Ryan Leslie On $1 Million Jury Verdict

Ryan “The Rap Weasel”┬áLeslie performed last night at LIU’s homecoming concert. During his set, he spoke on having to cough up $1 million and the NY Post‘s slanderous headline.

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  • Dont announce it and not pay it bra..now start releasing that music to pay the money back!! Lol

  • Oj da Cornball

    What’s that suppose to do?

    Just pay sucka. it’s court ordered.

    word, he better get on his platation status and get homie’s money or the government will take it anyway. Nas

  • Yeezus Christ

    pay up weasel

  • rlydoe

    Obviously the reward was for the INTELLECTUAL VALUE. Not a laptop that he can buy for a thousand dollars. If he didn’t get the hard drives he’s absolutely right not to pay the guy anything.

  • Robama

    ^ YUP!

  • Devante

    Well he does has rodent facial features…

  • keif

    well it was a court decision, and the hard drive was given back. read the article. it was even sent off to the manufacturer

  • Yeezus Christ

    pusha L looks like a fuckin sewer rat

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    this is corny, leslie just didnt want to pay up fricking coward

  • dll32

    @rlydoe /concur

  • IIG

    Pay up fool.

  • It’s the roc


  • Respect

    Sooo, the guy who stole the laptop is getting 1 million dollars cuz he returned it….lls


    that might he his last Million since he’s breaking down in tears on stage SMH

  • he’s great

  • shit is real fucked up, and ryan leslie is a smart dude im surprised he let this happen..dude went to harvard..

  • RapReal

    How a nigga so smart so dumb. What ever happened to backing up your files? LOL

    I know shit happens, but if the music was so important why not have a copy of some of it or all of it? You don’t even have a DVD of a few sessions?


  • Most of the people who commented on this post is stupid. If you worked hard for every dollar you earned, and someone steals YOUR laptop (which had his whole album on it, plus tracks for Watch The Throne), and then returns it with everything deleted, then you’re ordered to pay $1 Million, you would be emotional too. I’m pretty sure if someone ordered one of you clowns to pay $1000 you Nigga’s would be crying! Then to top it off, the NY Post puts him on the cover as “Rap Weasel” as if he’s just a nother Nigger. Ironic that you broke dickheads are on the “systems” side smh.

  • faaaaalse

    they dont teach common sense at harvard? keep your fuckin laptop with you ALWAYS… i do it and im sure lots of others do it too, ones that appreciate having a laptop, and ones that run their business out of them. i like r les but this is just too stupid to condone, youre a star why wouldnt ppl be after your shit at all times? pay up or goon up on the guy and beat some answers out him n dont let him squeal this time

  • faaaaalse

    soon as the guy popped up with the stolen laptop u shoulda suge knight’d the dude over the balcony like tell me who swiped the hard drive or ill make it rain in australia in this bishh… at least get a headline for being a goon instead of a broke lookin rapper

  • Does Ryan Leslie even have $1mil lol

  • Tired of these artists complaining about losing music. First, if your music was so important, you would take the time to learn how to backup your machine or hire a computer consultant. A service such as Carbonite or Mozy will do it for $30 a month which is better than paying $1M.

    Anybody should know that if you have irreplaceable data on your laptop, put a backup service on it. Of course hard drives crash and machines get stolen. What if his hard drive failed instead of the machine getting stolen – same result.

    Second, don’t open your mouth and offer $1M without terms or conditions. An oral offer is binding in court which this moron learned. All he had to say was I will pay $1M if I get the laptop back and the hard drive is accessible with ALL the data on it without any sector or byte errors. He should have also referred people to a website with all the terms and conditions to the offer.

    I am sure he doesn’t have 1M and that’s all his money out the window because the guy didn’t have a backup service nor knew how to put a reward offer out there. What an idiot.

  • Ranye Les is a poser

    ^ … what he said…

    Also, that’s what he gets for fakin’ it before makin’ it… lol. He’s too worried about his fake image of ballin and trying to be “RANYE LES” than actually putting in real work on a respectable album. That last album “Les Is More” is fuckin horrible… No one believes ur rap tales. Who care about ur white girl aspirations and ur trips abroad. It aint clever and I can’t relate. Stick to what got you here… songs and catchy melodies.

  • Obama

    Nigga the reward was for the BACKPACK.. Not the “music you never got back”… And for the record, you are a weasel.. Cryin-ass-nigga…

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