Kreayshawn Somethin ‘Bout Kreay Tracklist

All eyes may be on Kreayshawn for her debut album’s cover art, but all ears are certainly not. Album now drops September 18.

UPDATE: Now available for pre-order on iTunes. Titles below.

1. Blas

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  • tucq

    Looks like Bikini Bottom, Spongebob’s city…….. not bad, tho.

  • Nesio

    and the Illuminati comments drop in 3….2….1…..

  • Carlito

    LOL @ this bitch’s existence

  • Ay Bitch im on it

    I fux with it, reminds me of my room when i was 5 i used to steal toys from this old rich nigga my mom used to screw for money his grandchildren were already grown fuck i miss those days

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Kreayshawn > Gunplay.

  • Scrilla

    And we give a shit about this why…?

  • BostonGeorge

    Loser/Crackheads > ZoomZoomDad-Otis
    Haters = ZoomZoomDad-Otis

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @BostonGeorge. Haters? Smh. If i have a opinion that differs from your view im a hater smh haha simple minded kid.

  • Brown Shady

    Who gives a fuck about this bitch???

  • this bitch is complete garbage

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I Fucked Her Before She Was Famous…

  • jtm

    if your gonna hate on her RR why even post shit about her smh this comment will be deleted by RR in 3…..2…..1

  • ***CROMER BEATS***

    …………..Yay!!!! (Followed by sarcasm)

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ somebody buy his beats FAST please. So he can stop posting them on RR.

  • RealHipHopBack

    I’ve seen enough of hentai to know where this is going.

  • teddy penderrass

    i dont get why you post shit just to hate on it nigga

  • ya mother was a whore

    @Ay Bitch im on it ….” i used to steal toys from this old rich nigga my mom used to screw for money”
    so she was fucking a old nigga for $$….thats a prostitute, sooo ya mother was a hooker but you okay with that cuz you was getting toys ahahahahha ya mothers a whore….she sucked dick to get you G-I JOE’s ahahahahah

  • ClarkR

    What’s with all the posts dissing this girl? How bout you just don’t post her shit?

    RapRadar readers aren’t Kreayshawn’s audience. You come off as old and bitter.

  • lol y do yall even promote her shit??she hasn’t done anything in hip hop whatsoever …i would love to hear some type of explanation other than yall getting paid ..loll

  • @clarkr no one is old n bitter….lol this bitch is just ridiculously fake and garbage, shes worse than officer william nd his pal robert williams, lol thats such a coincidence tho that their names are complete opposites..

  • she is so bad, not even funny

  • Alex

    Why all the hate on this girl?? Obviously she is not the best rapper/lyricist by any stretch of the imagination but at least she is taking care of her business the way she wants to and not being confined by any boxes and she seems to be having a great time. Unlike Iggy Azalea who puts on an awful accent to cover up her true voice when she raps or Nicki Minaj who has completely sold out at least Kreayshawn is being true to herself. Hating a person for that seems necessary.

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Not a fan, but she should of drop that album when she had gucci gucci out. Nobody is going to check her music out anymore.

  • Kreyashawn lyrics > French Montana lyrics.

    VIDEO] Mac Miller :

  • ben

    Rapradar hating…smh this chick is better and more real than that fat fuck who acts like a drug dealer….that dudes album sucks!!! Haha

  • LiaT

    Probably a better album: “There’s SOMETHING ABOUT REMY”

    (Neo classic. Free Remy Ma!)

  • Check out the real on
    fuck this bitch

  • Tara

    This cover album is ugly. Can’t believe that she will be performing live at the Jimmy Kimmell show. How can he have someone so racist ? I refused to watch his shows.

  • Pretty Fred

    Kreayshawn is more dope than most these rappers. Even Old Yella Jew Curl Head respects her hustle

  • niggasiswack

    saw her naked on worldstar. her nipples are pierced yo.

  • It really is definitely appropriately built, and that i am difficult on tools.

  • Black Shady

    cant wait to see her #s….i predict…40k first week if shes lucky…even if she has 550k twitter followers

  • Zagga

    lmao @JustMyOpinion

    someone needs to Ocho this hoe already


    ZoomZoomDad-Otis says:
    Friday, August 03 2012 at 7:57 PM EST
    Kreayshawn > Gunplay.


    IM MAD

  • Musikal

    I wonder how bad her record sales goin be.

  • CaliSteppin

    @Cromer Beats
    Keep grinding your beats are dope.. I finally heard some today after you kept posting them and I must admit you got talent

  • Scrilla

    2,000 first week LOL.

  • Cruel Thing

    Fuck! Why did Cudi make a track with this irrelevant bitch?

  • Midsize Jerm NewFreeNow!
    1) Obscured By Clouds
    2) White Jesus
    3) Let There Be Light
    4) trueh00d0peraz
    5) music4invalidz
    6) rUfuckin’stupid?(TheRightThingisWrong)
    7) Valentine
    8) Her (Interlude)
    9) Please Don’t Be Yourself
    10) Slipaway

    Available for free download at this exact moment in time or other that might follow.

  • Armageddon

    I’ll listen to this WAY before I listen to kiss the ring

  • bobo dan

    Somebody please tell me why rick Ross & mmg artist names is being bought up in this bitches comment section. that’s when you know niggas is doin it big when faggots can’t get you out of there minds &.shitty comments. This broads buzz has totally died who knew this bitch had a full length album coming out she shouldve put out a mixtape first atleast.

  • bobo dan


    so you woul rather lesson to this weak rachat white bitch then big krit, jcole & on one song or face, nas & dj premier on one song & a bunch of other dope ass calabos. I understand u hate dj khalid but he doesnt rap on the album don’t let the hate ruin your brain cells son…..

  • Teflon lucci

    Kreshawn>>>>> nicki minaj

  • @Artise1

    Wait a f*cking minute. This is real??

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Kreayshawn “Somethin Bout Kreay” > Meek Mill “Dreams & Nightmares”

  • urrrr

    only people buying this is white girls

  • R

    people should only buy this if they plan on killing themselves while listening to it

  • Whitey

    You know cudi and 2chainz are only on here cause they wanted some white girl pussay

  • something tells me that this is going to suck.

  • dee

    zoom zoom faggot is kreashit