New Video: Mystikal Ft. Birdman, Jae Millz & Detail “One Night”

Miami, L.A. and NY nights provide the backdrop for Mystikal’s new visual with Stunna, Jae Millz and Detail. This may look like your typical night out on the town, but any night is better than one in the slammer.

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  • Dat bullshit

    Damn can I get my video up on rap radar since birdmans uttering downsyndrom phrases and making videos for it….and y’all post it like it’s hot….put some black hippy up and quit helping fuck hip hop up…real rap

  • Damn Jae Millz in High School U was the maaan homie…

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  • yaysayer

    this video has been on mtv2 for like 2 months now… -_-

  • onenutned

    shit look like it was shot with a iphone or some’n.

  • Mr.James

    Did Jae Millz always sound like that?

  • Black Shady

    They still have budgets for Mystikal…..??? LOL….why? sadly his career is over

  • 74×74

    I watched this video on mtv and marveled at how terrible it was. I guess no crew can stay hot forever. YMCMB had a great great run… no shame in that.

  • realwickwickwack

    why the gotta ruin a mystikal track …i wish birdman would stay away from him !

  • PEEP

    mystikal is still ill.

  • Lostprodigy

    Birdman let the boy shine every one of this dudes singles you dropping a wack ass hook last time I checked your own shit was flopping harder than a fish out of water let that man do him you doing the must just open the budget and collect them checks cause you obviously raping “the black prince of the south” so wop bop ah blu bop bitch watch out!!!!!

  • ess

    sorry, but mystikal killed this shit……..