New Video: Mac Miller “He Who Ate All The Caviar”

Mac’s got more random tunes in his stash. And this evening, he releases more free music accompanied with a video

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  • Batman

    hahaha i like this shit

  • dragon

    dope. real unique

  • caliburnin

    weak af… how tf so many lames get record deals i dont get it

  • cness


  • youngpledge

    @caliburnin he aint even got a deal hes that sick

  • JB

    I dont normally comment but now that Mac Miller has made himself comfortable in the rap game, he thinks its ok to start putting out some pure shit. Sad fucking shit

  • JB

    This is the rap equivalent to Radio Country “Red Solo Cup”
    Pure fucking garbage

  • floridaboy

    tryin to hard to b trippy..

  • jose

    This sucks ass . Who ever co -signs this is dumb ass also .

  • Nathaniel

    white rappers and their random song titles…

  • Uncle Ray Ray