• MJ

    can someone write a quick review on the album

  • lll

    XXL wrote a review, it’s not that great but it did describe the album.
    P.S. Listen to the album and give your own review, reading reviews will affect your opinion.

  • Mr Pig

    They killed it! Best group in the bizz period!


    MJ go buy it and review it yourself

  • RES1

    @MJ yep review it yourself….but respect-mag wrote a great review!

  • The_Man

    Album is good after a few listens, It doesn’t hit you straight away because it’s not like the majority of music out catchy sing along party songs

  • Obama

    Is it just me or did Shady not do any of this promo for yelawolf album?? Seems like they’re pushing this Slaughterhouse project everywhere and I don’t even remember seeing a single banner for radioactive. Oh well. Guess even Eminem needs something to write off.

  • Evil

    Great for Slaughterhouse.They finally get some deserved shine.
    Got my copy 2 days ago and im blasting that shit.A very solid and good album.Go buy it and support real Hip Hop

  • KoldCase

    i love the album

    eminem joints couldve been better, except our house that was great, but asylum and throw that couldve been better

  • meh

    Recovery 2.0….. guess thats what u get when u got Marshall’s hands on every track

  • 2.0

    yh dope album there where a couple of tracks i didn’t like but there’s always a couple tracks on a album people don’t like cant remember the last time i herd a album where i liked every track on it. but out of 10 i give 8.5 worth the purchase go out and support the album if ur a fan of them. SLAUGHTERHOUSE: WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE COP THAT NOW .

  • hiphop

    SLAUGHTERHOUSE. i agree with 2.0. good album expect a couple tracks but way better then the shit that’s out there now worth the buy go out and support

  • hiphop

    and the guy that said recovery 2.0 is just a clown and expected straight underground shit its a album not a mixtape you fuk boy.

  • strange

    they where destrined to fail with you internet haters, the fact you take the time to come here and post how much you hate the album shows how much you care

  • Wiz Queefa

    Album is RAW!! couple nit picks, but I’ve been listening to the deluxe edition from top to bottom.

    I haven’t bought an album in years, but will prolly cop this.



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