• mane

    Slaughter my men

  • http://riaoff Young Jeezy


  • leftside

    Pussy niggaz..Wat dey talkin’ bout

  • Real Talk

    Why ain’t this shit available for pre order on iTunes yet and why didn’t Marshall spit more on the album?

  • Black Shady

    Jack Thriller >>>>>>>><


    hell yeah!! I’m definitely buying their album tomorrow!!!!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    “why didn

  • JamesBond

    Welcome to our house is out tomorrow. lets all go and suport it

  • Rozay

    They just addressed all the complainers about why they make certain songs, people are gonna complain no matter what, if they spit that hardcore only a handful of people are gonna buy it they have families too and need to eat so I have no problem with them trying to reach broader audiences without being called a sellout.

  • Brown Shady

    Tomorrow! SLAUGHTERHOUSE!!!

  • Toni
  • Toni

    correction; skylars hook on our house was good, not the one i meant.



  • the One

    your favorite rapper love Drake! lol!

    • Toni

      crook likin drake was a surprise tho

  • Toni

    btw where can I cop the mixtape, need it shipped to Sweden? shit is dope.

  • PistolPistol

    Listened to mixtape and album..
    For a year of mixing and shit this album sounds pretty crappy on a few tracks.. Wtf Em. :/
    Will still bye to support the HouseGang..
    Aslyum track ha my hopes waaaay to high.
    Actually worst track on album and Em beez the Goat soooooo… Ehh
    Btw Mixtape is prolly more what people want to hear.

  • rogerbarrett

    WTOH is solid. OTH too. the mixtape is obviously for hardcore fans and i like every track. i like most of WTOH. definitely some different styles i wasn’t expecting. Goodbye, Our House, Our Way, Die, and Park It Sideways should have been the singles. Hopefully we get solo records soon w/ better production, Slaughterhouse deserves it

    • Toni

      Yeah I like every track on the mixtape, the album is dope as fuck except for 3-4 tracks IMO.
      anyone have a link to order to ordet the tape? I hope they do great and bring that lyricism to the forefront… cuz its always been there underground but I’m tired of hearin Wayne on the radio everyday