’s verse, drags on a little too long. Joe has a good verse too

  • The Truth

    Hey Deez

    nigga you need a hobby or some puss, go out and get some before you croak at your computer, I know your legs numb ass hell!!!

  • dmannn

    this is hard but sure this is mastered doesnt sound it

  • Got’damnityo

    dope Dope DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Guy

    just changer your mail you fucking bum

  • PistolPistol

    Slaughterhouse is Dope! Period.

    I’m not sure why I read through all these posts…
    Like I really give a fuck?
    Drop that Goddamn Mixtape!!! It’s the least you fuckers can do for your “Fans”!! Let’s go!!!!!!!!

  • jamesrowdy29

    I’m sorry the group is one of the best but it went on too long and I agree with another comment Joell tried to hard. So I like Lloyd Banks version better.

  • s

    @deez i think you forgot that they had the number one selling independent abbum of the year i wouldnt sleep on them, they got bars for days in this mixtape and the album is gonna have meaningful and bumpin songs, either support them or not but they are what hip hop needs, they got the punchlines they got the flow and they got the syllables, they are the real deal there arnt many or them left in the game like that they dumb it down for sales they are true to thee art and you cant not respect them for that

  • M.T

    wasnt feeling some of their previous stuff but im feeling this and the “Goodbye” track. The beat on this is crazy. I dont see the point in releasing a mixtape so close to the album though.

  • slick

    Cant wait for the album screw everyone hating on them for being too lyrical that is the dumbest insult i have ever heard go listen to waka flocka everybody bow bow bow bow yea lets all dance to that shit instead mhmm smh

  • ayoooo

    any of you niggas saying SH sucks couldnt put out 2 bars better than their worst shit, the reason your MAAAD behind your computer screen punching your keys

  • huron1

    Who are u fools saying that slaughter is wack or they are rapping about nothing. His song is off a mix tape fools. These dudes have more talent than 90% of these new garbage fake non skilled bums calling themselves MC’s , rappers, etc. Hip hop would be dead without these dudes and the old schoolers from the 90’s who are still going strong. Learn the definition of true artist , until then SHUT IT

  • SMP12

    its a fucken mixtape… there just putting out bars!!! mixtapes dont need to have great hooks JUST BARS!!! IS WHAT THEY ARE GIVING US!!

  • Devante

    Lets remember Bad Meets Evil went gold because Em’s name was attached….

  • Will

    Crooked usually destroys shit, but Joe should have got the shout out on this one. I thought Budden ripped it the hardest.

  • P Bateman

    Why are you all getting up in arms over a mixtape track? Just enjoy the verses and get ready for the album lol

  • I think you haters need to stop blasting that Lil Wayne music so loud, you can’t hear the actual talent that these 4 have. Ihave no idea why anyone would hate what they just heard, but something tells me that YMCMB is mind controlling you people. This is the shit, Goodbye was the shit (and in the words of someone else, “Raindrops on roids”), and come August 28th, EVERYBODY WHO KNOWS GOOD RAP will see just how pathetic YMCMB is compared to them. SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!

  • ben

    So they used a beat off a mixtape for their mixtape?? Laughing at people who think rappers ever something….

  • RealHipHopBack

    yeah, this beat makes my head pound

  • Bongo

    Royce>Joey>Joell>crooked. Araabmuzik can work an mpc but majority of his beats are garbage. Same 4 bars for 8 minutes? FOH

  • HipHopCritic

    Everyone always judges them as a group too! IMO as a group they make incredible music – Hammer Dance, Goodbye, Rain Drops, Sound Off, Lyrical Murderers, The Illest, Move On remix, Not Tonight.

    And as individuals they make INCREDIBLE music also. Mood Muzik 4, a ton of HHW from Crook, BE’s, Joell’s Battle Cry and songs like that, Success Is Certain. ALL kinds of music.

    Do your research and open your ears. Slaughterhouse can drop bars for days and they’re are also very deep at times.

  • CJF

    royce is so awkward .. looking forward to the mixtape & album!!

  • Strugglehouse!!

  • Lost Soul

    ….the beat is horrible. glad this isnt an album track

  • Ghosted

    This Obviously the same beat That Llyod Banks Used On His Track 1,2,3 Grind
    Wassup with The Industry Sharing Beats And Shit

  • fuck u

    Whack mainstream garbage has diluted your fragile little hatin’ minds.#LyricsOverSwag

  • fuck u

    You simple minded bums are too slow to hear the rhyme skills. All worried about a beat and not being able to follow all of those words. You lil’ niggas are apart of a generation that’s trying to bury the culture. Fuck your skinny jeans and mediocre flows about your money stackin’ to the cieling. You lil’ niggas can eat a Dick.

  • t

    notice the old house on the cover and it sounds(minus the hook) like it could fit on the old album

  • t

    Cuckoo style beat….. and joe budden andjoells verse sound like they used to




  • whatever yo

    i dont know yo but some of royces best verses are on the slaughterhouse album maybe theirs a reason we havent heard a good royce verse since hammerdace