• onenutned

    I want to see these cats win but I know reality. damn you hip-hop.

  • Brown Shady


  • why did i know this was going to happen right after they released “my life”

  • They only made one big error that couldve really helped this release and thats they should of had eminem on the first or second single

  • hectic


  • Architect

    Yea, I think the problem was Em was a bit too relaxed, could’ve been more involved. Royce said he told SH to do exactly what they did before and that he’d just come in after and mix and master.

    Its Universally agreed that these four are better than D12, the problem was they didn’t have that big Em assisted single. They never had their own “Purple Pills” “My Band” smash.

    I hope they get at least one more Shady release though and I hope they go in with an actual concept. Apparently they turned in upwards of 70 records and picked the 20 best. The result was the album just being a collection of (incredibly dope) posse cuts.

    More ‘Em, more direction and they have a shot at doing 100K in a week, Gold in a perfect scenario. Hope they stick together.

    I will say that I’ve lost some hope in “Hip-Hop Heads” after this though. You let a Christian Rapper outsell these dudes? Shameful.

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  • flawda

    Eminem fans won’t buy Slaughterhouse albums, it doesn’t matter if he was on the first or second single. Eminem fans are Eminem fans, they’re not hiphop fans. Just a bunch of wiggas who only care about Eminem and not the culture.

  • HAQ

    Congratulations TobyMac lol. These niggaz is built 2 loose. Can’t help it.

  • HAQ

    Wu-Tang Forever

  • Kemosabi

    All those Shady stans and that’s their numbers?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Theses guys are talented everybody in the group can spit. Hip Hop needs SH. Im tired of theses wack rappers(MMG & YMCMB)

  • PistolPistol

    Em fan and downloaded Mixtape and bought the Album. And all their other shit..Sooo, you are incorrect.

    And it’s Wigger. Get it straight.
    The Culture left the scene in the 90’s homeboy.

  • OOPH

    I’m in the minority but I think Eminem was TOO involved in the production. The SH album sounds like a bunch of throw away Eminem beats and I don’t need Skylar Grey on hooks. Just put them in the studio and let them spit to Dre beats and leave them alone. They still may not have sold records, but at least it would sound more like a Slaighterhouse album. Disappointing product.

  • PistolPistol

    Lets face it. Rap/HipHop are never gonna be what they were. It was a ground breaking evolution that since turned into the Ceo/Marketing heads playing puppet strings.
    Did anyone really hope for real music at all on the VMAs? And then see that 2chainz and Wayne fucking cirque du soleil act?? Wtf! Train wreck.
    Ass riding skateboards and shit? Lil Hawk and 2Chainz Alva now or what?

  • BOLT

    4 niggas 4 different states and they could only do 50k first week? n y’all said the Self Made 2 comp flopped n it did double wht these niggas did lool n they signed to this biggest rapper in the world just face it these niggas cnt do a good song tht has replay value nobody cares about them cnt wait to see the 2nd week sales


    these niggas flopped and Eminem didn’t do shit but make them fail

  • brl

    I’d love to see these 4 get a plaque, best of luck.

  • ceaze

    i still have self made vol 2 and i deleted their shit after i heard it…i still have the mixtape though

  • Brown Shady

    Looks like mostly every idiot on here doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. First off Slaughterhouse choose all the beats, only one beat that was an Em beat and that was “Asylum” which was a good beat. Second Em told Slaughterhouse to do what they did in their last album. The only thing that Em did was mix the whole album, make the sound quality better. It’s crazy how people just talk right out of there ass, all assumptions not knowing any facts. GTFOH!
    The reason that I BELIEVE they didn’t promote it right, and they undershipped the album… This is all Interscopes fault they didn’t give a shit about Yelawolf and they didn’t give a shit about Slaughterhouse. They only care about their golden boy Eminem, and that weird chick Gaga

  • Carvi

    they’re going to go their own routes after this. watch.


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  • young
  • Hops

    These niggas was walking around cocky as fuck mentioning Em in every interview thinking they would sell but turned to be the biggest flop of the year lool

  • mr.kee

    they need to understand not every nigga needs to be on every song

  • YunG based god

    @flawda i bought the deluxe and i’m a huge em fan. and i’m brown

  • buking

    SH fan, but 3 poor singles in a row made me loose interest in the album. dont know why artists think they need a commercial/pop record to be successful. miles davis never had a hit record. stick with ur gut.

  • Perfect world was 100k and they coukdnt do it

  • M.T

    these niggas tried to go mainstream and flopped. Despite that, there are some good tracks on this album though but alot tracks i cant fuck with. I found the last track “Our Way” ironic and its my fav track on the album. Good thing they released that mixtape before the album cuz ill much rather bump that. congrats to these guy still.

  • SH and Em said they didn’t do this for sales from the jump.They never expected to do crazy numbers.They’re genre rarely does

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  • black hippy goes harder

  • King

    “EMINEM HASNT DONE MUCH ON THE SCENE WITH SH” what are u smoking he was on almost all their videos….the executive producer to their album what more do u want…If he had concentrated on Yela as he did on SH maybe Yela could’ve pushed 100k first week

  • jl

    Anyone here listened to their first album? That is a classic in my eyes. 4 genuine guys and 4 great rappers, lighten up. Yaowa

  • Reneminem

    They call me a wigger like Rene Zel

  • Coroner

    It wasn’t a flop. They sold more with this than with their first album.
    H8ers gonna h8 though! SH is the best, they could destroy any MC in the game right now!

  • Claude

    “Problem is” Laughterhouse are garbage as a group… And even at their infrequent “best” solo, these bums have the anti-Midas touch… Ya’ll think it’s “funny” when fucking Joell Ortiz laughs at his own cornball punchlines? Softie has laid down more verses than Biggie, Big L, Big Pun and Big Daddy combined and what’s he got to show for it?

  • CB

    Unfortunetely we’re in the age that when an album sales don’t live up to the expectations of the masses, it’s considered a flop no matter how good the material might be. Sometimes we forget that many people don’t buy CD’s anymore…. I know Em did what he could, but yes Interscope could’ve pushed harder on the promotion. Obviously with a single like My Life they’re trying to appeal to a wider crowd, they should’ve pushed the single harder. But I did enjoy the album, not a complete disappointment. They’ll just have to grind it out on the road to make any money. But still, real grimey hip hop nowadays never does big numbers even if you have the biggest rapper in the world on your side. Em has that cult following where even 5 – 10 years from now the fucker can still put out a number 1 record…

  • Dick Throwa

    Have you seen Laughterhouse live? NOBODY will go see them twice and most won’t bother once… They can’t even draw in NYC, ostensibly Joell’s ‘home turf.’ The sooner this ill-concieved and even more poorly executed fiasco ends the sooner American culture (forget the inane rap ghetto) makes its big comeback

  • Slaughterhouse fucked up by not following their true sound, they let themselves get guided by Em into making a sonically horrible album. They were trying to go the Nicki Minaj lane, they should have stayed true to themselves so even if they didnt sell a lot of albums, at least they would have made a good album. If they would have had some production by Alchemist, Scoop deville, & Dre. They could have a mainstream single but still have a hard hip-hop sound, especially with a dre beat or scoop deville (who is a proven hitmaker

  • They got some of the shittiest producers on this album, Alex Da Kid?!? Dude is pure shit. T-Minus? Even Hit-Boy made two subpar beats on this album. They didn’t know wtf they going for on this album.

  • Bane

    just stfu up Slauhterhouse is amazing, everything the do is dope as fuck and this album is great… all the haters can go fuck themselve

  • hip hop head

    i see soo many shit talkers wit no facts Slaughterhouse album is good don’t get me wrong had a good concepts but it wasn’t there best but there numbers made more than double the number which is good in my book, lyrically they did what they always did no question on that they tried to give a new sound and reach to a higher crowd, THEY decided that not EMINEM, Eminem did was just mix and mastered Em said do what you always do if SH decided that kind of sound for the album then that’s not them, Em gave em ayslum and look at that beat and lyrics its amazing, but if Slaughterhouse would had got beats from Dre or havoc or whoever then that would of boost the album more as for promotion interscope is ass they have favoritism Eminem is to me one of the best rappers but you gotta let others shine and that’s what Em wants is for SH to get the spot light so don’t go blaming Em, blame the fans for the lack of loving real hip hop

  • hip hop head

    that’s on them i meant