Rush Limbaugh Decodes Jay-Z

Rush Limbaugh’s back on Jay-Z’s balls. Following Hov’s performance at Barack Obama’s Ohio pep rally yesterday, Rush criticized “Mr. Z” for his lyrical content. He then goes on to recite the opening verse from “99 Problems”. Hilarious—even if Jigga doesn’t give a shit.


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  • Hes fuckin right though…….Jay-Z should not have done 99 Problems at a fucking event for the President of the United States. It makes him look like a joke. Hes using Jay-Z as a pawn for votes and Jay-Z just wants publicity and power in return. Rush is right, its nonsensical.

  • xtrajordinary

    listen to the second verse or read his book…he’s talking about a dog when he says bitch

  • jake$ nigga

    rush is right man,it not a good look for the president of the united state.what the fuck was j thinking.

  • B.Dot

    when obama calls, u answer.

  • mike

    @timleevastandup shut up you fucking idiot. The people had no problem so shut up. Uncle tom nigga

  • yesterday

    lol bitch that was funny.blame mister z if obama doesn´t make it.puppets

  • the brain trust

    I’ve noticed that a lot of you niggas are ashamed of the culture.

    What’s wrong with 99 problems? And why can’t such a song be performed at a presidential rally?

    Rush Limbaugh is a complete numbskull. An obese, bigoted drug addict with worthless opinions.

  • floridaboy

    ^ i saw him rapping at d show… looked more like a concert then a rally.. obama reaching for dem votes

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    “…I’m from the hood stoopid what type of facts are those” (Fat white guy voice)

    LMAO! I’m dyin

  • B.Dot

    I’ve noticed that a lot of you niggas are ashamed of the culture

    I agree. I see that a lot these days in hip-hop.

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    This song WAS kinda inappropriate though. I’m sure jay could have performed a different song.

    …Maybe “I Just Wanna Luv Ya (Give It To Me)”

    That woulda got the bitches out to the poles. <- see what i did there

  • M.T

    I’ve noticed that a lot of you niggas are ashamed of the culture.

    What’s wrong with 99 problems? And why can’t such a song be performed at a presidential rally?
    cosign. Also its already known that Obama is a big fan of Jay-Z so i dont see the problem with Jay-z performing for him especially with a good song like “99 problems”.

  • The_Dynasty

    Fuck these posers for acting like they down with Hip-Hop and then feel ashamed of Jay-Z performing at a Presidential rally. Isn’t that what we been fighting for? I thought we defended rap to have the same poetic license as other forms of art? We got a “street cat” spitting his true thoughts and feelings with the Presidents approval and we’re ashamed? GTFOH

  • The_Dynasty

    I would’ve proudly cry in public if Jay would’ve performed “Where I’m From” at that rally. I’m proud Jay got the President’s respect to not conform or act white-washed for his performance. Jay did enough by censoring some choice words. Y’all fake ass niggas feeling ashame or wishing he did another “white america” friendly song piss me the hell off. Type of niggas when y’all reach 35 yrs old yall denounce rap and only listen to fusion jazz!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    He kills me everytime he calls Jay-Z “Mr. Z” Rush Limbaugh is a joke like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Hey Rush you still abuse prescription drugs?

  • rahrahrah

    A lot of hip hop culture is diseased. We should be ashamed of the diseased part. Jay wouldn’t have gone out there and done big pimpin, would he? Some things work somethings don’t. Its unfortunate that obama is a jay fan. Shows a lack of taste in my opinion. And for him to say beyonce is the perfect role model is also idiotic. Obama got my vote but his blanket embrace of some of the lowest expressions of black culture are ugly.

  • I loooooove Our culture and its spontaneity Decode that!

  • michelle michelle

    A black man with money is ok. A black man with money and influence, that’s when the problems start. That’s why old rich white men spend time trying to delegitimize them.

    Donald Trump loves Dennis Rodman. Obama, he has a problem with.

  • Cz

    I think Obama just wanted to sublimanly call out Romney on the bitch he is….nothing wrong with that

  • Carlito R

    Wow. I guess the real meaning behind the song “99 Problems” went way over a lot of people heads.

  • Right Rush, Kennedys grandfather was a bootlegger and the George Bush, sr. father was a convicted traitor working with Hitler. So you tell me. GTFOH

  • thebullfrog24

    LOLOL hahaha he took all the context out of that song.

  • mike

    B-Dot, get this shit off the blog. Please? Fuck Rush

  • Reason

    Hypocrite trying to rally his racist base at the last minute. Pointing the finger at Jay when this guy was just in the headlines for calling a women a slut hore because she wanted access to birth control.

  • St810

    Honestly, we have to stop calling women bitches.

  • Mark

    T.I. #troubleman 12/18/2012

  • County of Kings

    Can we get get the lyrics to “victory” from last presidential election. After we get those lyrics decipher them and its one of the deepest realest jayz songs I’ve ever heard in my life.
    Obama used jay this yr like he used jay last election and jay reaped the benefits of Obama last election the same way he gonna reap benefits of this election

    It’s called the reverse crab in a bucket mentality u dumb fucks instead of shittin on your brother, u help him, he helps u and so on and so forth



  • sizwe-nation

    jay-z and obama just kept it real, some of you niggas should stop being ashamed of your culture because white people like mitt don’t give a shit about you. this is the last american president who will speak your language for some time to come.



  • Darrell

    Rush said it with the flow. #DEAD

    Honestly, he could have used a more uplifting song but I don’t care. The President sure as hell didn’t so back to the days of our lives.

  • Mister. Zeeee… LOL.

  • Altair

    I’m pretty sure jay z and obama werent focusing on the “war on women” when they performed this song lol. They were simply just trying to have fun with one of Jay’s most popular songs he has made in his career. This is definitely being over looked and Limbaugh is just looking for something to bitch about, or should i say “mitt” about.

  • Altair

    “If you don’t like my lyrics you can press fast forward.” Did you decode that one Limbaugh?


    he’s really just mad because Jay said “99 problems but Mitt aint one”, hes using the *bitch* thing as a defense…

  • Digital Millionaire

    The_Dynasty i agree …..

    1. Sorry fuck em ……his been re elected
    2. Jay-z can perform the hell he wants to who he wants his earned that right
    3. Undercover faggots on here ashamed of this culture KMT !
    4. Millions of white songs are about drugs or fuckery … 99 problems has an actual meaning to it
    5. ( Havent read decoded ) But to me Hos and Faggotts are fuckery niggas that dont want progress
    6. Tunes tight …

    Fuck off trying to hold us down..

  • Digital Millionaire

    Plus Obama now has 99 problems and Mitt Romney aint one of them now…… go kill urself


  • trex

    It’s hilarious and ironic that Rush Limbaugh chose to pick apart that song.

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