The Weeknd Inks Deal With Universal

The Weeknd fans rejoice. The Toronto singer has just inked a partnership deal with Universal Republic Records to release his Trilogy in stores on November 13.

As previously reported, Trilogy will be re-mastered versions of House Of BalloonsThursday, and Echoes Of Silence in physical form with unreleased music included. Congrats!

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  • S

    Dude kinda fell off.

  • M.T

    heard that they may be unreleased material on the Trilogy. Looking forward to it. House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence are all spectacular.

  • the real truth

    Smart guy to stay away from getting raped by YMCMB…..

  • Kemosabi


  • @ S

    WTF are you talking about? He hasn’t put out any new music as of late but this dude has a fucking Cult of fans. He def didnt “fall off”.

  • HollyWood

    @ S wtf are you talking about he fell off? I’m taking it you don’t listen to him at all!

  • dragon

    Wow. People here hate for no reason -_- . Dude is fantastic


    lmfao @ internet fans. according to y’all, weeknd already fell off. smh. i done with y’all weird niggas. i don’t get y’all! jojo and lil reese are now ON.

  • thebraintrust

    Only on the internet can you fall off after releasing 3 stellar mixtapes in one year. Smh

    Happy for dude. Hope he didn’t sign a bullshit deal.

  • Black Shady

    Never bothered listen to him when I heard those weird ass borderline romantic duets with drake on Take Care

  • Chris

    young money didnt rape him best believe Universal will…Indie is the new major label just ask Tech Nine who made 6 million $ last yr hopefully this guy isnt gay like that beef frank dude haha motherfuckers sell their ass souls just to be heard smh

  • best wishes

    I hope this isn’t the downfall of his music….as long as he does him with 100% creative control then I think he keep being an AWESOME artist…BUT, if these a&r’s, these label heads start tryna make the music fit any sorta label or agenda or demographic I think it will hurt his music a lot!
    I really hope he stays on the same path he’s been on…..or atleast evoles at his own pace n not cuz some label executives pushed him to change nahmean

    I will be grabbing that re-mastered, hard copy of the Trill-ogy

  • best wishes


  • this song has a weeknd vibe. this dude performs it at my school

  • 3rdRail

    Good job not signing to YMCMB

  • stoppp ittt

    this nigga a bitch.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    so hes going to re-release albums that he already has out for free? uh cool.? lolwut more hoping to a new album rather than just re-releasing good quality mixtapes

  • Mike Jones??


  • Anderson Cooper

    Frank Ocean >>>>>

  • Ya

    I’ll stick with Frank Ocean, The-Dream , Cocaine 80s and Elijah Blake.

  • will

    absolutely gutted. hoped he would sat unsigned. give great music away for free. charge high performance fees to compensate. stay away from a&R’s who will encourage him to dilute or change his music. he had a mysticism, originality and uniqueness too him. now he be played on every shitty commercial radio station along with rick ross, justin beiber and god knows who else.
    his music helped me escape all the bullshit. now…. released by the machine that is unversal, they will ensure the catalogue is exploited in every way possible regardless of effect it has on the credibility of the music.
    god knows what else they have in the pipeline for him with regards to future albums. prob have him doing duets with celine dion and bloody michael bolton.
    worst deal ever. should have signed to an independent. Universal will swallow him up and shit him out!
    Youyr first three mixtapes will remain timeless to me though mr weeknd.
    thank you

  • Collar Cali

    @S ‘Dude kinda fell off.’

    I kinda agree… I know he has a nice following & all , so we’ll just see how things picks up. It’s time to see numbers to back it up & I believe he do pretty well. I’m looking forward to some REAL visuals from this guy though. I’m glad he didn’t go to YMCMB. Good 4 him.

    I like some of his stuff & think he has a talent but I prefer The-Dream, Miguel, Frank Ocean & dozens of others. But all the best & I rep that OVO all day.

  • no thanks

    this guys a f8ggot

  • Anti-Lolipop Kid

    Dude mad nice. Smart of him to wait it out and get the best deal for himself. Looking forward to swashbuckling more whores to his music. The game needs this kid.

  • Fux

    Whack singer. Him and Drake are so soft and gay.

  • ?

    Why sign to a major? You got everything lined up already

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