New Mixtape: Slaughterhouse On The House

A lil over a week before Slaughterhouse releases their sophomore album, the group expense their talents with their debut Gangsta Grillz mixtape, On The House. Back cover and download after the jump.

Download Here

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  • Boiiii

    this shit is FIREEEEE



  • dmc

    Welcome to Our House!! 8/28

    Royce kilt this tape

  • LezBeHonest

    this is gona pop till that Well Done 3 drop

  • Geo

    shits amazing. Fire!

  • B.Dot

    this shit is FIREEEEE
    but it JUST came out.

  • yeah,kinda important.can’t wait for the album, definitely a cop

  • Its amazing!

    I’m copping the album too, I’m glad they put freeway on this shit! Philly!



  • The_Man

    On track 5 so far and i am liking what i’m hearing

  • Why So Serious

    I know slaughterhouse is a very good hip hop group, but please listen to the whole tape before you give a feedback, they can dissappointment also.

  • Killa K

    Is this riddled with DJ screaming nonsense?

  • Rozayne

    Tape is dope hard shit none of that bull shit

  • ionlylistentogreatness

    Hope this is worth the listen… and what the hell is this??? …

  • Rap radar posted this late tape dropped at 1 fucks

  • s

    on track 7 and this is one of the best mixtapes ive ever heard beats are amazing and o man royce kills this fucking this this is real lyricism, amazing

  • Slaugust

    Damnn just heard halfway thru this #CLASSIC #FIRE #COP #ALBUM #BARS

  • Scrilla

    Wack, no Jeezy

  • KoldCase

    this mixtape is fucking amazing

    maybe best tape this year

    not alot of dj drama on here, thank God

  • Showtime

    Ortiz go IN on track 3!!!

  • Scrilla

    Quit hatin B.Dot you know you about to hop in your little Nissan

  • cz

    they be shittin all over good music and ross, fuckin love it

  • cz

    now i just need to hear some lines dissin wayne and ill get all i came for…#SHADYrecords runs the game again

  • People are gonna say the mixtape is better then then the album now ! Smh

  • MJ

    cmon wheres the stream

  • @ B.DOT everybody ride dick you know that

  • Wordup

    Fire fire fire !!! Just listened to the whole tape n what they did wit jaggernauts is crazy !!! This tape reminds me of when 50cent was comin up dropping tapes it’s unreal how dope it is shaddddddddyyyy

  • Carlito

    shady > good > mmg > ymcmb.. point blank period!!

  • dmc

    B.Dot, you should do a review on this.

  • lll


  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    LiveMixtapes > DatPiff

  • AfricaZK

    Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Slaughter Mixtape > MMG>YMCM>Good>Roc

  • swag


  • yawaoo

    this shit is fire @bdot

  • Mic Check

    totally disappointed. shit is wack… come on guys….

  • guess who

    Shits fire.. no wonder Wayne retired lol #SHADY

  • Brown Shady

    @Mic Check you need to get your ears checked cuz this mixtape is better than I expected, and I had high expectations… oh wait you probably an MMG, YMCM, or G.O.O.D music groupie lol

  • JustMyOpinion

    Ha ha ha B.Dot put some on blast: “but it just came out.”
    These guys are the last of the dying breed. They’re able to give us those lyrics many RAP fans are dying for and we don’t care about the numbers. We have quality music that we’ll listen to for months rather than 3 weeks out trying to remember some POPPY single. Thanks SH-the rap game needs you.

  • Black Shady

    YES…time to listen to it

  • hiphop

    fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dope mixtape slaughterhouse!!!!!! (crooked i voice) welcome to are house 28/8 cop that

  • IM725

    One of the corniest things about rap blogs and websites.. If you don’t like a artist or crew then you MUST BE and groupie for another. And one thing that also makes me question some of yalls suspectability is the amount you guys say “dick riding” Why are y’all always so quick to talk about gay shit like that?? Some number one suspects on this site. Either way ima check this shit out… But only cause budden and Royce are dope.

  • hiphop

    all on me that track goes hard!!!!! they killed it and that beat dope once again the mixtape is hard

  • @gtfomike

    Just started the tape, the Intro is strong

  • Black Shady

    track 4 and its already wayyyyyyy too hot. Free killed it by the way

  • Areadyno

    If you don’t like house Gang why click on the link? And how do you not like slaughterhouse? They’re better than 90% of rappers out right now. Straight lyrics. No bull shit. If you don’t feel this tape you don’t feel hip hop. Go listen to Taylor swift.

  • wow

    WTF this mixtape is to much its like a next album by far the best mixtape of the year Dope 28/8 welcome to our house.cop that

  • 2 Condomz

    rappity rap is cool and all, but when thats all that you do, i lose interest. fast. my constructive criticism is this: work on hooks and bridges and musical shit, we know you got bars but flex your artist skill and make some rap equivalent to bob marley or the beatles type iconic music. THAT right there would make me interested in copping a cd. I mean seriously, yall are gonna be pushin 40, still battling imaginary mc’s with “current-event” punchlines you came up with watching the daily news/sportscentre, shits just sad after a while


    SHADY & TDE runnin’ shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    Better recognize boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Me

    Co Sign Bang Bang & this is Dope SH #BARZ

  • STFU

    Where sinners dwell… Wow. They EAT your favorite rappers.

  • Areadyno

    Bob and the Beatles are the only level you gonna cop? Must not have a huge library. Rookie.




    After 4 full spins front to back, this is by far the best album put out this year.

  • D Will

    Amazing, classic tape. If I have to bitch about something it would be Budden should be on more tracks. 10/10

  • [mellowYELLOW]

    Somebody tell 2 Condomz retarded ass that songs are more than just hooks, bridges and all that other sh!t. Their artistic skill is being able to be lyrical and say clever lines dumb ass. Dont nobody wanna hear hooks and bridges and shit all day Go listen to future 2 chains mmg and ymcmb cuz its easy to see you have the attention spand of a retard.

  • {glk} ryan

    Any Mac downloads for this? the dat piff wont open for me when I download.

  • Devante

    Why drop the mix tape and album so close?

  • Liquid?

    @IM725 Lol Royce is probably the worst out of the three now (He’s still fucking amazing) Crooked and Ortiz are fucking dope man. I literally have NEVER been disappointed by Crooked. Ortiz has some of the best verses on this tape.

    On topic: One of the sickest mixtapes i’ve heard.

    What on Earth will the fuck boys do now?

  • Trent

    You guys were just hating on all their releases last week now you guys are acting like they’re better than everyone, Ive been f*cking with Slaughterhouse ya chumps

  • B.Dot

    Yea its fire

  • raps on top of raps

  • Mexicans are only good for cutting grass

    This is a dope ass TAPE!!!!! 8/28 can’t come quick enough!!!! SLAUGHTERHOUSEEEEEEE

  • Stan

    @ Devante Because you touch yourself at night.

  • Trill

    Deez niggaz nasty on the mic straight fire from track 4 on is fire.

  • moneymike

    fire!! cant wait for the album!

  • DJ Game

    Tde > shady > good > mmg > ymcmb.. point blank period!!

  • da real

    fireeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! throw some water on dem. dope no ones [email protected] with slaughterhouse!!!!!!!

  • Slaughter

    The shear enthusiasm pouring from bdot is enough to die the fire out damnnn



  • The_Man

    Why the hell ain’t this 1 on the top 5 posts yet

  • ItsTheTruth

    Co-Sign DJ Game to the fullest

  • Commenting Carl

    Dope ass mixtape…Sucka MC’s is that shit.

  • West

    Is this the mixtape that pushed back wayne, wiz, & currensy back all in the same month? Ha ha

  • JReezy


    Somebody is definitely retarded here, but it isn’t 2 Condomz. Making straw man arguments surely doesn’t make you sound like the smart one.

  • I can’t understand how “Coming Home” wasn’t the street single, AT LEAST. The Hook is something that could ring out on radio or wherever, and the beat is crazy. I guarantee that shit is gonna be harder than 85% of the shit they put on the album, that ain’t no throwaway track. At. All.

  • JamesBond

    Classic mixtape. Better than most albums out now. Please everyone go and support SlaughterHouse album once it comes out on the 28th of August 2012. TeamShady

  • rogerbarrett

    Gone and Where Sinners Dwell are sick. Glad to be getting 2 albums from House Gang this month

  • [mellowYELLOW]


    You sound like a butt hurt retard. The mixtape is hot the way it is, no sing songy hooks and bridges none of that radio 100 shit! Real Slaughterhouse fans like the fact they emphasize bars and the out of format style, makes them ummm what is it oh yea stand out!!!

  • LAWD


  • The Real Franchise

    The mixtape is classic, my concern now is that its going to be better than the album. I’d say just about every song on the mixtape is doper than the singles and the leaks, why would you waste an eminem feature on a song about bitches? I’ll buy it because the mixtape was so good but i know a lot of people wont.