New Music: Paris Hilton x Lil Wayne “Last Night”

What’s the going rate for a Lil Wayne verse these days? Paris Hilton’s trying her hand at music and for her single leaked by TMZ, she recruits Cash Money’s franchise player. Surprisingly, Weezy’s verse isn’t bad. As for Paris, well, she’s sucked before.

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  • wale

    oh god i cant believe i actully clicked the play button what was i thinking

  • JL

    Wow…. Is YMCMB the gayest rap group in history? Surely no competition

  • HDTV

    If you clicked play your banned from hip hop just leave

  • p. dom

    Rap Radar can officially put itself in it’s own “You Played Yourself” column for posting this waste. Fuck outta here! LOL!!!

  • Kemosabi

    “Sometimes you don’t have to see the shit in the bathroom to know somone just took a SHIT” with that said I didn’t click the link. I know the popular saying is ” yo who cares he’s getting money” but an artist with his accomplishments should have more standards as far as collaborating goes.

  • this is 50

    this is how they sell 500 mill copies


    first off why post this shit ? 2nd why that BET player gotta autoplay when i refresh the homepage i aint tryna watch the nicki minaj BET

  • Cane

    Wow this wat wayne came to

  • maad city

    rap? rap? what r u doing? stahp

  • Black Shady

    Wayne’s been a sellout for a minute now….so im not surprised smh

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its a Wack Weezy sighting.

  • Detox?no one cares

    Yall use to call him the best rapper alive hahah wat this world comin 2…sheep

  • Cemal

    the scary thing is…. i aint even surprised

  • Peekay


  • HDTV

    Hip hop is officially dead grandmaster flash is officiating

  • Get Real


  • AYE

    Its easy to say i wont work with you until they pull out that check book with 7 figures on that sh*t

  • realwickwickwack

    wayne is one hell of a whore

  • the One

    Kanye is going to be pissed… He better get on that Kim k remix! ! Ha! Bitch ass

  • Lenny

    LMAO I’m so weak at the comments.


    top 5 posts too B dot? smh lol

  • Doesn’t anyone remember this bitch is racist as fuck? I couldn’t support this even if it wasn’t wack

  • Gaz

    Ughhh im done wayne, your credibility or artistic integrity is well and truly gone,

  • haha

    wayne for president.

  • Lu

    For love of God Dwayne… Stop this foolery. Stick to what you know.

  • Hovering

    Hip Hop is dead / If You Click play you’re banned from hip hop (Mufukaz already played the shit BTW but warning you -_- / Weezy is a sellout…”

    ^ owwwww owwww (Katt Williams Voice)….Yall Shut The Fuck up and figure out ways to beat the system too !!

  • Collossal

    R.I.P lil wayne 1999 – 2008

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