New Music: Shawty Lo “Petition”


Off of DJ Smallz’ upcoming This That Southern Smoke Vol. 3 mixtape, Lo takes his stand gives his plea over the controversy surrounding his upcoming All My Babies’ Mamas reality TV show.

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  • Beaming

    LMAO, Look at this nigga… I never seen so many willing baby moms in my life, I bet right after this pic one giant hoein fight erupted…… Damn this track hurts my ears. wtf did I just listen to.

  • Crooked Joe

    Why does this dude have 10 baby mommas and a show lmao

  • Big D

    Best track of 2013 so far

  • Je5us piece

    @bigd hahahaha wow cant belive u said that…. this guy is a JOKE

  • Da Truthhhhh

    Can you say Aids Test?


    that shit is just SAD! ,…what up with the chick in Green though?

  • jonboi

    Sound like a bunch of suckas hatin..I BET YALL ARE SOME BROKE DEAD BEAT DADS

  • Kemosabi

    It’s ignorant of him to put himself out there like that but it’s disrespectful of the network to think something like that is acceptable. You think one person really calls the shots in TV, that was a team of MF that didn’t think there would be any objection and assumed this would be great TV. You see what can happen when hiphop uses its collective voice?