New Music: Slaughterhouse “Truth Or Truth”

The truth shall set you free. And over Rick Ross’ “Tears Of Joy”, Slaughterhouse get some personal things off their chest. This is more spoken word than your traditional freestyle, so listen up.


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    Game over

  • Unknown

    Game Over… co sign.

  • present to you,SH greatest song.thats not a diss

  • Yo

    Holy shit.

  • Jaime

    Now this is real music! 8.28

  • CB

    Your favorite rappers are not f****** w/ this. NO. ONE.

  • Unbelievable

    Where the fuck did this come from? Holy Shit, this shit is Incredible. Replayed this 14 minutes track like 3 times already.

  • zee

    cant wait to see what people have to complain about for this one

  • Montalvo

    Absolute fire………….

  • Mic Check


  • Bongo

    Jesus Fucking Christ.
    This song >>>>> everything iv heard off their new album.
    how could a label not allow something like this on an actual album? this is where they get their fans.

  • PEEP

    Real rap.

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    damn… that shoit just took up 14 minutes of my life and its bout to take another 38. THIS THAT SHIT NIGGGAS WANT FROM SLAUGHTERHOUSE. SLAUGHUST 28 cant come soon enough.

    *on another note, when the hell is the mixtape dropping?

  • STFU

    Isn’t it funny? People will say this isn’t “Hard enough”… Then, when they drop something hard, those same people will say it isn’t “real enough”… Haha. The rap fans are confused. Idiots. Great song. I expected nothing less.

  • AfricaZK

    one of the greatest of all time truth or truth

  • WhiteNigga

    They all Went in..budden gave me chills

  • This track is so fuckin dope! It doesn’t get any realer than this… Even if you don’t like their music, you gotta respect them for putting everything out there musically.

  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    After this any 1 who is not supporting this movement should now do so,Hip-Hop needs this.
    August 28th Welcome to OUR HOUSE!

  • M.T

    wow…this is something that shouldve been on the album. “Tears of Joy” was the perfect song for them to rhyme to. this song actually got me hyped.

  • Slaugust

    ThiS is more than song, welcome to their house, slaugust 28th

  • Reppin Time


    • Steve, Scotty & Evan

      Dumbest statement of the year award!

  • Frank the Tank

    @Reppin Time

    that ‘HONKEY’ has more talent in his frenulum than you have in your body

  • Black Shady

    Mixtape gonna be 10x better than the album…….!!!!!!!!!!!

    this track right here is crazyyyyyyyy

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Rappers with TALENT. They do exist ! This is mean.

  • Brown Shady

    Wow wtf amazing track!
    Go support Slaughterhouse on the 28th …imma reach into my pocket and proudly buy the album
    8/28 Slaughterhouse!!!

    Fuck Ross! if Slaughterhouse were on MMG they would rap about fake shit just like Officer Ricky

  • rep

    When posting Slaughterhouse tracks just say wht time Crooked I strts to rap so i can skip to his verse the way Royce strts this out so wack i didnt wnt to even go any further

  • Slaugust

    @reppintime is rick ross !!! I kno the truth

  • Anthony

    @rep your missing the whole point ! I guess this song just went directly over your head. He was trying to go hard he was speaking his mind. Its ashame artist can’t do that these days.

  • jake smoket


    What speech is Royce talking about when he talks about Kanye not talking about him and Em?

  • Brown Shady

    @jake smoket At the BET Awards I think… I saw it, Kanye mentioned every nominee except for Royce and Em. Even I said “Yo wtf?” lol

  • @pistolpurrfect

    Lyrical murderers. Cereal killers.

  • jake smoket

    @Brown Shady


    I am trying to find a video for it and Im not having any luck.
    does anyone know where i can find it?

  • Slaugust

    This is so real, im feeling this, music is what feelings sound like, not no fukin i got the biggest whip and the fattest blunts

  • Brown Shady

    @jake smoket its on

    Around the 1:20 mark he says “And big ups to MMG and Young Money for making this good competition” he Didn’t mention Bad Meets Evil and they were nominated. Now thats fucked up lol

  • Boo Rab

    Wow, Crook fucking went in on that. Nice

  • kpamma

    this song is so lactose

  • PPrrootteesstt

    Very inspiring track right here.

  • Wally Champ

    It’s funny after some of the stuff slaughter was coming out with made me think the album was going to be terrible this made me do a complete 180. SLAUGHTERHOUSE is going to be that FIRE. Buy the album support real Hip hop

  • RealHipHopBack

    wow. sounds better than the snippets to their album

  • Hopkinz

    Oh so none of u muthfuckas gonna acknowledge how much Joel Ortiz killed this?? Y’all still sleeping on tht nigga huh..Ortiz ripped this shit

  • Boo Rab

    ^ They all killed it, Fucking unreal track

  • damn, this is the shit! this is what i came 2 luv from S L A U T G H E R H O U S E

  • the One

    Sweet track !! They starting to sound like a real group now!

  • Jae Jose

    This gave me chills. This album will be the first album in 2 years that I will actually go out and buy. Not so often does real rap emerge from shit rap coming from the over saturated 2 chainz, Wayne Young Money….Love Slaughterhouse

    I don’t judge completely on production but lyrics. So skeptics please give it a chance and don’t base your judgement on “snippets”

  • This will be the #1 song for a long time. Realest shit they ever wrote from the best group there ever will be!

  • the void

    @brown shady, thanks for sharing the link.

    …..haha sensitive kanye is going to be butt hurt by royce’s line.

  • Blue

    This is crazy slaughterhouse!!!!!!

  • deo

    might just go buy the album off of this track..

  • Sincere

    Amazing lyrics on a beautiful beat, amazing…

  • Goldenboy

    I bet you this mixtape will be better than their album.. Why would you drop a mixtape a week before the album!?!?? Just push back the tape indefinetly and promote your damn ALBUM

  • herohiro

    I guess when you unleash demons all hell breaks loose they say four dudes rappin is what the game came too so fame came true these the realist niggas rappin emotions on a wrist like I’m smokin on a spliff they way they spill out annd I’m cop 4 albums this track just killed doubt 2 for the realist 2 for the illest and all of them can kill this

  • bcro28

    my god, this shit bought me back to the mid 90’s when lyrics really mattered. 4 talented brothers.

  • Got’damnityo

    I believe people just don’t know what they got coming next after this track, damn near perfection. Saving Hip-Hop.

  • reall

    SLAUGHTERED!… the biggest problem is: it just wont sell, because this isn’t about flying ships or how to get high so blond teenagegirls will not buy this… and they’re the only ones buying, no bs

  • Luke

    wow..Royce verse was too dope



  • Red

    Yawaooo amazing copping the album 28/8

  • Edwarddj

    Shouldn’t this track feature Black Hippy?

  • mkmathers

    shit! housgang fuckin killed it ! been a long time since we heard somethin that gud !
    @rep u retard did u see what ur “mmg” said bout that “honkey” shut tha fuck up n watch these niggas take over this shit .. u only talkin that cuz no one will fuck with slaughterhouse now na man!
    slaughterhouse .. the best group in hip-hop!

  • joey killed it

  • Slaughter

    You heard it…. jay z is god to me nas is god to me eminem is like big and PAC to me….. The truth

  • Slaughter

    Jay z is god to me .. Nas is god to me eminem is like big and PAC to me

  • shady

    I got no words dawg… Best believe an album or two will be bought just to support this group
    Truth of Truth..fuck with it..

  • Wordup

    Slaughtered this track . U can see the em influence on this . Can’t wait for da album

  • 310-NIGGA

    shout-out ROZAY… ma nigga, just da beat alone is a instant hip hop classic..real ROSS SHIT-TEFLON DON SHIT

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  • WTF Is Lil Wayne Wearing

    First track by Slaught I actually like in a long motherphuking time.

  • Slaughter

    @ 310 fuk the beat it’s the lyrics u heard, dam what’s up with people there’s no hope


    My God. The talent these guys were given is unbelievable. Hip Hop is fucking beautiful, poetry in motion when done right, when done like this.

    This is on repeat forever.

  • Yall do know this is Rick Ross’ beat right? SH always kill shit.They get too much flack to be so dope.
    Loch Spaz Out Apache Cafe Live Show

  • BKLYN44

    Wow……SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!Bodied this track…..8/28/12

  • E ‘Righteous The Prophet

    These are the Realist words I ever wrote

    In a game filled with lies, what you have, what you do, and what you are about, It is good to hear some truth. We are all humans and we have different sides to us. The game has started to digress so they are started to take it back to the good old days. Sales are obsolete so content is key. But hey what can I say it is what it is, as the saying goes.

  • Teejay

    I always get the feeling kanye doesn’t like eminem, I wonder why that is?

  • FTW

    Got Damn Sun…

    The House just shut down the whole fucking summer. Taking this one back to school with me… I needed this…

    ! ! ! SLAUGHTER HOUSE ! ! !


  • Tiff

    THIS SHIT HERE!!! smh, makes you think about a lot of things in life… REAL LIFE shit, not the hoes cars and money of that typical “rap” shit they play on the radio… THIS is what ppl should be hearing on the radio… THIS is REAL Hip-Hop. I will definitely be paying for this when it’s released. THIS TRACK IS THE DEFINITION OF SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Gave me chills.

  • If you like Slaughterhouse, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It

  • AfricaZK

    next Eminem LP ——–>Eminem Ft Royce – Gay Fish (diss kanye) produced by NO.I.D

  • slick

    This song is already a fucking classic…This is the most real song i have heard in such a long time finaly rap artists who chose to rhyme about their past and present struggles and the road they have been on to get to where they are now. I can sit here and truly say that THIS is HIPHOP….who agrees? Damn what a great song

  • OhWORD

    @ AfricaZK you must’ve just got a computer and heard of the gay fish shit, get up on some new jokes Kunta! lol

    He didn’t diss Kanye, which he even said…..he just said he didn’t mention him and EM

  • ahan

    jayz is god to me, nas is god, eminem is like big and pac to me.. what does that mean?..does he rank nas and jay over em/


    Jay-Z is God to me
    Nas is God to me
    Eminem is like BIG and Pac to me

  • jae121704

    Are you trollers happy now? Finally a song with substance right? Fuckin trolls…

  • Slaughter

    Hahan what he’s saying is big PAC and em are bigger than god

  • Toni

    I’m amazed there havent been any haters on this yet.. tho this shit is alot better then the last two album tracks they leaked.. SH absolutely the best group out there imo… Joell & Crook is fuckin insane every got damn time they spit some shit. btw when the fuck is Crook droppin his solo album, been waitin for years, muhfuckin Detox status on that

  • T

    Takes off hat and makes a bow.

  • 3rdRail




  • J

    The LYRICS! Not the beats. That’s what is wrong with this generation. If the beats bad, the album bad. Wayne, Ross, Waka, 2 Chainz got you twisted all their beats go hard, but lyrically? C’mon… They pour their hearts out and are being real and so many people are clownin’ and trollin’ . You complain you want “real hip hop” but don’t know it when you hear it… Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Common, Mos Def, and not to mention ALL the countless other legends here or in a better place are REAL AND REMAIN REAL!

    SHADY 2.0!!
    SHADY 2.0!!!



  • Kali

    Wondering if these guys asked rozay permission before using his beat,Lol.Tracks better than their last 2 singles nonetheless

  • Why So Serious

    Why am I looking more forward to the mixtape than the album

  • Wordup


  • rogerbarrett

    always real. good to hear some truth on this beat. all the kids wanna hear is a fatass pretend to be hard

  • G.O.O.D.BoySwag

    Sickkkkk. Real fuckin rap. I wish all these ymcmb and mmg lovers would clean out there fuckin ears. this is what we need.

  • CJF

    too real!! slaughterrrrrrhouse!! dope x10000

  • Coli coli

    Buying this album on the 28 — deluxe version should have extra songs like this!

  • LiL Wayne Sucks


  • sck

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk woooowwww….

  • ironic

    Phhheewwww, YES



  • Mr.November

    It doesnt even matter whats on the album, you buy it to support. I would guess the mixtape will be a bunch of tracks that they couldnt put on that album. And I really think both are gonna be fire.

    And is it me or does everyone else start to notice that Ortiz is the weakest one in SH? Hes still good just not my favorite lol.

  • Nickey Negrito

    Eminem is like Big and Pac to me?!…………………………………….. *_*

    Overall dope track. I like this. This is actually the first time these dudes impressed me.

    I think that LIFE IS GOOD inspired this track. REALTALK

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  • The Narrator

    Amazing. Simply put.


    Too fuckin ill

  • 587

    This song gave me the chills. This is what hip hop needs these days!!!

  • Jinx

    Damn Joe I Like You!

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  • Press Pause

    Call em OJ cuz they killed this bitch.

  • The Illest = The Slaughter. Period. Name a crew that can step to them lyrically. *crickets* They’re all spitters, not slaves to a marketing machine. Comparing Slaughter to anyone on a label named after money or a car, really? That’s some funny shit. REPPIN TIME? You’re gonna spew racist names at an MC that would (and has, for over a DECADE) take Rent-A-Cop turned “gangsta” Rick Ross down in 3 bars with half his brain tied behind his back. Fuck outta here with that…..come up with somethin better than your racist bullshit. And the caps lock button is just left of the “A” key. Press it. You just made your ignorant post even more visible. Good job tough guy. Snippets…..

    This is some of the realist shit I’ve ever heard in my life, PERIOD. Up there with Pac and Em, who I consider to be the greatest 2 ever… frontin and from the heart. You heard me Nicky “REALTALK” Negrito…..go back and listen to Andre 3k’s verse in the Walk It Out RMX. I agree. Realtalk….lmfao. Hop off Kanye’s nuts kid. I don’t know who’s more of a whiny little bitch, you two are clit and clit in that race. Middle school must be startin up for you, get your #2’s and new pink baby phat backpack while they’re on still on sale and hop the fuck on your short bus.

    Anyway, enough about the haters, big ups to Slaughter for continuing to bring REAL hip hop, not watered down commercial bullshit (read: hot beats with zero lyricism behind it) that has infected the game. Go back and listen to Crooked’s Hip Hop Weekly from 5 YEARS AGO and tell me that he alone wouldn’t destroy 99.99% of the rappers in this game. How about Joell’s mixtapes? Royce’s Bar Exams? And Budden’s BEEN doin it. Nobody can even begin to fuck with them, period. Hip hop is still alive. You just have to listen, and then actually comprehend the lyricism, triple meanings, cadence, references, vocab, knowledge…should I go on? If you know what I’m talkin about, I don’t need to.

    August 28th. Wipe ur feet.

  • Oz

    bitch please nickle 9 you niggers would bootleg too if you werent rappers “had the illmatic on bootleg” – jay-z. your complaining to us? you got it made way more, your rich, dont cry baby tears about people with less not wanting to spend money on music when they don’t have to. what have you done for us lately? besides pointless punchline raps about nothing. no shots ,just artists complaining about bootlegging should shut the fuck up and take a batch in some of that cash

  • SBMobile

    WACK!! These guys will always be “B-level” artists, competing with themselves! Rambling on & on about nothing, that doesn’t even have sonic vibe to it! #fail These guys aren’t going anywhere, FAST!! #imjustsayin

  • Daymmm! Snap! snap!

  • Tichaona

    I’ve got the nuts to kill an army
    Word to Killa-Army
    All dem killers adhore me
    BET red carpet, the steel was on me
    Serena Crip walking at the Olympics, im still hood!!!

    Real talk……..

  • ies

    Real hip-hop, real lyrics ! Get that album !!

  • Mic Check

    still on repeat…

  • Drock

    This is an achievement.