• Jack Bahlzack


    Stupid Niggaz!!!!!!

    Pay up foo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gambino

    Lol it’s “Weasel” @Big Homie

  • WTF? What makes him a weasel in that situation? The fact that he didn’t pay for the computer (the computer he already owned no less)? Maybe he thinks the guy that found it also stole it. That’s stupid.

  • realwickwickwack

    the laptop was wiped clean ,so the guy who brought it back had to be the one who stole it lmao

    now he

  • HHH

    He didn’t have to offer a reward. As a matter of fact, most people don’t. But since he did, he has to live up to his word. Why would that be confusing to people?

  • got some wanna-be editors up in these comments

  • yeah

    if a nigga was in possession of a white man’s laptop, whether it was lost or stolen, he would be going to jail. Wouldn’t no white man be paying a nigga a milli in a court of law for anything HE OWNED.

  • Peekay

    God that’s a terrible publication. Weasel? Really?

  • STFU

    They’re idiots. That’s why lol.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Cosign yeah

  • tc

    Ny post newspaper, republican racist paper

  • mrdontplay

    Bum ass niggaz you dont offer a reward and then dont pay up ..Color doesnt have anything to do with it @yeah

  • flawda

    Why are these magazines calling Ryan Leslie and Chris Brown rap/hiphop? They see black musician and they automatically think rapper, disrespectful mfs.

  • tBAGged

    ITS FAKE = instagram.com/p/SnXOtB

    fucking rap radar

  • Devante

    Smh he’s not even a rapper…

  • Slick

    The post thinks every young black musician is a rapper when something negative happens

  • nick riveria


    3 HUNNID

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    RAP Weasel? So disrespectful

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    New York Post = FOX NEWS. Owned by the same people. “RAP Weasel?” has more sizzle in the headline instead of “R&B Weasel”.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Well he did just release a rap project so technically they are right, they didn’t have to call him a weasel tho

  • Beaming

    Crime pays if ya do it right

  • Del

    it wasn’t about the laptop, it was about what was on it… the music, his whole album… he got the computer back but with nothing on it, so therefore he didn’t see a reason to pay up… fucked up situation for him

  • Donn

    But he offered a reward for the laptop to be returned. Not be returned with music on it, just returned. He played himself , be more specific with ur reward specification

  • KiDCaps

    Ryan already denied this on his instagram, y’all mad late

  • Frankyeezy

    Seen this bum flying coach last week! Ha!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected] is making sense.

  • M.T

    smh at “rap weasel”. i can see why he doesnt wanna pay. shit is messed up.

  • IamRealTalk *MKW* – Position: CEO/Five-?-General of MKW – MAYBACH MUSIC KEYBOARD WARRIORS



  • Prophet

    Regardless of him not being a rapper, Leslie is a weasel. He offered $1 mil for the laptop and didn’t come through on the reward. He never intended on paying up and its good to see that he has to put his money where his jagged tooth mouth is. Whether the laptop was wiped clean doesn’t the matter. He never indicated for the contents to be on the laptop. Who knows what was on it when it was found. I personally would have made copies of all his files just in case he tried to pull a fast one. Probably had some gay ish on there too.

  • ryan leslie

    yaw bitches betta shutup before i get my DIAMOND GIRL YOUR THE ONE I NEED RIGHT NOW!!!Cassie where u at babe?oh u wit diddy now.fuck my life

  • Ryuk

    NY Post is a known hack Conservative rag.

  • mrdontplay


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  • The King

    Marketing Ploy.