’12 Best R&B Albums: #3 The Weeknd Trilogy


Since The Weeknd stepped on the scene in 2011, he’s delivered three critically-acclaimed digital pieces. On his major label debut, Trilogy, he reintroduces himself to the masses by re-releasing them all together commercially and adding three new tracks to close out each chapter. Abel pre-games his nightly affairs on Houses of Balloons before diving into the piano-driven first offering “Twenty Eight”. As Thursday arrives, the love tale continues (“The Birds Part 1 & Part 2”) before he finally professes his heart on the standout, “Valerie”. Echoes Of Silence hits the speakers to close things out. From the impressive “Dirty Diana” cover on the opener “D.D.” to the deceitful “Till Dawn (Here Comes The Sun)”, Weeknd holds your attention for the emotional two and a half hour ride. And you can’t argue with the results. Since its release in November, Trilogy has already struck gold. Guess the best things in life really do come in threes.

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  • Beaming

    Weeknd made a great choice to re release his stuff and actually get paid for it. Smart business move and it even created a bigger buzz and fan base for him…. I’m wondering where Miguel’s album is ganna land on ya list… that was a great alum too.

  • Get Real

    This shit is laughable, I like Weeknd and all but c’mon son. 2/3s OF THIS SHIT WAS RELEASED IN 2011!!!! Miguel better be numero uno on this list tho.

  • cfbny

    Next Miguel and Frank Ocean


    Frank Ocean #1
    The Weeknd #2
    Miguel #3

  • FizzyPhizzy

    great year for R&B

  • Steve

    Weeknd stayed winning. He had 2 sold out tours in big venues across the country and ppl bought somethin that was already out. Salute to him.

  • Shady13

    That’s my man. Keep on winning Abel

  • cj

    easily shouldve been number 1. whether it was re released or not this album is dope and you cant deny it.

  • tucq

    Yeah I likededed this collection.

    Put this on with a honey and the drawz is droppin.

  • Anil

    Should have been #1.

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