• @gtfomike

    only Laughterhouse will record a video for a song that NOBODY likes.

  • weedz


  • leftside


  • @gtfomike

    couple of great verses, Ems verse was nice, that’s about it. The sound quality is horrible, Joell is lame, they talk too much about Em,…

  • Anon

    Ass looks nice 😉

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  • Black Shady

    If yall mad at the album….just bump their mixtape suckaz. Im pretty sure we all agree the mixtape was great!!! Personally I think the album is MEH……..but hey…they wanted their shot to the mainstream. I aint mad…they all done it ; from Jay to Wayne to Drake. Let them try lol

  • onenutned

    I only clicked for the ass.

  • London

    bad song..WTOH is a lil bit disappointing , has some damn good lyrics though .

  • Kidd Rapp

    lol at you dumb niggas… now complaining because there is good lyrics over club beats? Go eat a dick covered in asbestos ^^^


    WTOH was lame??? c’mon guys you can’t tell me that….the mixtape was good, but the album took everything to a whole other level….truth or truth should’ve been on the album tho…

  • Topleft022

    You guys are retarded. This album was FIRE. Even throw it away, which I didnt really like at first, has grown on me a shitton. It’s just supposed to be a fun song, theres plenty of killer lyricism all over the rest of the album…along with great beats, great features and dope production. Overall killer album and throw it away really isnt a bad radio song. better than half the ymcmb crap on there anyway

  • Double u-Tee-Eff

    ^^^ I agree with him

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  • Nickey Negrito

    The internet can kill an artist career. If I listen to all the blogger comments that dislike the album I might not purchase it. We need to go back to the mom and pop way of doing business. The bloggers can really hurt a man’s career otherwise a lot of artist probably would be platinum by now. Ill give their album a try and I will judge for myself.

  • Evil

    If you want real Rap music,go buy SLAUGHTERHOUSE : WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE!
    Dont be a sucker and download it,its worth the money you bums.
    Support real Hip Hop!

  • Real Talk



    @Nickey Negrito you’re goddamn right!

  • JP

    The album is actually dope… production is top notch, but then I bought the actual album, which is mastered. I’m sure most of y’all saying the production sucks have a bootleg copy, so of course it sounds shitty. Buy the album, you will not be disappointed. They’ve given us underground shit for years, decades… this is their shot to actually make some money. They do have families and kids to feed. Do you like working for free? We need to support our artists that actually respect this culture that we love so dearly.

  • Brown Shady

    The album was great, I don’t know what the fuck some of you talking about

  • JP

    *then again

  • Mike

    fuck ya idiots.
    the album is dope as fuck.
    real hip-hop music.

  • George

    Bought the deluxe version on iTunes, and every song is good, I wasn’t a big fan of this song when it was released, but when listening to the entire album it grows on you.

  • LMAO

    There are several people on here saying this song grew on them once they got the album.


    In other words, the album was so terrible that this is actually one of the stronger tracks. Fuck Slaughterhouse, fuck Eminem, and fuck Interscope- if you really loved hip-hop, you would NEVER buy this album. The industry has taken one of our bright spots, stolen all of their freedom and creativity, and pimped them out like 12 year old hookers. This piece of wannabe-radio-friendly garbage has literally ZERO chance of becoming a hit, so you idealistic fags can put the “Slaughterhouse is gonna bring real hip hop back to the masses” shit to bed right now. At the end of the day, they were pushed to become something that they aren’t. They tried to go pop and failed; and now, all that’s left is for them to angrily drift off into oblivion, just like D12.

    How many of you still listen to “My Band”?

  • Damn

    I was skeptical about the album, but my opinion changed after I bought it. This shit is fire. Throw it away grew on me also I had my mind set on the group sounding one way but that track had me head nodding in the whip. This shit was worth the wait.

  • t

    album seems like there talking to fans on some real shit just like they said but theres no way im bumping this album

    one of the skits says they pretty much had to make this ablum and if it fails which i think it did/will there going back to the drawing board. so hopefully there sound will change and evolve even more then it already has… to me they havent been the same since the first ep

  • t

    Dont abandon slaughterhouse just yet. i dont know but crooked says something along the lines of ….. thank you to the fans from the time when we had no fans so i still they will put some bomb unnderground tracks

  • t

    what if eminem actually knows what hes doing

    slaughterhouse is now known by everyone…. first they take over the underground, round up a few true fans… then go mainstream, get attention from everyone.

    now we have a hip hop group that has been seen by every one….NOW they have the potential to change hip hop… before nobody even knew who they were…NOW EVERYONES LISTENING


  • t

    gotta show ’em whats bad before they can appreciate whats good

  • WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE IS THA SHIT better than most of those dead hip hop albums that has no beginning or end.If you want a dope album it must have symptons of a diverse section of a n artists lifestyle just as leonardo da vinci would blob a gash of green without using shades.Looking at albums like all eyes on me,life after death nd marshal mathers LP the fame good or bad nd personal sides also thats what makes a good album nd make LIFE GOOD so if your a faggot then THROW IT AWAY!!!!

  • Jab

    Some of you are idtiots…if you dont like it…why are you wasting time commenting and hating on it..lol. The album is Fire, dope production, dope lyrics, dope content……. I really dont know what some of you are smoking lol……name another group that can spit like they do? And now your mad because they’re evolving as artist….man these guys are in their 30’s…..they’re not underground anymore. Album is fire, hip hop needed this…..they just raised to bar for the game…..the lyrics for the album are on another level, nobody else doing what they are.

  • PHREASHest

    First of all, I understand different people having different opinions but saying that this album is trash is just a blatant LIE! You might not like it; it might not be for you; but you simply can’t call it trash. It’s good freaking music! Not just amazing rap/hip hop but Quality Good Music! How many of you actually took out the time to listen to it? If you did then what the hell are you complaining about? The beat selection? then go listen to Rick Ross who says nothing on the dopest beats on the planet. The lyrics? If you’re not into lyricism, then there’s plenty of Chief Keef and Waka Flocka type music to keep your iPod’s full for days. Just don’t bash one of the few rays of hope in this dying genre. It’s plain disrespectful! I downloaded this shit about a week ago and I’m still gonna cop. If you’re not, that’s fine. I’m not about to tell another grown ass nigga what to do with his funds.

  • WhyHate

    this album is dope dont know what weed you lot are smoking saying its trash SMH but make sure no one else hits that shit because its clearly [email protected] with your thought process. you so called fans complying clearly aint true fans in the first place so you opinion should not even matter always got something to complain about how many years have they been putting out fire after fire of underground tracks years now think they deserve to shine. support the album its dope worth the purchase fuk boys

  • hiphop

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE welcome to our house dope album cop that dont know what these rick ross wayne fans are talking about but ignore them there just a waste of life but anyways go out and support the album

  • Fuck you !

    Who’s better out there right now ???? Name somebody better then these four ?

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