New Music: Bruno Mars “Locked Out Of Heaven”

With plenty of love to give, Bruno Mars opens his doors this evening with a new uptempo track from his forthcoming, Unorthodox Jukebox. Album drops December 11, but you can cop the single on iTunes now.

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  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Lol why is this here ?

  • GAWD

    This isn’t rap… wtf RR…

  • Slim Baller

    GAYYYYYYY “you can the single on iTunes now.” <——-WHAT RR????


    Great song.. his voice gives me the willies.. could you guys post my new dubstep remix of a One direction song.. willing to split the itunes sales with you 98/2 (in my favor) and give u the first copy of my album “chasing raindrops”

  • damn, this a hit

  • Real Talk.

    And why are you mad they didn’t rank you #1 YN? Your nepotism is too obvious. A lotta bias on this site and its too damn obvious. The fact that you’re cool with a lotta rappers does not make you a great journalist. A great journalist imo can have favs and still not cross lines. Now I don’t know much about the ethics of journalism but you people deem everything rick ross does as good and ride Jay-Z’s dick like a brand new ferrari. (Not saying the aboved mentioned are wack) but its ridiculous how you go out your way to promote certain people and hate hardly on others. Plus you don’t have to pick sides in “beefs”. But yall always do. Realize that it’s not all about the rappers you like, its not all about the rappers you believe are good. It’s about all rappers and the fans are who you cater to. So if a Wayne fan follows you on twitter and always see you throw slugs/sneak disses at him, if an A banks fan comes up here and always see yall talking down on her shit? Do you suppose this will be a site of their choice? I’m not saying don’t critique but I feel like there should be a line. Yall do it too much. You don’t see CNN journalists telling their viewers to vote for Obama nor Romney. I like this blog a lot and I come up here Daily. But I don’t believe it’s the best blog nor number one. It could be but as at now def not. Don’t be salty peeps didn’t rank you son. Ask yourself what could’ve hindered you from gettin it. Call it a blackout from a troll. *shrug*

  • Sean

    Wtf f bruno mars this aint rap

  • M.T

    not feeling this.

  • the One

    yo this is Crap ! Why is it even on this website? Bruno Mars just ripped of the Police and did a real shit job of it!

  • Johnny

    @real talk. He actually published a post without saying how great Rick Ross is. Although he still mentioned him, I’ll take it.

  • Johnny

    Song has Grammy awards written all over it.

  • LovelyAtl

    Bruno came up with the hook in this song while randomly having a jam session with Lenny Kravitz, he’s also friends with Sting. So while everybody decides to talk ish about him, realize that he’s highly respected not only by his peers, but by icons as well (also including Elton John and Janet Jackson). The song is New Wave inspired which is why it sounds similar to a Police record and I’m sure Sting is cool with that. Even if it ain’t your kinda music, respect the fact that Bruno can sing his behind off and only uses live instruments when recording AND performing.

  • lick da kat

    i love this song already!!!

  • Johnny

    Dang you @lovely: when listening to it I said to myself “sounds like he’s been chillen with sting or the police” but thank you for that tid-bit (btw). And yea Bruno mars is no joke, dude got mad talent. And has definitely earned his spot and paved his own way, hat off to the man, no pun intended.

  • okayyyyyy

    this dude is talented