• King James

    That wasn’t much of a prank.
    Would have been better if he’d said “yes.”

  • Peekay

    Chops the Pig = Jim Florentine. Hip-hop & metal clash


    Slaughterhouse’s whole album is a fail, these guys went double wood

  • AO

    true dat @ hjood

  • frankiemonopoly

    their first week sales was even funnier than this prank call. album was a disapointment critically and commercially. #fail

  • Hiphop

    Eminem couldn’t make these bums go gold…

  • Deep 6

    What do you guys listen to LIL B?

    Album was dope, so what about sales. If you want sales listen to Ross.

  • damn

    album was not dope @deep6. it sounded like em took all the unused beats from recovery and gave them to slaughterhouse.failed attempt at becoming commercially popular. the on the house mixtape was way better. and i even bought the album just to support them so im not being bias just truthful

  • HipHopCritic

    Peter Rosenberg lol

  • King Ant

    lol that was funny.

  • asdfga

    I dig it. Hope they get another single