• Sky

    Nah. Ya’ll fans of Trinidad James.

  • @sky LMAO Cosing

  • cosign*

  • the brain trust

    Absolutely. Rapradar can’t even pretend to have standards with that giggling school girl (YN) co-signing everything under the sun.

    ‘Heyyyyy i’m Elliott Wilson from Rapradar. And this is the troofff’

  • Black Shady

    LMAO @ SKY. word uppppp

    and shit I’d be mad too if my partner/brother would fuck up my money too lol. but its all love at the end of the day

  • Rockwithit

    They gotta be fans of the dude now since he signed with def jam.

  • Rockwithit

    Gonna be funny when we start seeing trinidad james ad’s on this site just yall wait it will happen. But very dope Big Boi

  • Mike

    3000 said no, to a million dollars a night money

  • fh

    3000 is the realest nigga alive

  • marypatricia375

    upto I looked at the bank draft that said $9835, I accept that…my… cousin had been realy erning money parttime from there pretty old laptop.. there sisters neighbour haz done this for less than seventeen months and just now paid for the morgage on there appartment and bought themselves a Renault 4. I went here, DOMAIN.COM

  • wajdicm

    If you want to download his album, then check out the rap release calendar for 2012: http://thestateofrap.com/calendar/

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  • everyone always so worried about Big Boi and Andre relationship. They grown ass men, they probably done changed, but they friendship is they friendship



    They need eachother