New Video: Hit-Boy “East vs West”

It ain’t about East or West, but it is in Hit-Boy’s new video. Watch him relive the battle of the coasts by channeling B.I.G. and Pac in HITstory‘s new visual.

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  • caliburnin

    this dudes a fucking lame who told hi he could rap…. stick too making beats an why he speaking an pac & big. hit-boy is wack

  • CaliSteppin

    The beat is filthy

  • surf club rep

    if you f with hit boy then youll like this for sure

  • u aint no kanye… stick to your fruity loops… lol

  • Why does everyone have to be good at everything nowadays. You make mean beats hit boy, master your own craft and let the rappers do what they do best

  • @donricoesq

    Hitboy, fame isnt everything and your clearly tryna be famous…..your beats have knock but thats it – put the mic down and enjoy other people over your sound – stop

  • tight

    this really wasn’t that bad

  • dragon

    that was dope

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  • Black London

    Okay… Okay…

    We get it, Hitboy is a weak source rapper and a decent beat maker but this joint right here is DOPE and I can’t stand the guy.

    Even though I still refuse to dowload his mixtape/free album I front… this track caught me off guard. Its pretty decent. The beat is ILL, his flow is nice and the subject matter gives a little food for thought.

    Salute to the kid…

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    ^ yeah he got three or four decent songs on his tape, this being one of them

  • MR.M

    Not bad…Not bad

  • unkavee241

    well put together song, but i really think he’s to young to speak on this topic.. shoulda sold the idea!!! kinda feel like He’ s To Kanye-Ish!!..

  • changeclothz

    dope shitttttttt

  • Nigga in Paris

    It was cool. It was cool

  • BigL76

    Dope track but would prefer to hear a dope rapper/mc on it