Angie Martinez Interviews Busta Rhymes

During Busta’s visit with Angie Martinez yesterday, he weighed in on Nicki’s Summer Jam controversy. He also says he understands Lil Wayne’s comment on NY stating everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

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  • SP

    Where the fuck is da Styles P mixtape????

  • SpaceGhostBlacc


  • SP

    ^^^ nah its out just found it on Datpiff

  • Real Talk.

    Why are they trying to make such a big deal about Wayne not liking NY? Is everybody supposed to like NY? That’s not an insult in no way. Hot97 been had issues with Cash Money, remember when Angie interviewed Jay-Z?

  • Tell’em why you mad

    who gives a shit if ANYONE doesn’t like any place on this earth……who fucking cares? and that senator making a big fucking deal outta this is too ridiculous! Im sure theres thousands of things, PRODUCTIVE things he could be doing instead of worrying about if someone “doesn’t LIKE” his city…..its a OPINION n everyone CAN and SHOULD have one about anything they want. aye senator….go worry about jobs, worry about the abusive and out of hand police force you have, worry about helping regular people…..9 to 5 working people…..fuck you getting on TV to ask for ANYBODY to make an APOLOGY for an OPINION…..fucking numbskull
    btw: I dont like Wanye at all but this whole “issue” is soooo fucking dumb n it shouldn’t got ANY TYPE of acknowledgement….especially with the REAL problems people are having these days…..

  • Of course Busta Rhymes is gonna co-sign Lil Wayne he works for them now….this was a stupid question to ask a worker for a large hip hop company. Its like asking a Southwest flight attendant how they feel about the service of their company. Fucking retarded. Lil Wayne is a bitch, and he insulted New York purposely, cause he wanted to give the MIDDLE FINGER to all of you even AFTER he performed. So fuck him, hes a fake skateboarding tony hawk wanna be pussy. Lil Wayne has been out of the streets since he was 14…hes not hard, is NOT A FUCKING BLOOD, and doesnt know shit about being hard. He just drinks Syrup and makes rhymes with a punchline at the end. Louis CK could do a better job at rapping than that fucking clown.

    Point is, Lil wayne is a bitch – busta (no pun) is a worker – and Peter Rosenberg is a God. Fuck off.

  • KDG
  • davman

    yawn…mi nuh like ny and i live in here..wha di problem

  • Real Talk.

    Look at this dumbfuck Tim Lee claiming he’s insulted them. So basically you’re saying everybody in this world should like New York? Why? Cuz it’s heaven? GTFOH. New York does not care about you like that.

  • the One

    Just doesn’t seem right Busta ridin for Wayne and having to honer what he tells him to do.

  • busta’s just saying what he’s paid to say, everyone needs that paper.


    if you dont like ny get the fuck out then dumbass. as a matter of fact stay we enjoy your tax dollars fool

  • bunch of haters

    glad to see busta losin that gut man…my man was givin ross a run for his money for a min there. anyway busta’s a real dude and i liked his answer and yeh those are his people so hes not gonna say nothin against them that would be bad for buisness feel me? i like buss’s new album too best thing ive heard from him in a while.

  • R

    He better say that shit that ass licker is signed to ymca fag boys he probably had to lick waynes sack to get signed!