• Shady

    Welllllllll SLAUGHTERHOUSEEEEE That was decent i guess

  • dmc


  • herohiro

    i still cry when i hear this song

  • mike

    Dope shit.

  • ran

    One of the few alright songs on the CD, They need some videos from that mixtape man!

  • Thisis50

    Dopest album of the year

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ Agree with ALL the positive comments.

  • Shady

    These people hate too much. That album was dope!

  • http://twitter.com/dzbk_ deez

    touching with the visual…

  • Lundy

    Damn that video was dope!!!

  • Bigfats

    Am I the only one that’s creeped out by the angel

  • yeaaabuddy

    that was a real ass song and the video added to the track big time. Good visual even though the subject matter isnt the happiest… but it was dope how they all put it together..

  • http://www.joebuddentv.com Orange

    Slaughterhouse does it again….Congrats…love the video..


    their album needed more songs like this, not sure why they didn’t put more tracks like this

  • Black Shady

    More songs like this and the album would have been real good

  • http://moveriteentertainment.com loch121

    Wish Royce had a verse.Love this song.Vid is dope

  • Micke

    Dope, just dope. Perfect match.

    To bad the album went under the carpet a week after the release…. Truly fucked up…. Smh… Fuck this game…


  • ECU

    gonna go buy the album. dope video.

  • http://maldanpalm.wordpress.com maldanpalm

    What the hell is this? i Love it :)

  • http://Celtic.com Celtic

    Man I love that song. Best hip hop track I’ve heard in 10 years.

  • -_-


  • mike

    Truth or truth

  • PistolPistol

    Fucking dope track and aggree with “Truth or Truth”!!
    Now ima go watch it..

  • JJ

    When Joell was talking about being at the Grammys, that line gave me chills! And it stayed till the end of the song.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jkred115 @JKRED115

    The angel is corny everything else is fire .. #SLAUGHTORHOUSEUP

  • BK

    For those that haven’t, make sure you check out ‘Truth or Truth’ from their mixtape. One of the best songs of the year IMO.

  • Evil

    Great song and a great video to match!

  • Cruel Thing

    It was a very touching song and video… Too bad Royce didn’t have a verse though.

  • T

    slaughterhouse was shit before shady

    royce was a lyrical genius they all were really

    first album was a masterpiece this is a peice of shit

    flip a bird lol

  • T

    slaughterhouse was MY shit before shady

    royce was a lyrical genius they all were really

    first album was a masterpiece this is a peice of shit

    flip a bird lol

  • T

    before royce wore gucci lol

  • T

    i want records like “Not Tonight”

    and eminem fell off after re-up

    if eminem scraped the king mathers idea and made relapse what do u think hes going to do to slughterhouse

  • yyr

    smh all these struggle raps

  • The Real Franchise

    I guess royce just likes hanging out in hospitals? I’m a fan but god damn that looked fucking stupid, lol.