New Music: Pusha T x Future “Pain”

With a haunting beat from Kanye and Future on the hook, Pusha T arrives with some “witchdoctor gospel flow” on his new track. His Def Jam debut is expected to be released next year.

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  • Tev


  • mikey c

    no comments on the song? pusha t cant release a good single by himself….

  • poetic assasin

    diff. not ur usual radio vibe – shit is ill though. YUHH!

  • yesssir

    Man, I would’ve loved to hear angry/intense New God Flow type of Pusha over this beat.

  • JustMyOpinion

    I want to say; Future SPOILED this song. But, instead, i’ll just say; this is nice.

    Although, I do believe if it was B.Dot who posted this song, he would have pointed out: Future failing this song terribly. I mean this in a good way.

  • M.T

    song was cool. not feeling future on the hook though.

  • Duplex

    This is super duty heavy tough work.

  • Regular Guy


  • b56h

    smh. Future sounds like a new revamp T-Wayne

  • dashmatic

    its so meaan

  • Perc


  • Wind Sock

    Ye went hard on this beat.

  • ECU

    They’re still doing that cover thing with only the song title and their name? dope song. future was okay i guess

  • Cruel Thing

    Push went in on his verse. Ye went in on the beat. And Future… well, he’s Future, what do you expect?

  • Greezy

    pusha goes innnnn

  • The Co-Signer

    @Cruel Thing.


  • Midsize Jerm

    I don’t normally like anything from Future, but the hook on this was OK. Not great by any means, but it’s chill and doesn’t ruin the track. It doesn’t really help, but it’s bearable and chill, which allows Pusha to just snap on the verses. The beat is insanity though, just brutal and exactly the kind of thing Pusha shines on. I must say his lyricism runs out of steam somewhere in the middle of track, but overall it’s a hot song that will get plenty of listens from me in the future. It felt similar to Exodus, excpet with Future instead of The-Dream, and not quite as lyrical. The beat here is better though. This and Exodus are the king os shit I wanna hear from Pusha, and I look forward to hearing more from him soon.

  • poetic assasin

    this is like new god flow alternate version lol

  • rucker

    Pusha t another overrated nigga that jumps from crew to crew.

  • Trent

    Everybody is killin future on this but he really isn’t that bad on this , it adds to the track more than hurts it and I don’t even really like Future, anyways this is meannn

  • thank god isn’t another trap beat lol and poetic assain thats exactly wat I thought

    the chords and synth sound alot similar with new god flow,

    but it’s not bad, I think they should add a lit more bass and brass on it to give it a tiny bit more power and clean up future’s vocals

  • its okay nice tune.

  • ultrakid

    sounds unfinished, like kanye needs to add more drums, and heavy bassline, this could sound awesome as an intro or somethin

  • This was tough. This isn’t for the radio. I actually like Future’s hook.

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  • Pusha Blows

    Guy gives above average verses on features but can never hold his own on a song. Not good at all

  • Sick beat… wtf future

  • nijea

    Ye should have kept this for himself yo. Shit would have been way doper.

  • Black Shady

    Beat good
    verses good

    FUTURE??? fuck outta here!!!!!!!!!! he just ruined the song or me -____-

  • the brain trust

    Goddamit future!

    Kanye came through HEAVY on the beat, Push on the verses and then you decided to fuck shit up.

    Song is still crack but it’s not making a dent on billboard.

  • prime dawg

    pusha is on fire!

  • Trillionaire

    I will never listen to this song in its entirety again

  • theworldfamousbp

    If this was an average rapper and average producer it would be acceptable but with talent like Pusha and Ye, I have to say this is trash. To whom much is given, much is expected. No words for including Future. How long we gonna pretend?

  • Angelo

    Honestly…Pusha T has yet to put out a Solo song that has impressed me

  • Jerome

    ya’ll some hatin ass niggas. this shit is a dope single. better than what most are putting out. Pusha had dope bars and ye did his thing on the beat. Future is Future ya’ll but the hook fit the song. ya’ll really do love to hate.

  • Jerome

    but kid cudi on the hook with a darker sound.. coulda been near flawless.



  • Push (well the Clipse in general) always been good at finding those abstract, weird, region-less beats producers keep on the low. He never goes for that obvious track or sound, so even though its Kanye, or The Neptunes, it hardly ever sounds typical

  • mac DIESEL





  • Rell

    Stop hating for NO reason. Future is a hook type of guy. His hooks are simple and catchy? OMG what does that equal? A perfect hook. And listen to his Pluto Album. Very catchy songs. He’s not meant to be a lyrical artist. But what he brings to the table even if he is using auto tune is different. Grow up nerds and enjoy life and music.

  • Ya Boy G

    Ill say I dont like future and all the autotune but he wasnt bad on the hook. Pusha went in and ye came with another window shaking head knodding beat. Future did what he was asked to. But what I dont like is the break down ye always does. Let it ride man. Cudi would be nice for a 3rd bar tho. all in all Yuuuuugh!

  • haseeb

    stop hating on future you faggots

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    T PAIN?

  • @Bindlo

    Pusha T, Do your thang ma “G”, loving the track “make em haters feel tha pain.” Hope you gonn be here when yeezy lands in S-Africa.

  • Kevin

    TAKE THE FUCKING AUTO-TUNE OFF DOUCHE, it would make it sound so much better…

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  • svschv

    Did anyone consider that maybe that’s how Ye asked Future to do the hook? Some heads don’t realize that the producer usually has a lot to say about a hook or how an artist will affect the beat. The whole concept of the record is pretty simple, I can only assume Ye wanted it that way.

    • Extra Domus

      I think you giving Ye way too much credit, the beat was co-produced by NO I.D. who basically mentored Ye. Concept-wise it just oozes of Pusha T’s ability to write about a simple topic. And you can’t deny Future’s ability to make catchy hooks…give credit where it’s due bro

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