Ghostface Working On Next Wu-Tang LP

Next November marks Wu-Tang’s debut’s 20th anniversary. Speaking with MTV, Ghost says he accepts RZA’s desire to oversee the group’s next LP and reveals he’s already recorded tracks for the possible album.

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  • Midsize Jerm

    This is good news, after Legendary Weapons I think the world needs another ‘proper’ Wu album.

    Don’t forget about Wu-Block tho!

  • slick

    i think the shows over for wu albums. ghost still got life tho and i’m definitely checking for the wu block

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ As much as I want to disagree with you, I think you’re right. It’s been TOO long and they’re failing to put forward a quality album. Not to mention, there’s always some controversy, though subliminal, within the group.

  • brl


  • prime dawg


    let’s see if they can really bring at least a little bit of that magic back

  • Cnote

    Cuban linx 2 was fire, everybody in this thread is crazy

  • chris

    wutang always puts out quality album and music dudes r crazy to think the wu r done

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