• Chris8732

    The girls behind him aint winnin though.

  • Trillionaire

    that pic ain’t..ha!

  • gammaboi

    Seriously, this nigga with all his musical knowledge this is what he can come up with?
    Nah, brah…it’s back to the lab.


    I’m feeling that song… I can definitely hear that on the radio LOUD! Even though I believe he lost his club banger beat type which is a shame to me.

  • hammertoe

    250 followers? Really setting the bar high there.

  • MrSkeezyMak

    Why he got them 2 beasts behind up.

  • Sin

    them bitches like: Who is this guy??

  • @SelectahSnipa

    Dope track…

  • bigg rome

    this guy is lame .NERD

  • wow

    Are those his bitches?

  • abovetheclouds

    This shit sucks.

  • abovetheclouds

    also, who the fuck is this guy?