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You wanna be one of the illest MCs? Well go out there and prove it. On your own. Then get with 3 other ill MCs and prove it. On y’all own. Then maybe you’ll get signed by one of the greatest MCs. Eminem is all over Slaughterhouse’s Shady debut and he ain’t got no worries. After spitting alongside the crew on the title track, Marshall gets raunchy on “Throw That” and goes crazy on “Asylum”. But it’s Joe Budden, Royce da 5’9″, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I that are still the true stars here. They stomp in on the exciting “Hammer Dance”, shake the woofers on “Get Up” and pour out their souls on the album’s best moment, “Goodbye”. You wanna shine on the mic device? Well there’s strength in numbers, muthafuckas.

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    My Top 10 Album List http://rap-critic.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Tde


  • cfbny


  • FizzyPhizzy

    if you have Rick Ross as #1, ill never come to this trash website again

  • Vintage Soul

    hahahaahahahahaha This garbage ass album made a best of list?!?! I know Paul Rosenberg owns the site, but C’MON…don’t be so blatant with the Source/Benzino/Made Men type tactics…the album was trash

  • wilks

    This album was amazing easily should be in every hip hop listeners top 5 for the year

  • Dashing

    Wow. It’s becoming very difficult to take these lists seriously. Joe Budden basically came out and said “Sorry folks. The next album will be better. Now we’re all sober.” and they were flooded with people saying that this album wasn’t even as good as On the House.

    Basically, this album is an example of how it doesn’t work when underground artists sign to a major label and they try to make commercial records. “Goodbye” was solid, but this was mostly disappointing. Word to Skylar Grey.

  • tizza

    this was dope… this is dope too… http://bit.ly/10j6PQa

  • Donnie

    Hell yes finally one good post by you guys!!!!

  • Hahahahahahah big fan but this album was horrible

  • @macrinker

    On the house was for you crybabies who weren’t ready to hear the direction em was pushing them. I mean, even Obie made songs like “got some teeth.” Idk why everyone was surprised at their attempt at commercial success. Name the last artist who’s album sounded like their mixtape, or who’s album was better than the mixtape that dropped right before the album……..at least they kept it lyrical.

  • @macrinker

    And even though its not what us hip hop fans wanted, I can’t sit here and name 10 albums that were better, simply off of goodbye and the title track.

  • blv

    Just a terrible record. Such a disappointment. Pop-hooks and the production was soft and 2 radio-friendly. Sounded like one of those bland Eminem albums.

  • Eljugganot

    Nah man, can’t agree with this one. This shit was like em forcing SH to make Recovery part 2, spliced with Lasers. No.

  • Dashing

    @macrinker. Kendrick. GKMC was a commerical success and critical success and wasn’t a complete musical overhaul. That’s how it’s done.

    And even though Obie had “Got Some Teeth” the rest of the album was his sound and was dope. The same can’t be said here. “Throw That” “My Life” “Park It Sideways” “Rescue Me” just doesn’t sound like them.

    And 10 better albums? 10.Schoolboy Q – Habits and Contradictions 9.Meek Mill – Dreams and Nightmares 8.T.I – Trouble Man 7. Big Boi – Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors 6. Ab Soul – Control System 5. Killer mike – R.a.p Music 4. Kanye West – Cruel Summer 3. Rick Ross -God Forgives I Don’t 2. Nas – Life is Good 1. Kendrick – Good Kid m.a.a.d city.

    I’d also add Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “The Heist” Lecrae “Gravity” and Roc Marciano “Reloaded”

  • quese

    This album was not gd at all and these dudes are actually very talented smh

  • Dashing

    and Game’s Jesus Piece, although not great itself, is also better than this album.

  • Donn

    I didn’t like slaughterhouse until this album, I actually hate mix tape freestyle throw away verses, I love to hear artists craft songs, and step out there comfort zone and challenge themselves. JayZ said in Decoded there’s an art to making radio records and real artists can cover all basis. Loved the album

  • Kali

    ”Life Is Good” should be first.This album right here shouldn’t even be on the list

  • Joshua T.

    Good start to the list. Too bad fans didn’t put their money where their mouth was when it came time to buy it.

  • @macrinker


    GKMC is by itself when it comes to quality and production. Dude has next.

    But no way I can co sign meeks repetitive verses about his watches. Or that T.I. or that schoolboy. And I fuck with TDE the long way. Just didn’t live up to the hype to me.

    Top 3 albums this year came from the west coast. GKMC, Jesus Piece, Control System

  • Black Shady

    Nas or Kdot for #1…without a single doubt

  • Ri Ri’s butt

    Or nas

  • Je5us Piece

    Game ab soul kdot Top3 WEST COAST is here

  • Chris

    Not a fan of this album at all, but can’t say I’m shocked to see it show up on the list. Gotta keep the lights on, I suppose.

  • Dashing

    @macrinker, I feel you on the T.I and the Meek Mill. They both didn’t live up to the hype, but I still think they’re better than this album, which disappointed me waaay waay more. Especially since they’re each so talented lyrically. Joell Ortiz “Call Me” and Joe Budden “She Don’t Put it Down Like You” feel like more natural attempts at singles for them than the lame songs like “Frat house” and “Throw That” and even that Cee Lo joint.

    I liked Schoolboy Q’a album though. “Hands on the Wheel”, “There He Go”, “Gangsta in Designer (No Concept”, “Blessed”, “Sacreligious”>the entire Slaughterhouse album.

  • Ri Ri’s butt

    This shit wack listen to it

  • pluck43

    people need to stop pretending this is good. “my life?” really? seriously, these dudes are the phish of the rap game, everyone thinks they’re cool because of the technics but they are seriously lacking in soul and songs.

  • Although YN’s boss owns this group I will have to agree. This as a dope album. I’m sure they debated putting at #10… but it safe. Don’t wanna give too good of a review… RSO that.

  • Vintage Soul

    Not only does this have no business anywhere near a Best Album of the Year list, I was honestly expecting it to be on the worst list….if not worst, most disappointing for sure…the album is horrible…Slaughterhouse is supposed to be this rap purist supergroup and they release ridiculous cartoonish unlistenable crap like Frat House…really? A bunch of mid 30year olds talking about a frat house in a song that sounds like one of the audio abortions from that god awful Eminem Encore album…terrible, terrible in every regard…rap blogs are an utter and complete joke

  • CaliSteppin

    T.I.’s Trouble Man better be on this list

  • Hit

    Man I really felt like this album was terrible cover to cover. The definition of an obvious sell-out attempt; and that style didn’t work for them at any moment on the entire tape. They can each spit a 16, but that’s where it stops. They’re not hit makers, they’re not songwriters, and they have a lot of trouble figuring out how to talk about anything other than their lyrical ability (and their dicks, uncomfortably often).

  • GreenBeitz

    should be number 1, shit was better/comparable to a wu tang album..

  • Nathaniel

    shoulda been in the worst albums list. i guess braggadocios lyrics about a lot of nothing is enough to get a best album stamp.

    musically, these niggas can’t make records. but… they’re from up north. a lot of niggas of there have that impediment. especially the rappity rap rap niggas.

  • Word

    I honestly expected to put this album on the most disappointing list.

    The album was just not that great to me. I feel like Slaughterhouse came up small, and truly came off as hypocrites. All these guys did was make fun of the commercial dudes on songs like that Skinny Jean joint Royce put out.

    Now, these guys sign to a major and put out this? I dunno maybe Slaughterhouse in general just isn’t that great to me. Putting 4 super lyrical rappers in a group doesn’t always make for the best music I guess.

    I felt the about this album what I felt about KRITs album. Could’ve been SOOO much better. Goodbye was the only track I loved.

  • Word

    Cosign @Nathaniel that’s exactly how I think most ppl feel but won’t say it.

  • Album was a little more glossy than niggas probably expected, but Flip a Bird almost makes up for the whole shit

  • Young

    Decent album not worth all that hype though

  • acidrap

    Horrible album.I don’t know how the fuck errbody involved with that project like them beats? Beats couldn’t have been any worse.Thats what made it unlistenable. Dudes can all spit though, except for buddens

  • Aggie Pride

    This album sucked it should of been on disappointing album list. I would replace it with big k.r.i.t “live from the underground.”

  • Da Business

    This was a let down for me.

  • Toni

    I love the record.. tho On The House is sooooo dope.. anyone know where I can buy it? not digital tho…

  • datdude

    this album was generic and corny af. shoulda been on the worst albums list

  • ptaco

    wow, i am surprised that there are so many haters. Wait no i am not surprised, maybe i am getting to old for this shit but i dont get what all the hate is about. I am not going to say this album was the best of the year but it was a good album. I guess i am just a stan and anything eminem touches i like. em had a nice verse on that one track. As far as slaughterhouse i thought they did a good job. the problem is not the music anymore its that there are too many fucking haters now a days who have nothing better to do than hate on peoples music. Stop hating and go listen to whatever the fuck you people like. if i dont like an artist or album i just dont listen to that artist or album. It used to be if you liked an artist you liked 90% of their work. Now a days people rip artists apart from not just one album to another but from one song to the next song. Really stupid , if you like an artist you should like most of their work. Not ” o their first 2 albums were tight but the last 3 albums were trash” like really? i just find that type of mindset to be stupid. But i guess with all the facebook and twitter and blogs like this one people are going to say whatever they feel.

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    Lyrically this was the best album of the year. I just wish they got some harder beats.

  • 1. Joe Budden admitted the whole crew was drunk/high during this album
    2. They didn’t make one song that connected to the audience (All the greats accomplish this)
    3. The beats were either way too pop/glossy or just plain boring
    4. I’m sure Paul Rosenberg approves this post
    5. Spare me the “sales” speech cause real fans bought Nas, Kednrick. Real fans support good hip hop

    Lester Bangs of hip hop
    4 lines is all a watered-down, over-hyped, highly disappointing album deserves

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  • dainventah

    this album was good, not great, but definitely a banger for my car, with some tight hooks, dope lyrics and inconsistent flow…..you idiots demolishing this album are just old heads who are a slave to the “old days” when every album was a classic….of course this isn’t comparable to mobb deep or wu tangs first album, but what is?? just because kobe and lebron aren’t and will never be Jordan, doesnt mean they shouldnt be appreciated…just my take..